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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 75

Chapter 75

Lighting Incenses at Wan Nian Temple

Part 1 (One)

Translated by CJ
Edited by Azurro

The distant sound of horse hooves gradually became closer until the horse carriage stopped in front of the Ye Mansion’s gate.

At this time, a crowd of people gathered in front of the carriage. Almost everyone was there in the crowd. Even the head of the Ye Household was with them at the gate. Servants in twos and threes were going to and from the Ye Mansion loading things on the last carriage.

Long Mo Er stood beside Ye Che and looked at the neat line-up of the carriages and onto the people who were hurriedly moving things. She looked at Ye Che’s charming face, in her heart she felt a faint uneasiness.

In fact, today isn’t a show of grandeur nor is it that someone will be visiting a relative. Rather, this is the day that all the women from the Ye Household will go up to Wan Nian Temple to light incense. Before, each year at this time, Ye Furen together with Mu Rong Ji Zi and Ruo Xuan would go to light incense to pray for security, blessings and peace of the household, for everyone to be healthy, and for the thriving and prosperous business of the Ye Family.

Only, this year Long Mo Er came.

“Well, Wan Er… Let’s get going!” Ye Furen said and then turned to Ye Peng to say a few words. After that, Ye Furen stretched her hand so the man-servant can support her as she got on the carriage.

Soon after, Ye Ruo Xuan said her greeting to Ye Peng and then also got on the carriage.

“Come on, Wan Er. Let’s get going!” Mu Rong Ji Zi said with a smile.

“Yes… Fine.” she replied without thinking, her heart felt uneasy.

In fact, she was surprised with how she was feeling thinking about being separated from Ye Che. Now, when she doesn’t see Ye Che for a moment, it was like the heavens were angry. She was now completely dependent on Ye Che, she seems to have developed a psychological disposition. It seems if Ye Che was not where she is, it became hard to breathe.

They haven’t set out yet and she was already feeling this way, how much more will she feel spending a night at Wan Nian Temple? That meant spending two days without Ye Che! This time would be unbearable! Could she possibly not go? She thought carefully what to say so she wouldn’t have to go. If she threw a tantrum, would they let him go together with them?

But that does not follow the Ye Household’s protocols. She could only say that in her mind and not out loud. She glanced at Ye Che reluctant to leave him, he also looked at her. Then Long Mo Er walked towards the carriage not looking at him.

Just then, Mu Rong Ji Zi smiled, nodded her head, and prepared to get on the carriage.

Lu Qun looked at Long Mo Er’s action, and right away came over to assist her.

“Hold on.”

Ye Che’s voice called, letting all people to turn their heads,  everyone looked at him confused, Ye Furen and Ye Ruo Xuan also lifted up the carriage curtain to look towards Ye Che.

“What happened? Is there something else?” Mu Rong Ji Zi suspiciously asked.

Even knowing that everyone was looking at him, Ye Che nevertheless kept his attention on Long Mo Er and said, “Be careful on the way. Take good care of yourself.”

Hearing such words from Ye Che, everyone was either giggling or smiling. They were simple words but Long Mo Er wondered why her face felt hot. She realized that Ye Che’s words were solely for her.

“Well, I’ll be there! I will make sure to protect Wan Er. I’ll bring her back without a strand of hair missing. This way, you’d be rest assured!! Definitely a wife is different! In the past we’d be gone for ten days to half a month and you didn’t even say half the sweet words you said just now. Moreover, we’re coming back tomorrow night! Okay, don’t worry! If we keep dilly-dallying, I won’t be able to guarantee that we’ll be back on time tomorrow!” Mu Rong Ji Zi said poking fun at Ye Che.



5 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 75

  1. That always happen during ‘the honeymoon period’ that a couple are inseparable from another. Hehehe.

    Thank you Azurro. 😀

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