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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 71

Translate by CJ
Edited by Azurro

Chapter 71

Playing Matchmaker

Ye Che unintentionally ended up going to Long Mo Er’s courtyard with Long Mo Er tailing behind him.

At this time, Long Mo Er cannot help but pull at Ye Che’s sleeves to stop him.

Ye Che feeling the tug at his sleeves, stopped, without understanding her excitement, he looked towards Long Mo Er’s face.

“Hey, I asked you a question!” Paying attention that they were already ahead a short distance from the others and their actions unnoticed, Long Mo Er asked him in a low voice, “Does Ruo Xuan Mei Mei like Na Yan GeGe yah?”

Ye Che raised his eyebrow and listened quietly.

He did not expect what she just said, nor did he think about it! Still intently observing and deducing that ‘Ruo Xuan likes Na Yan’, it means she’s been only focusing on him, he thought she was spacing out! She’s describing things in this way, is he special in her heart? Suddenly aware of their strange ideas, Ye Che was amused.

“Did you hear anything I said?” Long Mo Er asked.

“Ruo Xuan Mei Mei likes Na Yan, How did you know?” As long as she puts her heart into it, her powers of observation are not bad.

“That’s what I said, it’s just an intuition!” Long Mo Er said with excitement. Her intuitions are usually accurate!

“Why are you asking?”

Seeing her expression, Ye Che wondered about her motivation.

“Does Na Yan Ge Ge like Ruo Xuan Mei Mei?”

“Na Yan didn’t say, I don’t know.” Ye Che honestly said.

“Then how about we help Ruo Xuan Mei Mei to find out what Na Yan Ge Ge thinks of her? If Na Yan Ge Ge likes Ruo Xuan Mei Mei, isn’t that very good? They can be together.” Long Mo Er looked expectantly at Ye Che for an answer.

“Probe Na Yan?” With their matters left unresolved, she still wants to meddle in someone else’s matter.

“Aiyah! How about it? They seem to match each other well!”

Match-make Ruo Xuan and Na Yan? Only she can think about it! Nobody else would do it! She’s not concerned for her own but for other people’s affairs. Their problem is still unresolved, although the situation is a little better than before, but she can’t expect their relationship to stay like this! Had she even thought about that?

“You’d better let them mind their own business!” Ye Che unhappily said.

He saw a couple of people heading towards them, Ye Che left her and went ahead.

“Hey, I asked you a question. Why are you ignoring me? ‘Take care of it myself’ what does that mean ya? You think about it, you and I are really…”

Somewhat Long Mo Er doesn’t understand YeChe, one second he’s happy the next, he puts on that stern expression. His moods are still impervious to her.

What kind of man is Ye Che really? Long Mo Er watched as Ye Che’s tall back and as if in a trance. Why can he be gentle in a moment yet also be difficult to approach? Which is the real Ye Che? Is the real Ye Che still so distant from her?

“Wan Er Me iMei, come on, what are you standing there? Hurry and come here a!” Gu Na Yan called from a distance.

“Oh! Good, I’ll be right there.”


3 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 71

  1. Thank you for the update!!! 😊❤️❤️❤️
    Too bad ruo xuan and na yan won’t end up together. I was hoping to see another lovely couple in here. 😁

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