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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 10.4

Finally this novel come to the end.

I would like to thank Rowanmdm who helped me so much in doing the proof reading.

Fellow readers, who are giving me so much encouragement, keeping me up to finish it. So, this is the time to say good bye.

Here the last part and also the end of Being loved by you exclusively. Epilogue will post soon.

Chapter 10

Last Part

Jie Ni’s face already turned white-pale white.

Feng Xiao Ling slowly walking closer towards Jie Nie, as if she is trying to encourage Jie Nie who lost his soul and motivation to live, she said: “Yue Yi… he is different with his father, he and his father, both of them are different person. Our ending won’t alike his father and his mother. I think, He and I will live happily in the future because… we love each other.”

“Love… each other….” Jie Nie murmured.

Even if the person is someone worst than devil, will there be anyone who still want to love him?

“I love him, I do really love him!” Feng Xiao Ling persistent said.

Loves him, to feel reassured, loving this kind of man.

She knows very well, in this world there will be no man who can love her more than how this man, a man that deeply loves her.

“Don’t you mistaken?”

“Perhaps, it’s only your delusion!”


Both of Gao Hui Hui and Zhao Ke Zhen are screaming in unison, Hui Hui with high pitch while Ke Zhen cried out. Even looking from both of their expression it showed as if they are showing their best top ten shocking expression.

“That… nothing is wrong, ugh, it real.” Feng Xiao Ling embarrassed but has slightly smiled in her face.

“So you mean, you and this person who is standing beside you are——boy and girl friend?” Gao Hui Hui asking as if swallowing watermelon, her mouth open widen.

“It’s true.” He seriously nodded.

“This person who is standing beside you, if I have not mistaken… with my eyes, he should be someone surname Han and named Yue Yi.” Zhao Ke Zhen eyes is looking stupid to Feng Xiao Ling who stand beside of Han Yue Yi.

“Yeah.” Once again she answered.

“Feng Xiao Ling!” both of Hui Hui and Ke Zhen are screamed once again, “Are you taking our words as winds?”

“You guys words?’ she foolishly asked.

Two pairs of hand are pulling that foolish red hooded, keep away from the devilish big wolf, dragged her to the edge of corner.

“You forgotten, we had ever told you, countless times not to have any relation with someone called Han.”


“This types of man, mostly is toxic for women.”

She admitted, “but….”

“Did you have deceived by him, both of your heart and body…..”

“This….” How could it be said as deceived?

“Are you pregnant?”


Feng Xiao Ling almost choking by her own saliva, she never thought about it.

“You are so stupid, why don’t you take condom?”

“HEHEHEHE….” This time, she indeed choking herself by own saliva.

“If you guys are hoping that thing to be come true, I really don’t mind to make it into real, just “trying harder” perhaps work.” Suddenly someone gets into that three girls conversation. When they lift up their head, Han Yue Yi is staring coldly with his black eyes to both Hui Hui and Ke Zhen.

So this is kind of friend that Ling always mention as “best friend”. Of course, to both of them, Han Yue Yi more than dislikes them. The reason is so simple, he only expecting Ling as his, so if Ling is caring others people, he naturally is…..jealous.

Three girls become so awkward.

As usual Gao Hui Hui is the person who is able to control the atmosphere and situation easily, spontaneous she asked: “Are seriously to marry Xiao Ling?”

“Of course I am.”

“Even Xiao Ling is likely to be stupid, coward, loves to cry, but if I find out you are bullied her, I will not let you off easily.”

“That’s right!” Said Ke Zhen who is standing beside, “Don’t you think because of Xiao Ling weak nature then she is easy to be bullied so that you are really bully her.”

Come on! Feng Xiao Ling who is standing next to them really want to laugh and cry, her two good sisters, are they trying to humiliate her?

Han Yue Yin frown his eyebrow, suddenly he realized that these two women are even more annoying compare to those reporters.

“And also you are public figure, this is so troublesome.”

“That’s right, if let others to know about Xiao Ling status as your girlfriend, she perhaps….”

Feng Xiao Ling is shivering; she perhaps will be drowning because of others women saliva or tears.

“Well, that’s all not really important because the most important is….” Gao Hui Hui staring at Han Yue Yi with sharp eyes, “Will you love Feng Xiao Ling forever?”

Han Yue Yi scowls, for him, this kind of question isn’t important to answer moreover to the third parties, but… since the person who is asking this question not only Gao Hui Hui but also Zhao Ke Zhen who are waiting him to give the answer.

While Ling… he turned his head, looking at the person next to him who has nervous and pale complexion. He understands, those two are her best friends. So that, because of her, even he dislikes to do the things still he will do it.

Ling is the person he loves so much, she is so nervous, is she afraid he will do something impolite towards her best friends?

His expression changed slowly, Han Yue Yi tried to control himself because he almost lost his patient, mask his face with bitter-smile, holding Feng Xiao Ling’s hand, “I will, I will love her forever, until I lost my last breath.”

Gao Hui Hui and Zhao Ke Zhen are smiling, this man, he able to make this kind of promise, this mean he has made it as oath.

They are believed on him, Feng Xiao Ling will be live happily.

9 thoughts on “C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 10.4

  1. Thank you!!! It has been fun reading this novel, especially Han Yue Yi crazy love obsession toward Feng Xiao Ling.

    Can’t wait for the epilogue, hopefully it will be about their son vs HYY battle for FXL’s affection.

  2. Thank you so much for translating the novel. It gave me chance to read c novel as I don’t understand the language but love the story. Really appreciated it. You rock.

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