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C-Novel : A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 19

Chapter 19

Hell is opened

Being leave alone half-naked inside the office room, Yao Yao did not understand why the man suddenly left, but grasped the opportunity, she hurried to escape from there.

She accidentally bumped to lady who dressed an elevator lady uniform, she hastened to apologize: “I am sorry, I am sorry.”

“No, No, I should be the person who says sorry.” This young lady seems in her twenties, she smiled and also looked friendly. She quickly picked the letter that felt to floor: “Aiya, resignation letter? Xiao Luo, do you want to resign?”

Xiao Luo?

“Do you know me?” she taken back her resignation letter, curious asked her.

“hahaha, my name is Bai Ling, I am at same department with you. You are so cute, since you come to our department to make report, everyone has paid special attention to you, especially the males.” Bai Ling spoke, she made a wry face. “Oh yeah, You just working in here, why do you want to resign?”

That’s because….

What’s matter, Yao Yao, have you being bullied by bad people? If I was not mistaken, you are exchanged student in Japan, was you? Perhaps you are not really understood about Berson group. Two years ago, Berson group was acquired by our new CEO, since then Berson grows very well. The new CEO has great leadership and policy, it has self-evident. So, how could be he let his subordinates to do “Physical trading” such things, you must be tricked!!!

After she met friendly girl named Bai Ling, Yao Yao listened to her heart, to expose the matter about PR department “trading” matter. After Bai Ling listened, she gave denial reaction. Suddenly Yao Yao realized that bastard and manager Long was accomplice for tricking her!

“Damn Bastard, because of them I almost lost my $5000 job-paid, bastard! Rotten egg bastard!”

Inside the elevator, Yao Yao who pissed off make fist with her hand, but also looking at her watch: “Is it the time for get off work? Very good! That damn bastard better not to meet me….”


When that “you” word has not said, the elevator has already stopped at 41th floor. Geez, still there was a path to heaven but not walk in, the hell without door you still breakthrough!

Yao Yao silently waiting the elevator door to open. Just as expected, Yu Ao Tian coming in alone.

She rolled her eyes, looked at him, pretending to be nervous said: “You, does your PR department still need other department to service?”

En? This Little Thing is accosted him, this was something weird. “If you really want to do, tomorrow I can arrange the time for you to make the service.”

“I don’t want! I asked you, did the other female colleagues from others department really serve the PR department, was it really the CEO policy?”

“Eh?” Yu Ao Tian is sensed something amiss, he moved one step to in front, sneered: “Why are you asked?”

“I am really curious. This is dirty dealing; I just don’t understand why the CEO agreed.”

Give me the answer ah! Answer ah! She has waited for long but the man said nothing, Yao Yao’s heart is beating hard.

“Hahahahaha.” After while, Yu Ao Tian was burst into laughter, exposed his cold and dangerous smile.

She nervous, biting her lips: “You, what are you laughing of? Answer me.”

“Answered?” his pair of jet black eyes flashed, he moved one step forward, suddenly he grabbed her arm.

“What are you thinking to do?”

“That is what I should ask you… what do you want to do?”

Cold smiles, his cold eyes with austere looked, pair of his hands quickly trapping down her body. And then, silently he moving his hand to her waist…

Crap! Yao Yao dumbfounded for moment and panic.

October 2016


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