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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 77

Chapter 77

Lighting Incenses at Wan Nian Temple

Part 3 (Three)

Translated by CJ

Edited by Azurro

After several hours of bumpy ride, the horse carriage finally stopped.

And now, Long Mo Er was feeling a bit dizzy. This was her first time to sit on a carriage for a long time, her whole body was aching. Lu Qun was no better. This was also her first time sitting on a carriage for a long time. She was also a bit dizzy, her body didn’t feel well.

“It turns out going through the second gate was so tiring! I used to play at a place not far from home and all day long I’ll be bouncing and frolicking but I never felt this tired. How come I’m tired from riding? Sister-in-law, I really don’t feel good.” Long Mo Er didn’t understand where Mu Rong Ji Zi’s strength was coming from, she did not look tired at all.

“Wan Er, since this is your first time, you might not be accustomed to it yet. I was also like that in the beginning but since we do this frequently, I got used to it. We’re here. Get off. You’ll feel better once you’ve rested. This side of Wan Nian Temple is peaceful, the scenery is not bad. You can have a stroll.

Mu Rong Ji Zi lifted the curtain and stepped down first.

Looking ahead onto the other carriage, she caught a glimpse of Ye Furen getting off followed by Ruo Xuan who smiled and looked at her.

“Wan Er, come down! Let’s go take a rest.” Mu Rong Ji Zi said lending a hand to Long Mo Er, helping her get off the carriage.

Lu Qun subsequently followed, leaning out of the carriage she saw Mu Rong Ji Zi holding out a hand as if willing to help her out.

Lu Qun looked at her hands, somewhat feeling scared. She didn’t know why Mu Rong Ji Zi was standing there.

“Are you not planning to get off?” Mu Rong Ji Zi looked at Lu Qun as she asked her.

“Oh.” Lu Qun softly spoke and instinctively reached out her hand to Mu Rong Ji Zi. Mu Rong Ji Zi held her hand as she got off the carriage. After she safely got down, Mu Rong Ji Zi smiled at her and then headed towards Ye Furen.

“Miss, Big Young Mistress is a good person.” Lu Qun’s innermost being was touched by Mu Rong Ji Zi’s action. She was so moved that her eyes were tearing up. She stood beside Long Mo Er as she said those words in a whisper.

She was a servant that came over from the Long Household. To the people at Ye Household and to outsiders, she will always only be a servant girl. But the Big Young Mistress was not occupied by their social ranks and treated her really well. Besides her Miss and the Big Young Mistress, who else will treat her well? How can she not be excited?

“Of course she is!” Long Mo Er looked around and caught Lu Qun’s twinkling eyes, Mu Rong Ji Zi’s busy silhouette in between the carriages. Long Mo Er stood silently beside Lu Qun.

“Let’s go!” Long Mo Er stopped looking around and held onto Lu Qun’s arm.

“Yes, we’ll go Miss. I already feel better after getting off.”

Walking a few steps going up, the open space turned into rows and rows of big buildings. Above the red wooden door hanged a board with a bold and vigorous writing were the characters ‘Wan Nian Temple.’ Occasionally, a gentle wind blows and one would be able to smell a faint scent of sandalwood.

Just then, people dressed in monk’s robes came out of the temple. Among them, one walked ahead. His presence made people feel that he has great wisdom and knowledge like a senior monk. Long Mo Er could not stop herself from staring at him.

“Ye Furen, how are you? You came.” The senior monk spoke.

“Buddhist master, have you been well?” Ye Furen responded.

So he is the senior monk, it’s no wonder why he seems mysterious. Long Mo Er thought.

“Not bad. All thanks to Ye Furen’s concern. Please come inside.”


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  1. hi…can you put the total chapter of each story somewhere during the introduction or at the end of the chapter for each story that you’re translating? It will be nice to know the total chapter while waiting like in the GGeneral want to Hug and sleeps. You mentions it at the beginning…

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