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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 6.2

Chapter 6

Part 2 (Two)

Spouse’s Column

I have waited him to call me Fu Jin ten times, then I looked at Kang Yu direction, I saw him waving his hand.

Ji Jie Xin stopped to call me, obediently walk to Kang Yu’s direction.

I have heard Kang Yu said, “Actually to solve this question is like ….”

I don’t understand with the situation so I get back to the place where I stood before, I want to ask Ji Jie Xin what he has done before.

After I have waited him until he done, he sees me, his face showed happy expression and said, “Fu Jin, I have done. Please have your seat, please have your seat.”

I become more confused, why he called me Fu Jin non-stop, I glared at him, hinting him to change the way he addressed me.

He doesn’t grasp my hint, perhaps he thought I mind with him who sat in my seat, so he used his sleeve to clean the chair, and said: “Fu Jin, please take your seat.”

Seat your head ah! I used more power to glare him.

Change the way you address me, you are the only person who is not infected, keep on preserving ah.

But he does not respond, he tidy up his books, he scratching his head as if nothing happen and walk away.

My eyebrow frowned into one, confused and at loss.

What he means, what this mean.

I looked at Kang Yu’s direction, I sensed something amiss.

Kang Yu is leisurely tidy up his pencil case, whether is only my mis-perception or not, he seems so happy, compare to previous unhappy expression is unlikely matched, now he showed very relaxed gesture.

Perhaps, he realized my attention toward him and then he turned his head, said: “What?”

“What and What! It is me who wants to know. What is going on?” I pointed at Ji Jie Xin direction, “What have you do to him?”

Kang Yu showed his innocent expression, blinked and winked his eyes looked at me, “I taught him the subject.”

“I don’t talk about this, I want to know why he called me Fu Jin.”

He even showed more his innocent expression, “everyone is calling you Fu Jin.”

“No…. I don’t mean this, before, he still called me class leader, but how could suddenly he change the way he addressed me.” the previous one and just now only different couple minutes, furthermore, during this minutes, Ji Jie Xin was sat at your side.

Kang Yu with boring expression looked at me and then said, “How can I know, I were not him, how about you ask him by yourself.”

This is one good idea.

I seriously want to go to ask him.

But when Ji Jie Xin sees me, before I ask, he still keeps on calling me Fu Jin, Fu Jin, Fu Jin.

At the last called of Fu Jin, I lost my interest to ask him.


8 thoughts on “C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 6.2

  1. Thank u.. Really wish that u can translate this, love and price tag and substitute faster.. *sorry* hehehe I hope that I can finish read it. Really can’t wait to see.. >,<
    Sorry for being selfish.. Have a great day 😀

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