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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 72

Chapter 72

Long Mo Er Stubbornness

Long Mo Er is the last person who walking into Hall, the others have already sat down. As far as the eye can see, the seat that obviously emptied beside Ye Che is actually a place for her to sit, because usually she sits beside Ye Che.

But, at this moment she does not have any mood to sit beside Ye Che.

During her days hang out with the Ye’s, she knows all the Ye’s, such as Big Sister in law and sister Ruo Xuan, she has good understanding of them. At the time she thought she has understood about Ye Che, she just realized actually she does not know anything about him, at the time when they were walking at corridor, his acts still mysteriously changed, unable to guess.

There is kind of pressure to urge her, not to sit beside Ye Che.

She avoids Ye Che’s side and walking toward Gu Na Yan’s side, sweetly said: “Na Yan Ge Ge, I want to sit with you, can I?”

“Sister Wan Er wants to sit with me, I am too happy! Come and sit!” Gu Na Yan surprisingly stands up, very content to pull the chair for her to sit.

At the moment when Long Mo Er sat down, Long Mo Er could feel all people eyes are looked at her.

Included, there still strong glare because of her movement, ferociously pierce to her clothes, burned hot into her skin.

She made guess, that should be Ye Che’s strong glare! Others people won’t show that kind of strong glare towards her.

At this time, she lower her head, not dare to look at him, secretly in hale deep breath, and then very naturally lift up her head, her face shows brilliant smile. She looks at Gu Na Yan’s side, she happily talking with Gu Na Yan.

She does not think others will feel weird seeing her. But, the moment Ye Che answered to her, he wasn’t in good mood which makes her uncomfortable. Even when she uses lovely and soft tone asked him.

If what she did call as stubborn, then let her to be stubborn for this time! She does not want to compromise Ye Che every time. To think about it, every time always Ye Che, the person who is angry without reason, while she is the person who always asking for forgiveness, just because she afraid being ignored by Ye Che.

This just, she is not alike herself anymore, does this because she loves him?

Love, should it make harder for oneself?

“Comes out with me.” not long after that, when Long mo Er stills talking happily with Gu Na Yan, Ye Che stood up and walked to Long Mo Er in front, very fast raised her hand, thought to drag her to outside.

Long Mo Er does not know, what is happening, she sees Ye Che unhappy expression, asking him: “what do you want? Ye Che, what do you want? Wei!”

Ye Che ignoring her completely, her hand hurt because being pulled, the pain makes her feel scared.

She turned her back, looking at Gu Na Yan who is the nearest to her, shout: “Na Yan Ge Ge, Na Yan Ge Ge. I don’t want to go out! Na Yan Ge Ge.”

After he heard Long Mo Er begging for Gu Na Yan help, Ye Che fasten his steps.


8 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 72

  1. She is so cute in order to get her husband to react, she used the ‘jealousy method’ without realising herself. Hahaha…it happen so naturally for her..hahaha…

    Thank you.

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