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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 76

Chapter 76

Lighting Incenses at Wan Nian Temple

Part 2 (Two)

Translated by CJ

Edited by Azurro

After getting on the horse carriage, Long Mo Er’s heart was beating a little fast.

What was going on with her?

Earlier, wasn’t she feeling uneasy to be separated from Ye Che? But, the simple words that Ye Che uttered just now had already comforted her. One evening might pass by quickly. But, now she was completely flustered.

Why is this happening? What exactly is going on? Long Mo Er was having a bad feeling that she frowned slightly.

“Wan Er, what’s wrong? You don’t want to part with Ye Che that much?” Mu Rong Ji Zi who was seated beside her laughed thinking that she was frowning because she is being separated from Ye Che for a short while.

“No, Sister-in-law.” Long Mo Er embarrassingly smiled not intending to tell Mu Rong Ji Zi her concerns.

“Wan Er, since you arrived Ye Che has changed immensely. Before, he was so stingy with words. We’re all happy you were the one who came to Ye Household rather than somebody else. You make us love you dearly.”

“Sister-in-law.” Long Mo Er did not expect Mu Rong Ji Zi to say such words, making her feel deeply touched. Her tears were fogging her eyes as she hugged Mu Rong Ji Zi’s hand and leaned against her.

“What’s wrong? Did I do something? You’re crying so much if Mother and Ruo Xuan sees us, they might think I was bullying you and make report to Ye Che. Then, I won’t have good days ahead.” Mu Rong Ji Zi placed her hand over Long Mo Er’s gently.

“Sister-in-law, aside from my older sister, you understand me so much! It is good that I have you!”

“Older sister?”

“No… That’s not what I said, I said my younger sister. Sister-in-law must have heard wrong.” Long Mo Er hurriedly explained.

“You definitely said older sister. Are you saying my hearing is bad? ” MuRong Ji Zi argued.

Long Mo Er didn’t know what explanation to give. Is her real identity going to be revealed today? Then what should she do? This wasn’t the time or place to be flustered. Long Mo Er suddenly became rigid and her blood ran cold.

Lu Qun was seated on the side feeling moved from watching the harmonious interaction between Big Young Mistress and her Miss. But that didn’t last long, her clumsy Miss had ruined the good atmosphere and made such an error. How will this end?

Her Miss had already been doing great. She was also happy. But how can she….

This time, what should be done?

Will they be sent back to Long Household? Lu Qun also felt her body grow cold.

“Wan Er, what’s wrong? That was just a simple mistake. I’m not laughing at you. Why are you and Lu Qun very tense? If Mother really sees us, she really would think I am bullying you. Little Miss, you really are a sensitive person. In the future, I would joke less with you. Ye Che treasures you so much. If I’m not careful in teasing you, Ye Che would probably kill me.” Mu Rong Ji Zi didn’t care about their unnatural reactions and continued to joke.

Hearing that Mu Rong Ji Zi have not in the least began to doubt them, Long Mo Er and Lu Qun began to relax. Their hearts that were on their throats, at that moment, came down.

Will she have to continue living in such fear forever?

It would have been good if she really was Long Wan Er! If so, will she be at ease staying by Ye Che’s side? Will she ever be comfortable living at the Ye Household?

Because of their recent exchange, the problems that Long Mo Er had somehow forgotten had once again appeared in her mind.



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