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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 6.3

Chapter 6

Part 3 (Three)

Spouse’s Column

I get back to my seat.

The bell rings, class is going to start soon. I hurry to take out my books. Even I am not understand and I want to ask Kang Yu, but he still maintained his good student expression. His black jet clear eyes, as if said, I am really a good boy, very good ones, I won’t ever do any bad thing.

I am really being tricked by this “super innocent” eye, so that I took paper to block from his eyes sight.

I still very confused with the situation, because I don’t know and clear with the problem.

And then, the week of examination is coming, I don’t have any time to waste and think about that confusing matter, that’s why I put all my effort and focus into my examination.

When the examination finished, I felt extremely happy, moreover my examination result not bad, so that I have forgot about that matter for while.

When the winter holiday is coming, that kind uneasiness (a nervous or fear about something) appeared .

During our teenager time, almost 99% those The King of Leather (slang for those student who poor in their study) is afraid similar thing.

That is——the headmaster manual book (School Report Book/card).

Don’t be little of this book no matter filled with red color (sometimes it could be green color) this small book which palm-sized, it has great-amazing influence.

At the above of the test there are our scores as well the teacher comments, this is influence whether we could spend our winter break “comfort way”or not, even it also determine our spring festival whether we could received red pocket money or not, the worst we might get extra “scratch” in our flesh, furthermore it will also determine whether parents will use feather duster, slippers or any daily equipment as weapon to serve us.

If passed, it does not matter, but every class would have one or two students with poor grade.

Because the homeroom teacher is sick, the replacement teacher is very excited and happy about me.

The teacher even asked me to help, writing the comments in manual book.

“And said, you are class leader, you have better understanding with classmates in your class, but don’t because you have good relationship with particular student, you fraud, and write something unrealistic.”

If afraid I would do fraud, why still asked me to write ah!

After the class ended, inside the class only left both of Kang Yu and I, he as the new student study committee, naturally should stay to accompany me as my assistant, at the beginning I feel little bit awkward.

But after I read the manual book…

I don’t have time to be awkward.

All is filled red colors, the result is terrible bad, the scores are below to 50, does not see the name and don’t know whom would be.

But the guessing is sure, this belong to our classmate named Zhou Yong Qiang, the famous king of leather.

He is well-known to be harsh and likes to fight in school every day, once he fight, quite fierce. His mother is often come to school because of his fighting matter, very often to come and apologized to headmaster. It seems last week his mother also came. But his mother is spoiled him so much, most of time his mother is hide the matter from his father, his father is boxing coach in out town that’s why his father seldom at home so his father does not know his matters. Once his father knew it, alike last year, his face was swollen because got hit. His father even tugged his ear and came to apology to school.

His father types of scary person he even said: “if your study bad, that because you are stupid, but if you are fight with other, I will break your feet.”

Because of his mother that doting him so much, and also during that time, mobile phone quite popular so easy to contact each other, his father is asked the teacher to contact him, every year about his study progress.

His bad grades, his father knows, but that does not matter, but for the comments… is important, his father might break his legs.

When that time arrived, I was an accomplice.

Because as class leader, and also as student, I have an obligation to protect the students health and safety.

But to write good and splendid performance, it really gives me goose bumps, since I should come with “good” comment and realistic ones.

I frustrated as if my hair has turned white.

if I have bad intention, I would write all out, the bad.

I looked at Kang Yu, “is this your hand writing?”

He is student study committee so he has right to write it.

I hurried gave it to him, let him finish it, I don’t care anymore. I write all the comments faster so I could go home quickly to watch Qing Chun de Huo Yan.

I write while peek on Kang Yu, I spotted him frowned, I feel so happy, inside my inner voice, I said finally you have this day, let see how you write it, hum!

Kang Yu has thought for moment, really in short time, he finally picks his pen, stroking his pen and done, again he threw it back to me.

It done!

Done!! Only like this done!

I have headache for half day but he finished it very quickly.

I don’t believe, put down my pen, I opened the manual book of Zhou Yong Qiang, flipping every comment.

Above it is filled with respected words—-the student has stability achievement, the temper quiet strong.

What is call as the highest level of fraud, this it, this is the highest level of fraud that hard to find the unrealistic reason.

“What? Did I write wrong?” he asked.

I hurried shake my head, this simple to say, write too impeccable.

“Well, hurried to sign.”

“Oh, Okay!” since I have the responsible with the comments, so I have to put my signature name.

I signed one by one and then I let Kang Yu to tidy it up.

When he sees my signature, he frowned, “your hand-writing signature is terrible, if later on when I asked you to write into my spouse column, you sign this way, I will be very shame, when you at home, practice of it.

Spouse’s column?!

I dumbfounded, I thought because he dislike my writing so softly asked, “Kang Yu, what is spouse’s column…” please forgive the 80’s junior high school student ignorance.

Kang Yu face darken, it as dark as the base of pan.

Why should he stared me with that kind of face, dislike my writing, even if it really that bad, does not need to stared me like that.

He sensed my ignorant, pick my bag and heading to get home.

When I backed him, he yelled me, “Little stupid!!!”

Aiyaaa… he is angry with me.

When I want to yell at him back, he has already slammed the door.

I sat back to my seat, pissed off and my cheek red.

Tomorrow I will yell at him back.

But… what kind of thing spouse’s column?

I really don’t know.

Ah it makes me confused again!


13 thoughts on “C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 6.3

    1. I wonder if she will obediently go home to practice. Hopefully when she asks someone what a spouse’s column is, they aren’t in the middle of a meal.

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