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C-Novel : A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 7

Yu Ao Tian

Chapter 7

Passion inside the car


“Mr. Yu, congratulation for your achievement to get Berson (Bo Sen) group, may I ask, what do you plan and think about Berson’s future?”

“Mr. Yu, now Berson is one of the strongest groups in China. Do you have confident to keep the growth pace as strong as Feng’s group and any others chief monetary groups within ten years?”

“Ten years?” when he heard the question of the reporter, Yu Ao Tian exposed cold and arrogant devilish smile: “Two years more than enough!” he showed his elegant smile, arrogant and domineering aura but strangely the female reporter seemed to admire him more.

Yu Ao Tian’s men were hurried and quickly alike machine to make human-fence, stopped the reporters so that he could out from the crowded.

“Yu Lao Da, please get inside the car.” One of his men opened the door of car and at the moment, Yu Ao Tian showed deep ghastly expression to that person, feeling he made mistake, he hurried change the way he addressed him: “Yu, Yu CEO, please get inside the car.”

“Hm.” He showed his satisfaction, smile and then stepped inside to that exclusive and expensive car.

“Brother Ao Tian, congratulation, now, you are one of China businessmen.” Inside the car, there was a beautiful woman said.

“Mei Nai Zi (Minako), is this the way you praise me?” He touched her neck, showing his devilish smile to the woman beside him.

“Aiyaaa, Yu Ao Tian, you are bad bad ah. Inside car, there still are Brother Li Shang and Brother Long Qi.” A woman said, she showed her shy face, looking at two persons who sitting face them.

Yu Ao Tian frowned, he pulled that woman hair: “If you don’t want, scat from my car!” he really not type of man who has high patience with women.

“Yu, Yu Ao Tian Ge, I’m sorry. I…. I am wrong.” That woman was enduring the pain, immediately unzip Yu Ao Tian pants, lowered her head and her little mouth filled.

“Uh.” He moaned hinting that he is satisfied.

“Ao Tian, you are not really thought to satisfied yourself in front of me and Li Shang, aren’t you?” at this time, facing to Long Qi who is laughing.

Yu Ao Tian frowned, who should be blame? He almost “eat up” that little sheep, but suddenly there was called from Berson board directors who were agreed to sign the business contract so that he rushed back to China for settling the contract. He has endured that “fire” for one night, of course he needed to vent it out.

“Long Qi, if you don’t want to die, better to shut your mouth.”

“Geez.” Seeing him emitting his anger, Long Qi quickly behaved.

‘ring…ring…’ suddenly the phone is ringing, Han Li Shang answered the phone and when he saw Yu Ao Tian has done with his “business” and tidy up his clothes, he handed over the phone.

After he heard the report from the phone, his satisfied expression changed to be anger: “You all are trash, even a little girl cannot find, what all of you can do except eat?!” he threw the phone, make a fist and hit into the car window.

The people inside the car could not help except showing surprised expression….

“Oh, What kind of matter that make Ao Tian Ge angry, may Minako know?” woman with her coquettishly manner, leaning to his chest.

Who knew, she being pushed away by Yu Ao Tian, she even get slapped: “Don’t ever think that you only slept one time with me, then you are able to be my woman, in this world… there is no one who really able to be mine, Yu Ao Tian’s woman!

“Brother, Ao Tian?” The woman showed innocent looked.

At this time, Long Qi who has been irritating, his eyebrows frowned: “Woman, you are so annoying.” He opened the car’s door, not even to wait that woman begging, he pulled that woman’s hair and ruthless kicked her out from car.

“Ao Tian, is that girl so important?” finally inside the silent car, Han Li Shang coldly asked.

That beautiful – handsome man looked out from car’s windows, his black deep pair of eyes covered with his anger, softly he whispered: “Important…very important….”

Edited : October 2016


11 thoughts on “C-Novel : A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 7

    1. For him, female is toy. that’s why no matter how long woman stays with him, they are not more than his “pet” or “bed-mate”
      Don’t worry, Yao Yao will give him very good lesson.

  1. Fierce! Girl readers should realize to stay away from such ” bad boy ” types and retain their dignity intact. Only the low insecure types of girls fall for that abuse. No self respecting girl should allow herself to be treated as such.

    Anyway, carry on 😀 let’s see how the male lead will be put to his proper place?

    Thanks 😄

  2. I cant help but hate him like crazy. In the end they were talking about the main character right >_< Thanks sooo much for subbing

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