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Just One Smile is very Alluring cast Yang Yang – Zheng Shuang

Wei Wei

Last Years (2013-2014), I still buzzing about Tong Hua’s work that made into screen and now, This year, perhaps is Gu Man’s year.

Why I say so because three from four of Gu Man’s book are made into screen. it started with Boss and Me (Come and Eat, Shan Shan /杉杉来吃), You are my sunshine (何以笙箫默) and now, One Smile is Very Alluring also make into screen.

I am so satisfied with two previous drama based on Gu Man books. Not too mention how I like Zhao Li Ying portray Shan Shan and also Hans Zhang as Feng Teng, and then my fav actor, Wallace Chung played as Yi Chen and Tang Yang as Mo Sheng.

I have high expectation for One Smile is very Alluring since this book also one of my favorite. moreover when I know Yang Yang takes the male lead role, Oh My, I really get ecstatic. In my opinion Yang Yang is one of the promising A list C-actor. I glad he got many opportunities to show his acting skill. As the opposite, Zheng Shuang is almost every where but somehow, her acting seems never reached my expectation. She has good looking face no matter before-after plastic surgery.

This drama, for sure will be added into my watch list.

Yang Yang

Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang


4 thoughts on “Just One Smile is very Alluring cast Yang Yang – Zheng Shuang

  1. Dear azuro, can you tell me where can I find One Smile Very Alluring translation? Your picturer Yang Yang make me curious…thanks a lot

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