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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 6

Chapter 6

Part 1 (One)

Spouse’s Column

The gossip between Kang Yu and me are still continued, needless. Not only that, but it become more splendid with “seasoning”.

Kang Yu and I are listed by the teacher to join district competition, we even won as the winner. Actually it really nothing because my physic always good but I dislike it because will make my body smell after back to class.

Does not know which bastard said, “All because love power.”

What love power ah… this is because my own capability and strength.

Earlier if I know thing would be like this, better I aiming for last.


Apart of this, because the last time literature class, I had punished to stand up by Teacher Sun, so in order to make Teacher Sun ignored and forgot about this matter, I tried my best to listen carefully his teaching during his class.

Before, my literature always scores enough (middle score such 6 from 1-10), but this time, my Quiz even score higher and allow me to get third rank, I don’t even believe in myself, but still feel happy, my effort and hard work finally paid off, really wise saying.

But Teacher Sun isn’t thought in that way, he still remembered what Kang Yu ever told him, “Behind the successful woman there is successful man who always supports her.”

During the class, Teacher Sun often to bring up this topic, telling in front of the other students, they should learn from Kang Yu and me, learn about how we helped each others, learn about our good relationship, so that we are able to keep improving and progressing.

What good relationship ah, what helped each other ah, when heard by other classmates, it seems as if I am lovely-dovely with Kang Yu, our relationship is something so sweet even affected to better study result.

Thus, this power of love, I tied with that image and it follows me like shadow.

Fu Jin, this nickname is label on me, no matter how I tried to stop, I just couldn’t.

Because of our extraordinary progress, Teacher Sun even gives special recommendation for us, he lets Kang Yu to take committee duty on behalf of student study member.

The original committee member is Zhong Li Jun, (nickname Zhong Pi = leather skin) because of his illness, he ask long-term sick leave. So that the student committee member post always been empty. This proposal is given by male classmates.

Our class leaders committee, others than the sport committee this is one of powerless title in class leader committee because all member are girls, Kang Yu has good study result, he also has good relation with boys so he immediately get elected.

Student study committee, what is it?

Student study committee is members who help class leader, something alike helper/ assistant for class leader.

I have shared same table with Kang Yu and now, I should go to class leader committee together with him.

It means, if later we need to have meeting, planning for events, Kang Yu will be always beside me, keep on showing up in front of me.

Karma, it’s karmaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

At the end of December, mid-term exam, this period is one of the most important time for all the student, included me. I am types of student who is clasp the buddha’s feet when danger arises (doing things in last moment), so for this time, I feel so pressure.

But different with Kang Yu, he does not have any pressure before examination, no matter when the class ended or lunch break, he is still enjoying to play football.

My resentment ah~

Today afternoon when the second class ended, certain male student comes to Kang Yu and asked him question. Who ask this brat has very good in study, normally he likes to help others, moreover he is student study committee member now, so there even many people like to seek help from him.

If there is someone wants to ask him about subjects, I should stand up and let that people to have my seat.

This boy called Ji Jie Xin, he is really serious with his study, all of us called him bookworm, because he likes study and read books, if he does not understand something he will immediately ask, so it already becomes his habit.

He sees me to let him sits on my seat, he said: “Thank you, class leader.”

He is the only person in my class who never called me Fu Jin.

I almost get touched and shed tears, it has been long time no one called me “class leader”, I missed it, I really get touched and put two thumbs up for him.

He flipped the book, facing Kang Yu and asked, “Kang Yu, I want to ask you about this question, please teach me.”

At the other side, Kang Yu nodded, perhaps thought he is nice person so Kang Yu must help him.

But who knows what Kang Yu thought in his head, he ignored him and said, “No time!!”

I puzzled, normally Kang Yu won’t act like this.

Compare to me Ji Jie Xin more confused and puzzled, “why?”

He also wants to know why Kang Yu act that way, his face showed dissatisfaction.

This moment, Xiao Fan approaching me and said, “Miao Miao, the day after tomorrow will be Xiao Shuang and Da Shuang birthday, this afternoon I will go with Xu Ying to buy present for them, will you joining?”

“Birthday!!?” I thought for moment, I count and count, it really. 23 December really Da Shuang and Xiao Shuang birthday, hurried I replied, “Go, go, I join!!!”

I am types of person who focus easily to be distracted, immediately I already forgot about Ji Jie Xin’s matter, I followed Xiao Fan heading to Xu Ying’s seat to discuss what stuff will be given as birthday present.

When I still in the middle discussing, Ji Jie Xin suddenly approaching me, stand up and called me, “Fu Jin, Fu Jin, Fu Jin…..”

I dumbfounded my expression showed big question mark.



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  1. Thank you for the update..:) sorry but can I ask if there will be an update soon on BLEBY soon?….eagerly waiting for its next part…thank once more for all your hard work..:)

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