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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 74

Chapter 74


“Ugh!! Ye Che… you are…so…scary!” Long Mo Er body is trembling in Ye Che embrace.

“Long Mo Er, don’t be afraid. I would not do like that again, don’t afraid me!” Ye Che comforted Long Mo Er. “Don’t be afraid of me, I knew, I should not do that, I have regretted. Mo Er, don’t afraid me, do you? I was angry because I saw you talking happily with Gu Na Yan, don’t afraid me.”

Ye Che is enveloped by Long Mo Er’s fear, he does not want to see Long Mo Er afraid him! His real intention not like this!

But, why it happened?

How could he frighten Long Mo Er?

Would Long Mo Er hate him for what have he done?”

Thought about it, Ye Che hugs Long Mo Er tightly; over and over, softly tell her “sorry”, avoiding to scares Long Mo Er once again.

After Long Mo Er heard Ye Che warm voice, she only silently shed her tears in his embrace.

There is countless changed of feeling when loves someone which is really something! She has already felt deep to the point she not recognized herself. What should she do to make her feeling and Ye Che get closer to each others?

“Ye Che?”

After long time, Ye Che has talked as if his saliva dried, he still thought Long Mo Er would not forgive him, the voice stirring up Ye Che emotions.

“What? Mo Er?” Ye Che loosen up his embrace, letting Long Mo Er lift her head up.

“Ye Che, are you still mad?” Long Mo Er looked at Ye Che eyes which have showed little bit worry.

“I am not angry anymore.” Ye Che eyes showed love expression.

“Why were you angry? This morning when I said about match-making between Gu Na Yan Ge Ge and Ruo Xuan Mei Mei, why were you angry? Why are you always angry? Don’t you know, when you are angry, I feel afraid, I feel worry!” Long Mo Er feels pressured, after she said at last she still shedding tears

“Mo Er, sorry, I won’t be like that in the future. Don’t be worry, don’t afraid me, I won’t do it anymore.” Ye Che wipes Long Mo Er’s tears, he swears!

“Really? Not angry anymore? Long Mo Er seems not really sure.


“Why are you suddenly get angry?” Long Mo Er is asking him.

“Nothing!” Ye Che could not tell her, his anger is cause of… he is jealous with Gu Na Yan, but he as man how could he tell her.

“Nothing? Why don’t you tell me?”

“Your words, too much!” looking at Long Mo Er chatters, Ye Che kissed her.

Long Mo Er dumbfounded with Ye Che sudden kiss, because she still lingering fear with rough kiss.

But, this time Ye Che is so warm, soft.

She unconsciously closed her eyes.


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