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C-Novel : A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 22


Chapter 22

Little Sheep Sending Herself Off

Seeing the unusual Yu Ao Tian, Long Qi just…

Yu Ao Tian is someone who never wanted to get involved with others department simple matters, but now, he is opened his mouth and asked him to meet that little girl, must he do it? “Fine, My lord.” And then he turned to say: “You tell others colleagues to get off working. I will meet that little girl.”


Not waiting too long, all the staff were getting off, Yao Yao who was standing in front of the door way suddenly pulled that male staff: “What are you doing?”

“Oh, Manager asked us to get off earlier, but you rest assured, he will meet you immediately.”

After he done, Yao Yao feel relieved: “Okay, thank you.”

Waiting for one by one the staff gone, there was a man who worn suit walked out from the manager’s room.

His height about 170cm something, he seemed at the twenties, he has pair of bright eyes, high nose that perfectly matched with his healthy wheat-color complexion which give brilliant atmosphere surrounded him.

But Yao Yao felt she was so familiar with this man: “You… You are…”

“Hello, I am the security manager.” He walked to her in front, Long Qi seemed to behave polite, but that pair of his eyes are showed another way…

Ha, so she is that elevator lady, the flat chest. Even he not really remembered her looks but he would not ever forget how flat her chest that similar to airfield, interesting.

“Security manager? You, you… didn’t you are the PR department staff?” after a while she recalled her memory, he was that person who yelled at her at the first day she worked.

“Hey, flat chest, which part you saw me as someone eat soft rice? Those people were the PR department staffs while I am the security department’s people.”

So he came from the security department, that’s why he was so angry when she stopped the elevator at PR department: “I am sorry. I thought you and they were same, those coming from PR department.”

“Well, last time matter, don’t talk about it anymore. So this time, what bring you here?” he said, Long Qi pulled a chair for Yao Yao so that they could seat face to face.

“I…” this manager and that bastard were coming together, they could be friend. No, if they are really friend, it would be so troublesome.

“Manager, yesterday the person who came with you, was he your friend?”

“Them? They could say as my colleagues, I am not types of person who relying on my appearance to live.”

After she heard, her heart is soften: “Manager, this time I have something that… you can help me!”

Her moist eyes were slowly streaming tears and wet her face, that appearance obviously similar like the little rabbit that awaiting to slaughter. Long Qi heart, ‘thump’ the sudden unusual beat vibrate on him. He helplessly asked: “How old are you?”

“Ah? Me, I am nineteen years old.”

“Doesn’t it mean you are same age with me?” Why this girl, more he saw her more he felt XXXXX, has Yu Ao Tian changed his taste?

“Manager? Manager?

He gained his mind after being called by Yao Yao, suddenly Long Qi expression changed to be so serious: “Where we are… oh, what do you want me to help you? How do you want me to help you? Tell me!”

“I… today is my second day working in here, I have harassed by the PR department staff, I hope…”

“What? Who dare to harass you? Berson group is not allowed this kind of thing happen!” Long Qi pissed off and stood up: “Rest assured, I will help you. come, come, tell me how they harassed you?”

“Uh…” Yao Yao should feel little bit relieved after hear what he said, but somewhat she felt something amiss so that: “Manager, can I no need to say about the process?”

“That won’t do.” The part that he missed out was actually the process.

“If you didn’t tell me about the process how could I help you? Come, said it.”

“Just like… that bastard…”

“This part you don’t need to tell me anymore, I have seen it.”


“No, I mean, I mean this kind of thing is guessable, now you tell me the others, the others.” The others which he hasn’t seen. He he he


Yao Yao started her story from the first day she worked, she told all the detailed to Long Qi, his expectation mood suddenly turned cold, there were lot of women who wanted to kiss Yu Ao Tian but didn’t even have chance to do it, but now when Yu Ao Tian was the person who took initiative to kiss her, she even made report about him. She was really stupid girl.

“And then?”Long Qi felt little bit boring, slowly back to his seat.

“Yes, there was other!”

“Others? Say, hurried!!!”

“It was this afternoon, that PR department manager Long and that bastard…”

“Manager Long? Which one of the manager Long?” Long Qi cut her words.

“His name is Long Ye.”

“Uh…” once he heard this name, Long Qi eyes flashed, he never thought that today, Long Ye and Ao Tian, both of them act separately. “Faster, continue, did both of them together….”

“No. that bastard Long Ye didn’t participate, he just accomplices with…” Yao Yao told the incident that happened this afternoon once again in detailed.

Once again Long Qi yawned after he heard, he thought that Long Ye would be together with Ao Tian “played” her, but he just not expected that nothing was happening. Not interesting at all.

“Yao Yao ah, after I heard it, I felt so furious, I never thought that two types of persons are working in Berson.”

“Yes. So that manager, you should help me?

“I really want to help you, but you should tell me the bastard name that harassed you? Moreover, if only based on what you said, you need to obtain evidence?”



Oh yeah, she did not know that man name: “The bastard who is always harassed me is the person who coming work together with you, that person.”

“Coming work together with me? They are few, which one you refer to?”

Damn! No matter, I still have the way.

“Well, manager, that bastard took my mobile phone, inside my mobile phone there were having the evidence. As long as you call my phone, you would know who was that bastard.”

“Oh, good idea. Come, tell me your phone number.” Long Qi took out his mobile phone hastily, press the number that Yao Yao said.


Let delete all things of yesterday, now you, in front of me you say that you love me, please give me chance…

There was familiar sound inside the office room.

Once Yao Yao heard it she knew… “Manager… this is my mobile phone ring tone, how can….”

Just in time, suddenly the door opened from manager room, Yu Ao Tian slowly walking out, his body leaning in door frame, his beautiful face showed sinister expression, while his hand playing with the pink color mobile phone.

“That, that is him… it’s he! Manager! He was that bastard who are harassed me!!!” Yao Yao shocked, her face white pale, shivering she grabbed Long Qi’s neck, that kind of Long Qi really looked pity.

October 2016


3 thoughts on “C-Novel : A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 22

  1. This is my second time reading the novel while I patiently wait for my chapters to be translated and released.
    The scenes between YAT and the Long brothers still has be cracking up. lol..
    Long Qi is probably one of my favorite characters.

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