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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 73

Guys I heard you XD XD XD

I will finish Being Love Exclusively within this month and focusing to the others two (substitute bride and husband is great black belly) as for Love and Price tag, I can’t rush because all depend on Thunder.

Translated by CJ
Edited by Azurro

Chapter 73

Second Kiss

“Ye Che, you let go! What do you want?” Long Mo Er tried hard to free herself from his grasp. “I want to go and eat dinner with everybody, I don’t want to go out! What are you trying to do?”

Ye Che heard what she said but simply didn’t pay attention. He only wanted to separate Long Mo Er from Gu Na yan’s side. By passing a corridor, Ye Che dragged Long Mo Er back to the house they left.

Once they came into the room, Ye Che closed the door and his steps faltered. He turned towards Long Mo Er and looked behind her. Although no one was in sight, Ye Che continued to hold on to Long Mo Er’s hand with no thoughts of letting go.

 “What do you want?” This is the first time Long Mo Er looked straight at Ye Che, forgetting a bit of the pain and stepped back.

“Didn’t you just say you were going to help Ruo Xuan and Gu Na Yan? How? The next moment you go ahead laughing at all of Gu Na Yan’s words. In fact, you really like Gu Na Yan don’t you? What you said at the porch about Gu Na yan and Ruo Xuan and about you and me, it’s all a joke isn’t it?” Ye Che said Gu Na Yan’s name three times and with such stress. Now, he doesn’t want to see Gu Na Yan… This is the first time he felt such deep dislike for Gu Na Yan.

“I didn’t. I didn’t deceive you.” Long Mo Er couldn’t stand his inexplicable behavior and argued. “I asked you to help me. It’s you who didn’t want to. How come you’re blaming me now? I just like Na Yan Ge Ge so what?”

 Long Mo Er felt injustice yet was surprised when Ye Che’s lips fell on hers heavily. Long Mo Er’s body met Ye Che’s body which approached her with such force her back hit the wooden carved doors.

What did she do to come across this circumstances?

 Why was he treating her this way? Long Mo Er opened her eyes widely.

 This kiss is different from the last one. Ye Che’s kiss is both urgent and fierce, completely hurting Long Mo Er. Long Mo Er doesn’t know what’s going on, as if a sharp knife is piercing through her heart filling her with so much pain making her tears fall silently.

 Falling down Long Mo Er’s face, the tears traced the path to her mouth. Ye Che’s lips on Long Mo Er’s, tasted something salty, a taste that should not be there.

That taste woke Ye Che up, he slowly  recovered and looked up. He saw tears continuously falling from Long Mo Er’s eyes. Ye Che immediately realized what the flavor he tasted was from.

“I’m sorry I’m sorry Mo Er. I also don’t know why I’m acting this way. Please don’t cry. I’m sorry.” Ye Che immediately felt regret and tenderness in his heart. He wrapped Long Mo Er in a warm embrace.

What’s going on with him? He clearly knows that Mo Er loves him… Why does he continue to misunderstand her and Na Yan?  From the time they began living together, Mo Er has been simple. Everybody knows that. How could he have considered that she…

 How did he end up hurting her again?

 This morning painted such a warm and happy picture, how did everything turn out like this?

What was he doing just now?!

How can this foolish girl easily affect his heart!


4 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 73

  1. Thank you. When will YC confess his feelings? We are almost coming to an end soon. 8 more chapters to go and he hasn’t confessed. Sigh.

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