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Fiction : Love and Price Tag (愛情和價格標籤) 3

Chapter 3

Chen Jia Hong

Chen household is well-known aristocrat family with long history in Shanghai. Beside famous as one of strict aristocrat family, they also own successful gems business. No wonder there are many people who want to have ties and relation with the Chens. So, tonight party there are many business players, actors, actresses, politician and others famous people who come to the party.

At seven sharp, the party is started. Everyone is waiting for Chen Jia Hong, the “main star” of the party. There are lots of beauties who come to the party with very obvious reason, all of them have share a similar purpose to attract Chen Jia Hong’s attention. Suddenly the atmosphere changes after Chen Jia Hong shows up. He wears Armani black suit which fit his slender and tall body very well in contrast of his red-wine hair colored. Chen Jia Hong perfectly attracts all people eyes at that party. The females show admiring expression while the males are envious.

This is the first time for Chen Yu Xuan to see her elder brother cousin in real-life because for these eighteen years, Chen Jia Hong is living in US so she never seen him even once before. But, she has heard many great things about her legendary elder brother cousin who refers as the gem of Chen’s, the talented and genius young man

Couldn’t blame Chen Yu Xuan for having deep impression about Chen Jia Hong because others than Cinderella, sleeping beauty or those fairy tales stories, Zhen Zhen also like to tell story about Chen Jia Hong as “before-bed-story”.

Chen Jia Hong has started his career at seventeen years old after he graduated his High School in US. While study in one of the best university in US, he also work part-timer as broker and soon two years later he has started up his own business. The elders like him so much, he is alike another pride of the Chens after Chen Jiang.

The party just started not long ago but Chen Jia Hong has surrounded by many people. The females are trying to flirt with him while the males are trying to act best-buddies, while the seniors keep on praising him or trying to introduce their daughters or sons. Everyone is trying their best to get Chen Jia Hong attention for many reasons.

“Jia Hong!” Chen Luo, the second elder of Chen called him.

“Yes Er Lao Tai Ye.” Chen Jia Hong looked at Chen Luo who stands not far from him.

“Let me introduce you to Mr. Tan’s youngest daughter, Tan Ying Ying.” Chen Luo is introducing a beautiful girl who stands beside Chen Luo to Chen Jia Hong.

“Hello Miss Tan.” Chen Jia Hong greeted her as polite manner and replied by Tan Ying Ying with “hello” while her face suddenly changed little bit pinkish.

Not only Tan Ying Ying who showed such expression, most of the females that introduced to Chen Jia Hong would show “shy” expression. Even some might be so bold such as flirting with him openly. Chen Jia Hong has used to with this kind of things because he is someone who possess kind of aura which able to attract the opposite sex and at same time his present is so pressure for males.


Chen Yu Xuan is bored with the party. Well, what could be expected for the eighteen years old brat to join “Elite” party since there is nothing catches her interest. Most of the guesses are older than her, it rare to spot others teen like her who dislike such occasions, “roaming” in this kind of place and to say, the party is not really important for her. Moreover, Chen Yu Xuan never like this kind of party because the atmosphere is suffocating and filled with hypocrite people. They are smiling, laughing, boasting or acting humble but all just shits. Those people are having purpose, they are thinking to have mutual-benefit for each others.

“Oh, so that man is Chen Jia Hong…” Chen Yu Xuan said softly to herself. She has standing and observing at one of the ballroom’s corner not far from where Chen Jia Hong stands. he stills talking to Chen Luo and Tan Ying Ying for a while before she left.

After that, Chen Yu Xuan is secretly walks away, leaving the ballroom. She has enough watching the “show” for tonight. That little girl is heading to the garden which located at the back of main house building. No one noticed her since everyone is busy themselves with Chen Jia Hong (the main star) and also Chen Jiang. It just makes thing easier for her to escape from that boring party. Garden at the back of main house building is her most favorite place. She sits down at the bench there, looking to the dark night sky.

Chen Yu Xuan drowns into her own thought for some times without she realized until…

“Hey, you must Uncle Chen Jiang’s daughter, Chen Yu Xuan?” someone voice startled Chen Yu Xuan who just now still lost in her own thought.

“How could you know my name? Did we ever meet before?” Chen Yu Xuan asked Chen Jia Hong for seconds after she gained her composure.

“You looked exactly alike Aunty Yu Lin.” Chen Jia Hong looked to that small little girl.

“Well, I assumed it as compliment.” Chen Yu Xuan smiles, “Well, Elder brother cousin, why are you here? Don’t you need to stay inside since those people are coming because of you? It will be meaningless if the “main role” disappear from the party limelight.”

“Since uncle Chen Jiang is also here, no one will be looking at me. All of them must be busy to talk with your father. Anyway, can you call me Jia Hong or Ge Ge instead of elder brother cousin since I am not used to be addressing that way.” Chen Jia Hong smiled.

“Well, I agree. Jia Hong Ge Ge, you may call me Yu Xuan or Xuan Xuan. Sometimes it is better for us to act little lenient to ourselves. Those courtesy is suffocating.” Chen Yu Xuan said.

That night is the first time for Chen Yu Xuan to have quite long conversation with others than Zhen Zhen, her aunty and Chen Jiang, her father. It little bit strange to see twenty four years young man able to have very good chat with eighteen years young lady.


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