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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 10.2

Proofreading by rowanmdm

The novel will end soon. It only last 1 or 2 parts plus one epilogue.  I have thought to start it with another novel after it ended or just focusing to the others on going translation…

Chapter 10

Part 2 (Two)

Choose one of two options. She takes a deep breathe while waiting for him to give the answer, while he closes his eyes, thinking about the answer.

After quite a long time, Feng Xiao Ling breaks into a bitter laugh. “Let it be, I have known the answer. Your hand…. it is not injured too seriously,” She glanced at the white bandage, “I…will go back home.”

“Liking your voice is something natural.” Finally, Han Yue Yi speaks, “It started since the first time I listened to your voice uploaded on the internet, I fell for that voice already. For me, it sounds so natural. My desire to get this voice is the first thing that I have wanted since I was born into this world, the first time I am so persistent to search and look for that voice.”

Lifting his head up, he looks at her, “And then, I met you. I just wanted you to sing only for me, I wanted this type of voice only to belong to me. But….I don’t know when it started, I just want you as complete person who belongs to me. I want to hug you, I want to touch you, I want to kiss you. I even wish to hold you tight, and if I could, I want to keep you beside me forever. Not enough for me to see, not enough for me to miss, I don’t even know when I will grow tired of you.  I never knew it; I am the type of person who has love sickness and even gets to that kind of state.”

He gently strokes her hair, put his lips mark , “Ling, I might like your voice, but….I even more like you as person. I love you to the point there is no turning back. If there will be the day you leave me, I will go insane, turned into a psycho who has love sickness.”

 Writer voice :Please don’t leave him. If she is really leaving, there is no chance for him to bear it.  

“You are indeed crazy with love sickness!” Abruptly a voice arises, interrupting the two persons conversation. A sharp knife is pressing into Han Yue Yi’s neck.

“Jie Nie?” Han Yu Yi paused, his hands still holding Feng Xiao ling’s hand tightening.

“Yes, it’s me! Even though I didn’t mean to cut off your conversation or get involved, but I think I need to help this stupid ignorant woman know about the fact that you are a devil.” Jie Nie said, pressing the knife even deeper into Han Yue Yi’s neck. “Let go of the girl; let her stand against that wall.”

Han Yue Yi loosens his hands, hinting for Feng Xiao Ling to go stand against the wall.

“Miss, do you love this kind of man?” Jie Nie frowns, asking Feng Xiao Ling.

“Ah, you…you better put down the knife. Don’t you know this is committing a crime?” Feng Xiao Ling does not even answer what Jie Nie asked. She is just worried seeing the other party holding a knife and pressing it against Han Yue Yi’s neck.

“You should have known that you are with a devil!”

“A devil?”

“His father is the real and completely devil from head to toe, forcing his mother who was still alive to her death! Why… why? Meng only wanted to be with me! Why should he force her to have nowhere to go, force her to commit suicide?” Jie Nie sounded like he was crying. He was recalling those memories of years ago; no matter how hard he tries, he is never able to forget the only woman he loved in his lifetime.

Feng Xiao Ling is shocked. She never thought Han Yue Yi came from such a household. In newspapers or magazines it never reported about his parents, while he never talked about his parents to her.

Because she is an orphan, no father and mother, this matter she seems to have ignored it a little bit, he—–should also have a father and mother too!

“Your mother… is she dead?” Feng Xiao Ling looks at Han Yue Yi, asking him.

“Yeah, she has died.”

“How about your father?”

“He also has died.” He spoke coldly.

So, he also counts as orphan? She stares him, her soft heart once again beating.

If he was not in this kind of condition, she really wanted to hug him, to soothe his brow into being tranquil and calm.

“See! This kind of man does not even have feelings!” Jie Nie angrily said. “That year, he clearly saw his father holding his mother and walking towards the fire, but he did not even try to stop it; he just straightly  saw his father burned by the fire, not even sternly any tears!” If at that time Han Yue Yi had been able to stop it, or might have been able to drag the time, waiting until he arrived, perhaps Meng would not have died! Moreover she would not burn to death with that bastard together, wouldn’t have turned into ash.


19 thoughts on “C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 10.2

  1. Thank you very much for your latest post. I am not sure about the rest of your readers but I personally prefer you finish the other two novels first before moving onward to newer one. The reason of it because the Long Mo Er novel has been dragged long enough. I can’t wait to know the end of it. If you do translate another new novel, then we will never know what is the outcome of Long Mo Er and Ye Che.

    Nonetheless, thanks for your hard work of translating three novels in one go…:)

    1. Hi Julie,
      Thanks for the support and all the advices you have done for this time 😀
      You are right, substitute bride has dragged for long time. perhaps, I should speed up the pace and increases the post schedule.

      again, thanks for visit my blog and leave comments 🙂

  2. Thank you so much azurro amd rowanmdm for the update! 🙂
    Han Yue yi does come from a rather estranged and sad past…no wonder he is so abnormal…
    It is so sad this novel is going to end…please finish the other novels before starting a new one…even though I’ll love to read a new novel, it won’t be fair to hold up the readers reading the other novels…so thank you so much for the wonderful update ! 🙂

  3. Thank you Azurro & Rowanmdm for the update. I would prefer you to finish the other novels before you start another translation. Especially the Substitute Bride. Appreciate your hard work.

    1. Hi Busybee!
      Ah~ substitute bride quite long. but we are nearly done 50%
      XD XD XD
      all thanks to CJ who helped to translate it. so, some credit goes to CJ 🙂
      Thanks for the support

  4. Thank you so much for the update….and it would be great if you could finish ongoing novels…..eagerly waiting for your updates….

  5. Thanks for the update!
    Although I agree that waiting for the other translations can be difficult, I think that it is up to Azurro to decide which novel to translate first. Some translators may find a particular novel to be mundane and tedious to translate after a long period of time. As a result, they would often translate other works to relieve themselves. So pls, although I am anticipating for the updates for the other novels as much as everyone is, let Azurro decide which novel to translate. 🙂

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