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C-Novel : A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 14

Long Ye
Long Ye

Chapter 14

Special treatment for the executives

“Oh, Oh…” the woman was using more strength to move at his body, but Yu Ao Tian did not even feel for it.

It seemed that he has lost his interest with this kind of women who are likely to bring themselves to him: “Little Thing, what should I do? Now I am feeling want to eat you up.”

At this moment, Luo Yao Yao’s face that has similar looked alike Rinka, her small face kept on appearing at his head. Yu Ao Tian lifting up his lips little bit and feeling little bit excited, the rushing breath slowly stabilized, his pair of hand moved to hug that woman S waist. While hurried to faster the…

“Ugh,” deep low voice, but the excitement, not all getting inside that woman…

Not long after that, those passions inside the room gone, Yu Ao Tian tied up his cloths, throwing a banknote to that woman’s body.

That woman takes that banknotes and see: “20 thousand?”

“Hm, this 20 thousand is to let you know whether you have my “seed” or not and, you know how to solve it.”

Of course she understood very well. So, she nodded her head.

“And, don’t ever show up in front of me again!”

“What? Ao Tian Ge, No! No! I begging you not to abandon me, Ao Tian Ge.”

His coldness words, woman begging words, but he not even soften his heart moreover he even opened the door and walked out from that room.

He saw that betrayer, he has covered with blood, but Yu Ao Tian as if not seen that man conditions, heartless stepped at that betrayer corpse that already covered with blood, an extravagant and bloody, this is his underground slaughter house….


“Luo Yao Yao, at the first day you working, I had told you before, don’t ever think that because you are groom quite good then you are able to attract those high executives. Relying on your look, you are still not qualified, understood?” inside the service department, Manager Zhang yelling and insulted.

“Manager Zhang, I don’t understand why you should speak this way?” Early in the morning she has yelled and insulted of course she felt uncomfortable, furthermore because of yesterday matter, she even felt uneasy.

“Not understand? Which part didn’t you understand?” (Sound of paper fall down) a document has thrown to her face: “Yesterday you got two complaints, I had told you, what I wanted… it’s the complaints report! The report! Do you understand?”


But the problems, yesterday was her first day moreover she has not done with her training period, so if she received any complaint it was something so normal, furthermore this was no correlation with her appearance at all, wasn’t it?

“Geez, girl like you whom dreaming to be phoenix I have seen so many, but here is Berson, not nightclubs, if you want to catch men then, I can tell you this is wrong place for you, if you get any complaint, you hurried get lost. Scram!”

This manager simply to said, unreasonable person, but if the manager was trying to force her out, she would have done better for her to have good see of her, she is not that kind of girl who is dreaming to be phoenix so that she only trying to apply job as to be the elevator lady!

To restrain and control her grievances in her heart, she got back to work.

She saw her watch which showed almost ten, she felt little bit uncomfortable, stood up. This was almost the working time for that bastard to get work, she really didn’t not want to see him…

“Ding…” just as predicted, ten sharp the elevator moving to first floor. The elevator door opened, that handsome face with devilish smile caught into her eyes…

Cannot see, not see, she lower her head, she acted as if she seen nothing, while Yu Ao Tian also acted as if not recognized her when he gotten into elevator with Long Ye.

This was the best, just to avoid awkward situation.

When the elevator door closed, Yu Ao Tian eyes looked at Yao Yao’s back, his lips curl up and laughed: “Manager Long, did you satisfy with yesterday “service”, served by the female staff from logistics department?”

“Eh?” Long Ye paused for while, but he has quite fast reaction: “Satisfied, very satisfied.” He squinted his eyes, showed his devilish smile: “Oh yeah, today which department staff will serve me?”

“Today seems to be the turn of… service department staff who will give you special treatment.”

October 2016


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