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C-Novel : A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 6

picture5From chapter one to five, the novel has introduced cold-heart, bad, super scary man. He is Yu Ao Tian, big boss of Yu Long. In this chapter we will be introduced another heartless man.

Pity of Yao Yao to meet one to another heartless man.

Feng Chen Yi….

Chapter 6

Cheap Guy

“Woah, Chen Yi, you had broken with your girl just only by one day, but your Ex-girl friend has wore other man’s suit, she really brave enough.” A beautiful Japanese girl with joyful smile swept her glance to Yao Yao, eyes subconsciously looked to Feng Chen Yi.

He has beautiful flawless white angular sharp face, a pair of deep glowing black eyes with charming color, thick sharp arch eyebrows, the aquiline nose, glossy lips, a face that showed noble and elegant charm. Especially his flashing and dazzling diamond earring in his left ear that complete his beautiful face, absolutely….

“Eh?” Feng Chen Yi eyes flashed, he walked toward Yao Yao in front, with devilish laughing, said: “My beloved Yao Yao, don’t you tell me that because you want to revenge me, you went to find stranger for **one night stand, do you?”

Ugh… she could say that Feng Chen Yi is guessed right. But, that was not as heavy as **one night stand, she almost being force for** one night stand, that was the truth.

“Feng Chen Yi! You this….” Gong Xiao Man who was right beside, starting to yell at him but she is stopped by Yao Yao.

She closed her eyes, sweetly smile, said: “Ha ha, Feng Chen Yi you were guessing right. I really did it with stranger… the**one night stand.” Her smiles vanished: “How? Are you jealous? Are you envy? Moreover, I will do with anyone but absolutely not with you!”

After heard Yao Yao’s sharp words, that Japanese girl dumbfounded, the people who dared to speak to Feng Chen Yi with that speaking tone, perhaps there might few peoples in this world.

“Yao Yao, what you are saying, could I assume that my existence in your life is so important?” who could predicted, Feng Chen Yi was not angry but he even smiled ambiguously: “If you could accept that I have bed partner, I might welcome you once again to my embrace.”

Damn cheap guy, simply said he did not ashamed, super foolish, how could she believe this playboy sweet honey talk that time? “Feng Chen Yi, have your brain damaged? I have said that clear, didn’t you understand? If you are not understood, let me tell you once again so that you can be clearer, I am Luo Yao Yao, this lifetime no matter whomever I will date later, but I won’t date you, Feng Chen Yi, anymore. Have you understood?” She pulled Gong Xiao Man’s hand, turned her back and heading to the girl’s dormitory.

“Woah, Yao Yao, you were so cool. I afraid the only person who daring to speak with one of the chaebol (richest young master), the person might only you. If the media took the shot, I believe you would be famous.”

Cool? It true… at least she could fight and bring back her face, standing up for herself.

From the beginning, if two persons are loving each other, no matter what the status, background, as long as able together it is more than enough, but who’s know…even this humble and simple love are only her side’s wish.

This moment, she did not know whether that Feng Chen Yi would be hurt or not, but at least, she understood, she felt hurt….

“Geezz, this time simply to say Luo Yao Yao is dead meat. Chen Yi, you broke with her is one of the best decision you have ever made.” Before that Japanese girl done with her words, she curiously saw at banknotes given by Feng Chen Yi, and then she looked at his gloomy beautiful face, “Chen Yi, why do you…give me banknotes?”

“Payment for break up, understood?”

“Break up…payment? But we are just dating now.”

“Ah, Na Mei, I think you are mistaken, “break up payment” meaning. This means we are done with our relationship as bed-mate!” After he said, Feng Chen Yi coldly laughing, throwing that banknotes to that girl’s face.

“Chen Yi, what do you think me as…”

“Chen Yi.” At this time, another girl who has similar beautiful face, cut the conversation between them.

Feng Chen Yi embraces that girl: “Honey, you come.”

“Chen Yi, I have book and made the check in for our room, let’s we go.”

“You really are aggressive, but I like it.” turned his back, Feng Chen Yi left that place together with that girl.

While that girl who named Na Mei dumbfounded looking at their shadow faded-away.

This moment, another young sweet girl approached, she made wry face: “Idiot, do you think only by sleeping with him one time then you are his girl friend?” when she passed her, that girl smiling face disappeared: “Except, Luo Yao Yao…”

My opinion

He loves her but he hurt her…

She was the only girl that he admitted as his girl friend, but again he hurt her.

She wanted to have a the simple and humble love but he wanted the burning and passionate love.

October 2016


13 thoughts on “C-Novel : A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 6

      1. Ah, I am simply confused as to how the scene suddenly changed from being interrupted during her revenge (lol) to walking around the next day…somewhere.

        “Gong Xiao Man who is in right beside, starting to yell at him but she is stopped by Yao Yao.”
        Looking closer, I see it is a girl she is with. Sorry about that.

        Thanks for the chapter. It’s just mild confusion, I am enjoying the story so far. Sorry for the trouble.

  1. Do you know a manga named “Adonis next door” (other name is “God-looking Neighbor”or 男神在隔壁)? Can you translate it? I really want to know what will happen next, please!!! Thanks in advance.

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