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C-Novel : A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 12

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Chapter 12

Yao Yao counterattack

As predicted, it so easy for the man to stop her. “Ah.” His mouth curled up showed his sinister smile, he took out his phone from his suit pocket: “Hello?”

“Help me!!!”

After he heard her panic-chicken voice, Yu Ao Tian smiling devilish, helplessly shaking his head: “Bao Bei, those who call me in phone are more “beast” than me, you begging them to help you, it means you are expecting… them to play with us together, don’t you understand?”

It true ah, those who called him were certainly not a good person. “Geez, shameless!!!” Yao Yao finally gave up her last hope, fiercely glaring at him.

“Ao Tian, what are you doing?” The person who called is Long Ye.

“Me, I am in the middle playing with my “kitty”.” He said, Yu Ao Tian really looked alike playing with cat, teasing her by softly scratching her chin.

Yao Yao did not want to suffer losses, she pushed that man hands, shouted: “Then you are dog!”

“Ha, Ao Tian, it seems that you are playing with wild cat, just don’t tell me that you are not injure while playing?” the person who was speaking in phone, Long Ye helplessly laughing.

This time, Yu Ao Tian pissed off. “Long Ye, shut your mouth!” and then he glared at Yao Yao, by adding little bit strength, her petite body has enveloped by him, while one his hand covered her mouth.

“What the matter, go straightforwardly!!”

“Well, this, the betrayer of Long Yu’s group has caught.”

“Understood, I will settle it in moment.” After he hung up the phone, slowly he loosened his hand that covered her little mouth.

After she released, Yao Yao gotten up quickly: “What, you can’t win over debating with me and then covered my mouth? Cih, I thought you are good person, but who knows that you are beast, you dare to do such thing inside Berson group, doesn’t you afraid to lost your job?”

After he heard hers cursing words, Yu Ao Tian realized, this little girl have a nature to say something rational.

“Why don’t you say anything? Afraid? If you know to be fear of what you did, why should you do such thing?! I told you, today this matter, I would take it as if I was bite by dog, if you later on….” Her neck straggled by the man, she felt difficult to breathe,

Just to let know, she has had challenge his temper twice today, before there was no woman that able to infuriated the impatience Yu Ao Tian, “Little thing, if you are thinking to continue “the matter”, you can continue to talk!!!”

At the same time he showed that deathly sight in his face, his voice somewhat giving and spreading a demonic aura, she knew this man was not joking with his words.


“If you want me…to stop, I can. But you should promise me… in the future you are not allowed to do such things inside the elevator… and also you are not allowed to do this kind of thing to others colleagues… I will… this matter never happened.” Her neck is pinched, difficult to breath. She only could keep on talking about her circumstances…

But the problem, how she thought about Yu Ao Tian? was he as the elevator pervert? Pair of cold eyes squinted, released her: “Fine, I promised you, will never do that things to any of colleagues.” But excluded you! He said, he turned and walked to the elevator door, only by pulling it harder, the elevator door is opened.

So, so powerful….

More Yao Yao thought about it more she feared of him, if there was no that phone called, she did not know her ends?

Who would have known…

Yu Ao Tian who walked out from the elevator could feel that Yao Yao felt little bit relief.

“ha…” again he showed his devilish smile, suddenly he found this Little Thing and more interesting, if he would have eaten her up at once, it would be wasted.

“Little thing, no rush, time is long, I will make you become more and more nervous.” After he said, he backed with his cold expression….

 October 2016


5 thoughts on “C-Novel : A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 12

  1. Seriously I am not bothered. I am thankful that you are taking time and effort to translate. More interested in the story , not the p’s and the qs. I wonder how Yao yao will survive.

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