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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 5.3

Chapter 5

Part 3 (Three)

They Called Me Fu Jin

Kang Yu suddenly wakes up, his pair of eyes opened wide looked at me, while I haven’t prepared to hide my hand so it looks awkward hanging on the air.

Perhaps because of the sun ray piercing into his eyes, so that he wink and wink his eyes, after he gets used, he opened his eyes, he has clear bright pair of eyes, alike golden brown eyes, very beautiful.

Suddenly I feel as if I lost my soul, allures by him.

My head little bit dizzy, my heart thumping so fast.

I even suspected myself might infected by mysterious sickness because of heat in winter.

When Kang Yu able to see clearly and spotted me, he showed alluring smiles, as if he able to read my mind through my every expression when our eyes meets. After he done examining my expression, he turned his looks to my stiffen hand which still in mid-air, laughing and asked, “What do you want to do?”

What I want to do?

I looked at my own hand, when I flashed back my intentional purpose to secretly touching him, my face instantly feel burn and super hot as if the temperature enough to fry egg, my brain hot, my person also become muddle-head, I raised both of my hands, to make threatening gestures, “I want to eat you up!!”

It still feel not enough, at last I imitate tigers sounds “howling and roaring”.

After I done, I felt my heart crying-bleed, I am really super idiot.

Kang Yu dumbfounded for moment, I thought he might frighten little bit, perhaps he would running away, but he is still relaxing and lying at there.

I feel little bit awkward, but I have myself pride, so that I maintain that “scary claw” posture.

At the time I feel most awkward and thought to flee, finally he softly opened his mouth: “well, how do you plan to eat me?”

Paused, he even frowned, “Ng.”

My God, I can guarantee to You, I am really not thinking at wrong direction (negative thought), but why I can feel he is driving me to have wrong direction.

This is an act of being enclosed.

I could feel it. I could feel it really encloses me.

The golden ray of sun shines on him, he lying there, as if an illusion, even his cloths gives that illusion effect as if he wears nothing (half-naked).

It is super scary illusion, as if I able to see Kang Yu’s naked body, lying in front of me, and waving at me.

I starting to confuse with my rationality, at one side I want to run away but another sides I still want to experience… this flutter-feeling.

I am sinister, I am really a sinister.

Human ah~ even when they are under chaos and confuse situation, they still distort themselves to calm down.

I am this type of person.

I really calm and compose.

Very calm looks alike idiot, rigid, as if becoming sculpture…for long time not moving.

As for the next thing happen, I still not being able to recall what I had done even after me married with Kang Yu.

I had asked him, but Kang Yu is pissed off and glared at me, the matter is, I still can not to recall that moment until today, weird things, his face turned bit red.

I am so curious and keep on asking him, he gets annoyed with my question, and pressed my face.

I thought he wants to tell me something but, unexpectedly he kissed my cheek.

After he kissed me, he just left me alone.


Dumbfounded, rigid, and being turned alike sculpture…


5 thoughts on “C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 5.3

  1. haha…that is too funny! what does he see in her!?!
    thank you so much for the hard work and wonderful translation!
    their embarrassment is so cute and funny! 🙂

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