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C-Novel Introduction : A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣)


Title                            : 纯情丫头火辣辣

Author                       : 齐成琨

Reading resources : Manga Novel 1 (500++)  Novel2 (800++)

PS: there are so many resources for the novel and also the manhwa. Synopsis:

One night she drunk and mistaken the most well-known Mafia boss as Host* and intending to sleep with him. Oh my! what should I do? best to run away! After two years, she is working as elevator lady who works in one of the big company in China. She often get harassed by handsome colleagues when working. “Hey! Hey! Hey! I don’t to play, this is not fun at all!” “Finally I found her! You little brat, two years ago you was running away, two years later I swear to “eat you up”, until not left the bones.” Description: Luo Yao Yao just broke with her boyfriend when she found out her boyfriend slept with another girl. She decided to make revenge by visiting one of the Host bar, accompany by her best friend. That night when she went to the Host bar, she drunk and mistaken Yu Ao Tian, the “Underworld Emperor” as Host. That time she managed herself to escape from Yu Ao Tian. Two years later she backs to China and work as elevator lady in Bo Sen, one of the biggest company in China. Again, she mistaken Yu Ao Tian who is the CEO as PR staff. Yu Ao Tian is well known underworld emperor in Japan, two years later he is moving to China to start as Business man, CEO of Bo Sen. He has more than super scary character and cold-hearted man. If Luo Yao Yao is flower that able to attract (bees) many kind of Men, especially powerful and rich whom willing to sacrifice every thing for her, then Yu Ao Tian is the flame that able to attract (moths) many kind of Women who fall for him even they knew they would be get burn.

Warning: this novel contain quite many hot scenes, harsh, improper languages. but, it also has many funnies scenes. The female lead may look alike little white rabbit at the beginning but actually she is wolf in sheep skin after being trained by Yu Ao Tian. My personal opinion, This is quite complicated novel with amount of twist. At the beginning, this novel looks more alike nasty writing because the steamy description in chapters. But, again… excluding the steamy and improper language, this novel worth to get chance. Let me know what you think about this novel 🙂


32 thoughts on “C-Novel Introduction : A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣)

  1. Wow! 500 chapters? Is the novel completed? I also read the manhua but it’s not yet updated.

    I’m curious how different the novel is. Thankies for picking up this book! Are you going to translate this book and the Substitute Bride at the same time?

  2. That’s novel is super long.But pretty good.So many twist and when I read this I thought so many time “OK!I’m done with this novel,that’s too long for me and I can’t stand it anymore but another interesting scene appears and I told myself that will be last chapter for me and then another and another and another…..finally The End.I mean that u can’t resist the plot twist and turn.Even so boring to read but curious what happened to the next chapter and it drag u to the final.And one more things the male leads are likeable .Fighting for super duper long novel and I will be your no.1 fan.Good luck dear!;)

    1. You hit the point.
      First time when I read the novel, my first impression, “what kind of novel is it?” but, more I read, this novel hook me. I keep saying to myself this might last, too long and almost get bored. When I wanted to stop, another interesting scenes showed up. Oh My! it keep me until last.
      XD XD XD

      1. me too alm9st give up when I real8sed th8s is 500 plus chapter. thanks so much for translating this super long novel.
        really curious who she will end up with?

  3. Shake it Dear!That’s what I said.So many twist and turn. At first is just a normal romance comedy but the more u read the more it dark.But honestly I don’t like Yu Ao Tain in first 100 and some more chapter. But later is OK I started to like him but the problem is I like all male leads.Ha Ha who can blame me, girl can dream right!!#^_^#

    1. All the males are high quality ones but all also “jerk” ones. bad to worst =.=”
      When comparing Ao Tian with Chen Yi, both of them are beast but very different beast.
      The Long’s brother also charming. perhaps the ones who less “beast” might Li shang, in my opinion 🙂

      1. Yes.Even so Compare to Yu Ao Tain, chen Yi is likeable jerk.•﹏•.All the males are high quality ones but also a “Don’t-fucking-mess-with-me” type.Ha Ha⊙▽⊙

  4. Me likey so much…including, all steamy and inappropriate languages. Just post a disclaimer pls, for non consenting adults.

    Thanks for the introduction 😘

  5. Thanks azurro.
    I like this novel abd cant wait for next chapter. Hope you can post some everyday.
    Btw, where can i get the link if the c novel in chinese? I would like to try ti read it. Or is there any audio book of this novel? Please advise.


  6. I should’ve read this in the first place…

    Now I know its really true… 500+ chapters…a super long novel… I don’t think any malay novel have this much chapters…

    anyway, the word ‘trained’ catches my eye. Is YY being trained to be in as super-combat mode girl, or she being trained in ‘s** and love’ mode?

  7. I read the novel now up to 399 part 2. Is it completed, and fully translated? It was very complex and intriguing, still keeping me riveted to find out the ending. I am still curious about the scar and YAT’s real intentions. I don’t believe there will be a good ending at this point for any of the main characters, all are flawed in some way, but I really hope LYY will at least be at peace.

  8. Hye. New reader here. Luckily just found about it right now. Will not be so much frustating waiting for 100+ chpters. 😂

    Thanks too for wonderful translation. ❤️Going to learn mandarin soonnnn 😁

    Anyway, which country does you belong to? As it seems u can speak indonesian 😄

    Love from Malaysia 💕💕

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