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C-Novel : A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 3

picture2Chapter 3

Begging to you, please let me off!

“Oh, so it was that.”

She could feel that the man lighten his pressure on her back, naively Yao Yao thought she has succeed persuading the man, it seemed this host not that kind of bastard from beginning.

“Oh yeah…” Again that man’s eyes showed hidden meaning, his lips curled up with demonic smiled: “You have seen, your Ex-boyfriend and that woman ‘doing that’?”

Ugh… she really not able to guess? “They… were… were..” she still not able to say it, Yao Yao small face suddenly blushed.

At this moment…


That man slender and long fingers were reaching and sliding down to her neck… “Did they do… the thing that we are going to do now?”

Going to…do? Do the things? She muddled, actually what was this host meant? Didn’t he not intend to let her go?

“Hu…” his hands were kept on moving at her back, feeling little bit stiffen, fears are enveloped her heart, “bumps” “Bumps”, it keep thumping. “Big, Big brother, why are you still not letting me go, but you…” his hands has reached at her butt-cleavage, her hands were grasping the bed sheet tightly, nervously to the point she not even daring to breathe or making any sound.

“You bad Little Thing, I am helping you to take revenge to your Ex-boyfriend, you should thanks me, aren’t you?”

“Together… to revenge… to my Ex-boyfriend?”

“Yeah, how he treated you, we are going to make him paid back in double.” That man eyes flashed, slowly released her hands that pressed at her back, well-build body was pressing down…

That man was spreading warm breathe to her ears which giving her tickling sensation, she thousand times nervous: “No! No! thanks for your good intention, big brother, I… I don’t want that kind of revenge.”

“Heh?” she tried, kept on calling him Big Brother, if not because this Little Thing really interesting, he might be burned (pissed off) from the beginning, he is not types of man that have this kind of patience.

“Little Thing, the game of Big Brother and Little Sister, I have bored to play.” That man showed gloomy expression.

Not waiting for her to response… “Ah…” something cold thing and smooth landed on her back. Took a look at that man’s hand which holding a glass of wine, the wine was slowly dripping from her back to the bed, that man looked so satisfied with his masterpiece.

“Hm, does know how the wine taste?” He blinked his eyes, he tossed the glass wine aside.

“Glass broke sound”

The wine glass fell down immediately, the man lowered his head, he stretched out his tongue and licked her back, occasionally it issued out sucking sound.

“No, Don’t… hu.” The body unstoppable moving, her body kept on moving because of her fears.

“Little Thing, your body is too sensitive, trembling strongly, perhaps it said… come and play with me, hurry play with me.”

“No, No! It is not like that.”

“Oh? So how can you prove it to me?” his sexy lips trying to take off her undergarment, devilish smile showed from the way he curled up his lips.

Her undergarment is opened as if being casted a magic spell by him.

“No!” she panic, subconsciously Yao Yao moved her body, but her small butt whether it intentionally or unintentionally was rubbing at that man “things”.

“Oh, you Little Brat, now I really suspect whether you are innocent or not, at the moment, if I found out you are not a virgin, I will ask my subordinate to play with you till death!” there was no woman could scheme in front at him, if there really that kind of audacious woman, one the best reward he could give is, it is…death!

October 2016


10 thoughts on “C-Novel : A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 3

  1. Tsk tsk…note to self: Always stick with someone when drinking, LOL~ I like him already and she’s literally a lamb in the hand of a wolf.

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