Novel · Translation

C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 78

Chapter 78

A Sincere Prayer

Translated by CJ

Edited by Azurro

Immediately afterwards, they had temple food and a bit of time to rest, then the Buddhist master led them down, Long Mo Er together with a group of people arrived at Wan Nian Temple’s main hall.

Perhaps because Wan Nian Temple was quite old, or perhaps the Buddha at Wan Nian Temple was very efficacious, or maybe the time is auspicious…

At this moment, the temple was filled with a lot of people, everyone sincerely lighting incense sticks to pray.

“Third Sister-in-law, Wan Nian Temple’s Buddha is very efficacious, In a moment Third Sister-in-law will be able to sincerely and earnestly make a request. So long as you pray with sincerity, you’ll be able to achieve your wish.” The always clever Ye Ruo Xuan quite uncharacteristically nudged Long Mo Er’s arm, her face bore a mischievous expression.

“Oh? Is that so? Then, you had a wish granted before?” Long Mo Er curiously asked.

“Yes, my wish was granted. It was really great! This time I’m going to pray for something else.” Ruo Xuan’s eyes held a certain firmness.

“A different wish? How about you tell me?” This was the first time Ruo Xuan was acting this way and she made Long Mo Er was really filled with curiosity.

“I can’t! Then it won’t come true!”

Ruo Xuan’s face got a little bit red as she said those words. Afterwards, as if feeling uncomfortable, she avoided looking at Long Mo Er’s eyes and followed after Ye Furen.

Today, Ruo Xuan seems a little different? Praying for something else? Could it perhaps have something to do with Big Brother Na Yan? Long Mo Er paused and looked at Ye Ruo Xuan from the back, smiled and followed after her looking around at the same time.

As she stepped into the hall, she saw the dazzling Buddha statue in the center of the hall. It had a calm expression that all at once, it gave people a sense of comfort. With the fragrance of sandalwood in the air, people felt more at peace! Looking around, each person had a different appearance but they looked as if they had left behind their humanly desires and have attained enlightenment. Giving a solemn, serious feeling.

On the left is a big open space with a lot of mats. Long Mo Er thought those must be what the small Buddhist monks use when they recite the Buddhist scripture every day!

In front of the Buddha statue, there are mats lying. At this time, in front of the Buddha were a man and a woman praying for something.

“Ye Furen, there is relatively more people today, you might have to wait a small while.” The monk expressed his apology towards Ye Furen.

“Great Master, you are too polite. We are not in a rush. When more people come to Wan Nian Temple to light incenses, the temple will flourish more. Besides there were originally a lot of people that used to come here” Ye Furen replied humbly.

“Yes. Our merciful Buddha continues to give guidance to more and more people.” The Abbot replied.

After the pair of man and woman finished kneeling and worshiping in front of the Buddha, Ye Furen walked forward. A small Buddhist monk also fetched a lighted incense stick and handed it to Ye Furen. Mu Rong Ji Zi also received one. As well as Ruo Xuan and Long Mo Er.

Long Mo Er observed Ye Furen, Mu Rong Ji Zi and Ruo Xuan as they conscientiously knelt on the mat. She followed them and knelt.

 Their eyes were already closed as Long Mo Er glanced at the Buddha and then closed her eyes too


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