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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 5.2

This part is describing some complicated relationship among students during Miao Miao’s school time. Kids were so naive and innocent on that time XD XD XD

Chapter 5

Part 2 (Two)

They Called Me Fu Jin

But after I experienced that time, I just realized gossips are not about me solely. It happen to others too.

Alike my other classmates who are males and twins, named Zhang Qi (brother) is courting on Da Shuang while his younger brother Zhang Lin seems to like Xiao Shuang. But Xiao Shuang seems to like the next class student named Meng Shao Dong. Xiao Fan and Huang Yan Yong who shared same table seem to have love triangle with the back desk female student, Wang Jia Wei. Who loves whom, I still feel very confused even when I had graduated. Liu Li Jun seems to have special relationship with the sweetest male student in my class. Furthermore, there are more than half of the male student of my class who trying to pursuit Xu Ying.

In sequence, one by one in the class is investigated to the point no love rival.

Well, now our class seems alike “lecher men and brothel women”* (aiya, this idiom finally used) it only me who does not know anything.

Finally I felt little bit satisfied.

My matters seem nothing if compare to the others.

But the thing I hate most is they still called me Fu Jin.

I feel….little bit unease.

Male students see me as fierce but strangely they don’t afraid of me, in contrary they like to laugh and tease me Fu Jin and Fu Jin until my face turn red. So when I pissed off, I abruptly said, “lowly servant, you clean the toilet.”

“Ah!” someone shrivel up.

I sneered, “didn’t you guys call me Fu Jin, so now Fu Jin is ordered you to clean toilet, go or not?”

The male student who being called “Lowly servant” stared blankly but indeed he still goes.

But I still angry and speaking with such fierce tone to those people, “Said, who still want to go to clean the toilet.”

Who would go, our school toilet is well-known as old-model toilet, the light ray could penetrate until half waist of people who inside the toilet.

Everyone is pretending busy, hurried to do their job which has been assigned earlier.

Everyone dismissed, every time I think about Kang Yu, I feel extremely angry so I decided to find him to released my anger and get revenge.

During that time our school has two sports ground, one is the big field for morning exercise, heavy exercise, or using it during sport class, the other is small sport ground which has abandoned for long time, before it was used for convenient situation but the headmaster said it would use to build new class but it only a plan, now don’t mention it, being abandoned for long time, the weeds and grass growth filled the field, it also has not good path to walk.

I am so angry, tired of looking for Kang Yu, even my vision not really good, but I have good instinct, moreover towards my nemesis. Alike the radar, I found him very fast under one of big willow trees.

In the winter, the willow would be yellowish, it only left the dry leaves of tree, Kang Yu is lying as if he having sun bathing.

His relaxing gestures, makes me even get angrier, if I were dog, I would have been rushing toward him and biting him…

But I was not a dog, so I just walked there.

Once I have arrived at his side, I yelled at him, “Kang Yu, get up!”

He not responded, I frowned, lower my head to see him.

This bastard is sleeping.

Really despicable, could not endure anymore!

I squatted my body, intended to pinch his nose so that he will wake up, when I want to pinch his nose, seeing him at this close distance, I feel little bit… Ah~ I could not bring myself to do it.

I always know that Kang Yu is good looking, his handsome appearance isn’t type of ordinary handsome, his charm silhouette hasn’t really shown because he just too young but his look has already to the stage of handsome (able to shake other heart), the pieces of sun ray warmly contours his facial feature as if being carved. Whether because of the sun effect or not, he has better skin than mine, he has soft and tender skin.

I just could not restrain myself not to touch him.


 *) 男 nan 盗 dao 女 nv 娼 chang : lecher men and brothel women, (I not really sure whether I translate it right because I could not find this word so I tried to translate word by word). just correct me if there is error.


5 thoughts on “C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 5.2

  1. Thanks for the chapter ❤

    ‘I have good instinct, moreover towards my nemesis. Alike the radar, I found him very fast under one of big willow trees.’

    MC can already track ML, could it be that it is also the same way with ML? Is he also able to track her as well?

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