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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 79

Chapter 79

A Sincere Prayer

Translated by CJ

Edited by Azurro

What to do?

What should she ask for?

Wish? What is her wish?

Long Mo Er, calm yourself and seriously think!

But in thinking, Long Mo Er found herself desiring for a lot of things!

She wanted to pray for Father and Mother’s good health. She wanted to pray for her sister’s and Brother Leng’s eternal happiness. She wanted to pray for the good health of everyone at Ye Mansion. She wanted to pray for Ye Family’s business to prosper. She wanted Ruo Xuan to find her happiness. She also wants to pray for herself so she can stay and accompany Ye Che. She wanted to pray for everyone to find out who she really is and not hold it against her. She wished for Ye Che to fall in love with her…

Good gracious! How could she wish for so many things?

When did she became so greedy? Will the Buddha think she’s extremely greedy?

What should she do? What does she really want?

How come making a wish is also a difficult decision? Before wouldn’t she just quickly wish on a star? How come she has a lot to say now?

Is she’s taking too long?

Long Mo Er’s mind suddenly became blank, How come there’s nothing? This blankness instead allowed her to calm down.

She faintly opened her mouth and spoke in silence, “I wish that all the people beside me to obtain their happiness but I know this wish is not easily achieved. So I wish for Buddha to bless me and let me be beside Ye Che. Let him fall for me and may the two of us be happy together. This is what I wish for the most. I pray Buddha will bless me and make my wish come true. Although this is a little bit selfish but this is what I truly wish for.”

After she was done praying, Long Mo Er opened her eyes and stood up.

“Wan Er, are you done?” Ye Furen asked.

“Yes, Mother.”

“Since the Third Young Mistress is already finished praying, both of you can go first and have a rest.” The Buddhist abbot suggested.

“Very well.”

Ye Ruo Xuan stood beside Long Mo Er, locked arms with her as they walked outside. Looking back as the hall became distant, Ruo Xuan came near Long Mo Er and whispered, “Third Sister-in-law, what did you wish for?”

“Young miss, you really want to know?”

“Of course.” Ye Ruo Xuan nodded her head a few times.

“Then, will you let me know what you wished for?” Long Mo Er smiled as she asked the question.

“Huh?” Ruo Xuan looked a bit distracted. She didn’t expect Long Mo Er to come up with something like this. Her face began to go red. “Aiya! Never mind! If you say it, it won’t come true!”

“Fine, I’ll let you off. We can tell each other what we wished for once it comes true. How about it?”

“Sure!” Ye Ruo Xuan smiled and nodded. “When it comes true, I will definitely tell Third Sister-in-law. At that time, you should also tell me if your wish came true. You should keep your word and tell me later!”

“Fine, I won’t cheat you!” For the first time, she saw how innocent Ye Ruo Xuan was… as if she was still a child. Long Mo Er had no other choice but also smile happily.


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