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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 10.3

Chapter 10

Part 3 (Three)

“Girl, you should not fall in love with this kind of man!” Jie nie paused, swallowed his saliva.

“Ling, are you afraid of me?” Han Yue Yi stared Feng Xiao Ling, he wants to see her every expression clearly.


“Girl, as long as you said you won’t love this kind of man, I will let you go!” Jie Nie warning her, “I have put bombs in this villa, as long as I press the button, this villa will be exploded!”

Feng Xiao Ling said, “And you… don’t you also….”

“I don’t care anymore. Meng that person I had loved, she was not in this world anymore, I can’t bear living in this world alone anymore, my only wants to bring this devil to hell! In his body it flows that man blood, the crazy, psycho person like them, They are not worthy to live in this world!”

“No, he is not crazy and psycho!”

“Isn’t he? Well, how about if you tell him that you love other man, what do you think this devil will do? Smiling and then expecting he will give you blessing? Make your dream! He will force you to death with him!”

Could it possible? Unexpectedly Feng Xiao Ling eyes glanced to Han Yue Yi.

As if he understands her glance, he gently moves his lips said, “I will, Ling. Perhaps alike what Jie Nie said, I might crazy and psycho.”


“Whatever I want… I absolutely should get it, I am so similar to father, so that regarding to whatever I want, perhaps, I might let go when I die!” When he said it, gently he lowered his eyelashes, as if staring at himself that  exposure to the moonlight, he raised his beautiful slender fingers, “Afraid? If you afraid of me, just like he said before, you tell me, that you are not loves me, and then you can leave me alone!”

Strangely, she has something like premonition, if she said she does not love and left him, he will completely vanish from her life forever, which mean he will be leaving this world too, using death to leave her!

No! She does not want that happen!

“I want to know what I am for you, what my existence means for you?” She asked.

“Perhaps you are my soul! Even the body will be disappeared one day, but the soul will still remain there.” It carved in bones and engraved in the heart (idiom), it is something penetrates deep into every nerves of obsession.

This man, how much passion he has? Feng Xiao Ling eyes begin to moist, she wants to cry. His loves for her, perhaps she never understood how much it is.

“I won’t leave you, I like you, I love you, I love you so much!” Feng Xiao Ling said with loud voice.

“Girl, doesn’t you afraid this kind of crazy man? He is someone who able to take you with him to hell?” Jie Nie said with disappointed expression.

“He would never.” She shook her head, tear starts streaming down from her eyes, “Because in this life time, other than him, I will not able to love any other person!”

“Won’t you regret?” that long eyelashes lift up, he looked straight to her.

“Never regret.”

Right after she blurted the words, Han Yue Yi, his hand suddenly jerk to the side of other party neck, so fast….


The next moment, Jie Ni has already lying at the surface of floor. While the knife has already stepped by Han Yue Yi.

It was fast, all the movement too fast, she did not even knew what was going on, the situation has turned to the reverse.

“Jie Ni, you lose!” Han Yue Yi said without any expression.

“Lose, you kidding me, I still have bomb that is waiting for you! I want to explode all of you into pieces!” he said, he is trying to push the button….

It become silent for moment, but there also nothing happen such as explosion.

“What… how can be like this?” Jie Nie showed unbelievable expression, he tried to press the button again and again.

“My villa has automatic identification system if there is suspicious movement, once there is someone tries to install something such as bomb, Sai Ye will know it and make report to police as fast as possible, and then sending the expert to remove the bomb.” Han Yue Yi said while keep watching on Jie Nie, “Your biggest mistake was you aren’t grasping the opportunity, at the moment you stick knife to my neck, you should take my life. I had promised mother to let you off three times, so this is the last chance.”


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