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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 10

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Chapter 10

Part 1 (One)

Father paused for a while and then said: “But…I hope, in your lifetime you won’t be able to meet anyone who will  able to make you fall in love with that person, because when you are not able to get that person you will suffer great pain, the pain and hurt as if losing bone marrow.”


The pain of broken bones, it should be extremely painful, shouldn’t it?

“It’s too late already father, I have experienced and tasted the pain.” Inside the dark room, Han Yue Yi mutters to himself.

The pain in his hand and the mental pain which he feels is something which can’t be compared.

“Ling….Ling…. do you know how hurt I am now?” A coarse voice, unstoppable groaning inside the dark room….

“Xiao Ling, do you know? Han Yue Yi was injured!” Hui Hui unintentionally brought up the topic; it’s able to make Feng Xiao Ling stare blankly.

Injured? How?

That day when she was leaving him, he still looked okay!

“Aren’t you mistaken?”

“Of course I am not. It was on TV!” Zhao Ke Zhen who sits beside her hurried to take the last bite of her apple, accurately throwing it into dustbin. “In the press conference, he was even able to injure himself, as expected only the famous people are able to do, very differently from the commoners.”

“He, how did he injure himself?” Feng Xiao Ling felt her head was so confused.

“Don’t know!” Zhao Ke Zhen shook her head, “In the news it also did not state the clear reason why and how he injured himself.”

One sentence-“I don’t know”-was able to make Feng Xiao Ling so panicked, she cannot sit still!

It so obvious he is the person who made her so sad. He only loves her voice; in her heart she clearly understands the answer, but still, once she heard about his injury, her heart still seized.

And then, when she comes to her senses, she already stood in front of the villa.

Isn’t she the person who does not want to meet him? But why did she still come here?

Her body seems to move ahead compared to her brain.

Looking at the villa which is covered with black curtains, Feng Xiao Ling takes a deep breath.

For the first time, she knows that the villa gives a sense of loneliness when night comes.

She takes out the spare key, open the villa’s door, gently and slowly walking inside.

Is he at home? Or is he still at the hospital?

Actually she does not have any guts to make phone call and ask Hua Jie about his injury.

A step, a second step…. very lightly walking inside the villa, it seems even walking such slow and light steps is able to make an echoing sound.

Slowly she gets closer to his room, she inhales her breath but helplessly make a move. Her hand pushes the door open, she exhales her breath for moment. Check it out; she wants to see his wounds, ensure it is not life threatening so that she feels relieved.


The lock in her heart seems to have a slightly soft voice.

Not waiting until Feng Xiao Ling fully pushed open the door, suddenly the door opens and a man has dragged her inside of the room already.

“Ah!” She shouted from surprise. She has found herself already being embraced by a broad chest.

Familiar with the masculine scent, this type of benevolent hug, even if there is no light, there is no sound, she knows who the person is.

In the gloomy room, only through the gap in the window sprayed the moonlight, showing a little bit of light from the moonlight.

Deep and heavy breathes near her ear, “Why are you here? Didn’t you have leave me already?”

“Your…your injury?” She opened her mouth to ask. She was still hugged tightly by him, so that she was not able to see his expression.

“So, you also know about my injury?” He sneered.

“I was watching TV at home.”

“So if I was not injured, you wouldn’t come, would you?” He breathed even deeper.

She was distracted, not understanding what to do and how to give the answer; she never thought about this question before.

That pair of hands which was hugging her suddenly loosened up, her sight suddenly imprinted with his beautiful face, the moonlight hazily printed half of his face and he even looks more pale compared to than when he was on TV.

The current him, he isn’t that arrogant genius composer, but he looked more like a man seeking for an answer.

“Ling, why are you escaping from me? Why are you still afraid of me? Could it be because I love your voice, so for you that, is something unforgivable?” Han Yue Yi asked.

His Ling, Ling that only belongs to him, he does not want her to leave him, he does not want her to be afraid of him!

“It is because I hope you love me as person and not my voice.” She does care about this kind of thing.

“Is it different?”

“Of course it is so different. If you only like my voice it means that you are not really in love with me. It is not love.” Love is love, it is extremely different from simply liking voices.

“I love you, Ling.” Does his love toward her not count as real love? He only loves her, the love that is able to break all his bones.

She bit her lips, “So please to give me an answer, between me as person and my voice, which one do you love more?”


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