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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱)

The epilogue is quite short made by the author.


This epilogue is based on Feng Xiao Ling and Han Yue Yi son perspective

My family…

Teacher, you tell me why this week the homework subject of my writing should title (My Daddy). This essay title, I have written many times about it before, but every time when I finished with my essay, my daddy would glare at me.

My mommy said that my daddy is someone that has kind manner of eyes sight, but does it really eyes sight manner? The phoenix’s eyes? Moreover, when my daddy is staring at me, his eyes are so frightening.

But still, I will finish this essay writing perfectly because my mommy said, if my essay writing able to get 85 points, she will bring me to play in theme park. I have waited for such long time, so I decided to write the essay perfectly.

My daddy… is my biggest enemy in my ten years life time!

From the day I able to remember, my daddy never stopped to snatch my mommy from me.

When I was in the middle school first grade, that was my first time made paper airplane in craft subject for my mommy. My mommy liked it very much. But at the second day, my daddy bought my mommy the toy airplane. And then, I found out my paper airplane was under the refrigerator. My daddy said that because one of the feet of refrigerator not really stable so that he took my paper airplane, stuck at there. Of course I knew my daddy was lying.

But… in the story, they said those who are lying, their face would turn red but as I remembered, when my daddy was telling lie, his face wasn’t red.

Aunty Hui Hui said, my daddy is striving for my mommy’s love.

Aunty Ke Zhen said, my daddy won’t give anyone opportunity to come closer to mommy.

Ugh… of course, I am really understood what both of these aunties trying to say.

Oh yeah, the only time I get to see my daddy face turned red was when mommy said to daddy, she loves him so much. During that time, daddy face would turn to be so red, and then he would hug mommy so tightly.

Every time, when I have thought to sleep with mommy, my daddy would kick me out from their room.

And as my expecting, mommy would come to me, hug me and let me to sleep with her inside their room. She would let me to sleep in the middle. And at that time, my daddy face would turn be so ugly.

Aunty Hui Hui said, my daddy is type of man that likes to eat vinegar (easily to get jealous), but I never even once seeing my daddy eat vinegar. Even when we are eating dumpling, my daddy never add any vinegar.

Aunty Ke Zhen said, my daddy is someone easily gets burn (troublesome and depressing) man, bored and burn? Not understand.

The adult are speaking difficult word to understand.

Teacher, this week essay writing I really want to finish it, so that please give me good mark for it, at least give me the point that able to let me play in theme park.

If next week I still need to write an essay, I really want to write more about my mommy, something like this title.

Of course I will be happier if next week there won’t be any essay homework.


27 thoughts on “C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱)

  1. Pitiful son, if the 10 years old him getting this kind of treatment imaging HYY’s reaction during his toddler years…sigh…
    Thank you for officially completing this novel

  2. Lol poor son, he is so cute tho, wonder if she gave birth to a girl he wouldn’t mind as much >.> especially if she was a miniature Ling =D

      1. I would like him to treat her as the same, since thats unfair! There’s Yuri too! Incest yuri…

        Omg, imagine him discovering the world of…nvm.

        He hated Ling having any emotion because of another so the girl should also be treat fairly!

        Though what if Ling was a fujoshi…

  3. I read the whole thing!!! Thanks so much for all your hard work!!! I really like that kind of devilish man, but it’s good that he listens to his partner as well… and that it worked out okay…

  4. Thank you for translating this sweet albeit short novel. Their son is so cute…. Poor kid that he has to live with his weird daddy. Hehehe…

  5. Thank You! Really Enjoyed It, I Wish There Was More Chapters About Them As A Married Couple Or More From The Son Perspective.

    P.s. Is There Any Fan Fictions?

  6. I really love the story ….hahahaha the epilogue is quite funny …. Thank you for the hard work and effort translating this novel to make us happy to read and enjoy. 🙂

  7. I also like the story! I mean, everyone describes the ML as an extremely possessive and jealous person, but he has NEVER hurt our MC, and he always listen to her wishes; at most he kissed her but never forced her — and this is totally different from those hateful characters from other novels…

  8. This ten year old is very perceptive. And he is not afraid of his Dad. This father has shown an untainted love for his wife . Although he scoots the child out of the room.He does not insist on it if the wife brings him back and also allows the child to sleep between him and the wife. Thank for this ending. Our Mr. Han is a family man now.

  9. What a very enjoyable story. Thank you so much for translating this. If not for you, I would not have been able to read this at all. Very cute characters especially the son, hahaha!

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