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C-Novel : A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 13

Chapter 13

Two types of different moan

“Yu Lao Da.” Inside the dim big hall, hundreds of men in black suit were bending and bowing 90 degrees when they saw Yu Ao Tian.

This was the third floor basement in Berson group, and also the other fort of Yu Ao Tian.

In front of everyone, the two years later of him, he is an elegant, successful and domineering businessman, but once the night come, he gotten back as a man how he used to be two years ago, the underworld emperor who’s life filled with winds and rains, he is that merciless underworld emperor!

“Yu Lao Da, I promised not to betray Yu Long group in the future, I begging you to let me off.” That man who kneeling in front of him continuously kowtow in front of him.

Yu Ao Tian squint his eyes, from his subordinate he took a little knife, he showed scary devilish smile in front of that man: “Come, stretch out your tongue.”

His deep and low devil voice was echoing inside that dim big hall, everyone face seemed to have similar expression as if they were cast and covered with black gauze. While the man that kneeling on the floor has scared until unconscious, he was wet all over his body.

Each and every people who are joining underworld know very well Yu Ao Tian character. Yu Ao Tian confront his enemies or the betrayers, it would not end so soon. He always trying to torture them slowly by slowly until they die because of unimaginable pain, this is his greatest pleasures.

Once there are people said that Yu Ao Tian is someone merciless in handling matter, whomever he faces, either the betrayers or the enemies, all will have same ending!

“Hey, it has not started yet, why are you pee, really not interesting. Long Qi!” his cold pair of black eyes is searching for Long Qi among the crowed: “I let you to handle him, all is up to you how to “play” with him, but if he not “shout”, I will punish you.” after he done, he tossed aside that knife and walked away.

Long Qi took that knife, he said to himself and smiled: “Feel reassured, I won’t make you disappointed!”

“Ha.” There’s figure who walking slowly entering the big hall.

At this moment, a beautiful woman who has been standing there for while: “Ao Tian Ge (Bro Ao Tian)”

“Why are you coming?” Yu Ao Tian who was expressionless sitting in sofa, he watching attentively the scene in hall through the frosted glass, showing how Long Qi torturing that betrayer.

“Of course I have missed you, Ao Tian Ge.” That coquettish woman was leaning at Ao Tian’s side then fall to his embraces.

His deep black eyes looked at that woman: “Just in time, I want to vent “Fire”, you know how to do it!”

“Ng, this, this is the first time for me.”

After heard that woman coquettish voice, Yu Ao Tian expression darken, fiercely he pulled that woman hair and whispered at her ear with demonic voice: “Do you think if you are not virgin, will I have to consider about you?”

This woman knew very well his preference, just to know, those women that followed Yu Ao Tian there were none of them who were not virgin for first time. “I, I am sorry Ao Tian Ge, I… I know what should I do.” The woman was enduring the pain because of her hair being pulled, trembling, she unzip Yu Ao Tian’s pant.

But he pushed her away: “ Go ahead directly.” Just now when he was at elevator, he has been doing the “warm-up”, so now he wanted to go directly for it.

Seeing the woman, she was trembling when he leashing “that monster”, how could that thing get in and out directly? Ride him, the woman always afraid to sit down.

Yu Ao Tian obviously impatience, so he forcefully and directly grabbed that woman shoulder and….

“Ah….!!!” Her body being violence at the moment, she lost her consciousness.

But not long after that, the woman has already gotten used with it, slowly by slowly addicted with the sensation, her cheek covered with pinkish color: “Oh…Oh…Yu Ao Tian Ge, I love you.”

When the woman was crazily kissed toward him, what she got was his cold and chilling answered: “Get lost, you are blocking my sight, watching the show.”

Inside the big hall, Long Qi used that small knife which given by Ao Tian to cut slide by slide that betrayer skin that man cried out loud inside the big hall but Long Qi is played more and more fiercely.

“Hm, this Long Qi really not disappointed my expectation.”

Inside the hall the man continuously “moan” because being tortured while outside the big hall the woman is “moan” excitedly because addicted.

This kind of difference of moan are the most beautiful sound in this world and also one of the most “beautiful music” that Yu Ao Tian likes.

October 2016


10 thoughts on “C-Novel : A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 13

  1. He is the kind of guy i hate. So evil, really.. Thankfully, its just a novel.
    Hope, he’ll get some karma before being happy with yaoyao

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