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C-Novel : A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 21

Chapter 21


Her begging could not cold down the fire and anger which had flamed Yu Ao Tian, just alike two years ago when she challenged him.

Yu Ao Tian caressed her long hair, while the other hand is unzipped his pant, he seemed to release his ‘sleeping dragon’.

He, what he wanted to do? Yao Yao afraid so she closed her eyes, this was her first time to see man’s….

“Ha, you think by close your eyes nothing will happen?” Yu Ao Tian cold eyes looked at her, cruel pinched her to open her little mouth.


At the next second, that unclean thing of men’s suddenly getting into her mouth. Slowly get in…

“Vomit…” a kind of nausea feeling hit her badly, she obviously able to feel that man’s thing in her mouth, occasionally she swallowing her own saliva.

This man how could he… how could he act so tyrannical? Without doubted, slowly, her tears were streaming down from her eyes.

On contrary, it cleared that Yu Ao Tian’s face showed satisfaction.

Although this Little Thing technique was poor but weirdly he felt satisfaction-pleasure. Moreover her tears, Yu Ao Tian indeed likes this types of native youth Little Thing to cry.

“Oh…” Gradually, her beautiful cheek pinkish, while the thing was moving faster inside her mouth.

In this time, he saw the surveillance camera’s red light is turned on…

Damn! Suddenly silent and his face changed gloomy. Hurried he push away Yao Yao’s head, zipped his pant, faster he got out from the elevator…


Inside the control room…

“I have**, Oh my I doomed.” Long Qi who sat down inside the control room saw Yu Ao Tian who was emitting killing aura from the monitor is headed toward him, he hurried to escape from his own office room.

“Manager Long, what is happen?” the administration staff cast curious glance when saw their manager panic, hurried getting out from his office.

“None your business, later on if the CEO comes, just said that…”

The sound of door slammed!

Not waiting until he done, the main door of the department has opened with one kicked.

Everyone looked at the main door…

“Yu… CEO Yu.” Shocked, they hurried standing up from their sitting position, they immediately bowed.

Yu Ao Tian who was emitting killing aura did not pay attention to them. He moving and suddenly grabbed Long Qi’s neck, straightly pushed him to inside his office room…

“Ao Tian Ge, I am sorry, I wronged. But at least you give me little bit face, there are still many people outside.” Once he inside the office room, Long Qi kept on begging him.

Yu Ao Tian shot him cold glance, gazing at the monitor inside control room: “Ha, Long Qi, Fuck! You really have disgusting taste and bad habit!”

“Yes, yes, yes, I will change it later, certainly will change it. But this is not fully my fault.”

Seeing Long Qi innocent expression, Yu Ao Tian face darkened: “So, according to you, was it my fault?”

“Nah, I don’t mean it, Ao Tian Ge, begging you, please release, I hardly to breathe.”

To have heard what he said, Yu Ao Tian slowly let off Long Qi, turned his body and sat on sofa inside the office room.

Long Qi paused a while and swallowed his saliva, continued, said: “Actually, I am so curious why you looked so interested with that flat chest, so that… just as you know for these past years, there were lots beautiful women in your side, those who willingly sacrificed and sent themselves to you, so that why must you spend lot of energy for that little girl, I just could not think the matter as simple as she mistakenly thought you as Host two years ago?”

Long Qi is one of the persons who help and follow Yu Ao Tian from the start until today, he understood very well Yu Ao Tian’s character. Just to know, Yu Ao Tian never forced any girl before, Luo Yao Yao is counted as first case, so that he has brimmed with curiosity for this little girl.

“Do you want to know?”

“Yes, yes.”

“Come.” Yu Ao Tian smiled and waved his hand, Long Qi immediately flew to his side, he made his ear closer to Yu Ao Tian.

Who’s knew…


Suddenly Yu Ao Tian pulled his ear, shouted: “None your business, if you are feel bored, I will send you to service department as cleaning service.”

“Geez… Ao Tian you are really stingy.” Long Qi disappointed gently rubbing his ear, suddenly his eyes looked at the monitor that showed: “Hey, where will that flat chest heading?”

Once Yu Ao Tian heard, hurried he walks to monitor in front, just seen, Yao Yao wiped her tears and run out from the elevator…


“Ugh.. pei!…pei!” After the man gone, Yao Yao while still crying she also vomiting and spitting out her saliva, she hasn’t reached twenty years old but has already experienced such hopeless situation.

Last afternoon during the work time in PR department’s office, he suddenly left in mid-way, and again this time he was suddenly left, even though Yao Yao did not know what the reason but she was certain one thing that her fortune would not last forever.

“No, I can’t continue like this, that bastard should get punishment!” while she said, she faster her steps, Yao Yao gotten an idea while she out of the elevator.

“En, just this place.” She arrived at 42th floor, she stood in front of the glass door, it hung ‘security section’ in the door.

Slowly she pushed opened: “Excuse me, disturbed, may I ask, does the security manager here?”

Yao Yao got inside, the males staff’s eyes brighten: “Hey, hey, come and see, she is so cute.”

“Woah, she really is cute, is she wearing an elevator lady uniform? Why I never noticed her before, such cute elevator lady?”

“Didn’t you hear that she is looking for our manager? I am sure she is our manager’s girl friend, my suggestion you to forget her.” Yao Yao looked innocent, cute, types of girl that easy to be loved by males.

“Miss, why are you looking for our manager?” at this moment, a man who sitting closest to Yao Yao asked her with curious expression.

She pouted and smiled bitterly: “I have urgency to meet him, if he is here, can you bring me to meet him? I come from service department, Luo Yao Yao.

“Okay, please wait for moment.” Normally the staffs in here are so arrogant, but once Yao Yao coming, this male staff looked so happy and quickly rushed into manager’s room: “CEO Yu, Manager Long, there is a staff who named Luo Yao Yao, she wanted to meet you.”

“Luo Yao Yao?” Long Qi furrowed his brows, he took a newspaper and threw it to the male staff in front: “Who asked you to come and make report? I don’t know that girl who named Luo Yao Yao, said, did she look beautiful so that you come and make report on behalf her? Bastard, have you never seen girl before?” he talked while keep hitting that staff male’s head.

Long Qi is famous to be the rudest manager in company, ignored him as youngster, his temperamental is well-known as high.

“Yes, yes, Manager Long, I understood what to do.”

“Wait.” Before the male staff left, the person who sat in sofa, Yu Ao Tian opened his mouth: “Long Qi, since she is coming to make report, I thought she might have something to say, you should, go there to take a look.”

October 2016


11 thoughts on “C-Novel : A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 21

  1. CEO Yu you are very shameless “sigh” LYY you’ve really suffer but don’t worry he will be at the peak of your finger soon because i can feel the spirit of love dominating the heart of stone.

    Thanks Azurro

  2. Ummm. Wow. Yu Ao Tian in the novel is more… cruel… a jerk… no, a bastard. Gas, if he keeps on being like this, I’ll think Yao Yao’s ex-boyfriend is much better. Oh, pls convince us otherwise, Yu Ao Tian!!!

    Thankies for the update!

      1. I’ll look forward to that. Gas, the author is such a sadist to write YAT like that. LOL. Poor innocent cute elevator lady~ I can already fathom YAT will have many rivals. Hahahaha

  3. Why does she get into the elevator unprepared to defend her self? I get it that he’s an a**h*** who enjoys sexually assaulting her but why she is so dumb too?
    Hope they get better else this is getting ridiculous – who would put themselves in the same situation repeatedly and not even be better prepared

    Thanks for updates

  4. Oh man.. i don’t understand why don’t yao yao do a little research on ao tian who keeps harassing her. Ihave bad feeling that she’s going to undergo this kind of torture for quite long time.. sigh.. why ao tian are so cruel? i curious of what happened in the past that lead him to be this kind of monster -_-“

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