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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 26


Chapter 26

Brought to desolate mountain

After Yao Yao heard, she paused and her face white pale: “What…what should we do? They…

They are Yu Ao Tian’s people….”

“Why are you afraid? Doesn’t you Yu Ao Tian’s little sister? Just tell them.”

She was bragging last time, even two years ago she was really met the real Yu Ao Tian, but now she really does not remember how that person looks like.

Should she tell this man? No, cannot, later on in the future he will bully me.

“I, I am Yu Ao Tian’s little sister, but…but my big brother is still in Japan, he has many subordinates, so that not all his subordinates are know me. Moreover I just back from Japan, in China I don’t have any friend. As you can see, one group is six persons, how about you call some of your friends to scare them?”

“Ah? Me? But those people that I know, all of them are eating soft rice.”

“I knew. But it won’t matter. We should seize the opportunity, faster! Quickly call them.” After said, Yao Yao turned from Ao Tian and glared to the scoundrels. She gathers her courage, fiercely piercing her sharp eyes to those scoundrels that holding knife: “Let me tell you guys, this man also who mingle in underworld, don’t you people underestimated and fool by his appearance that groom very handsome and then thought he is someone eat soft rice, but actually he has nickname as Reaper! Reaper, do you know? He is merciless!”

Not far from where Yao Yao stands, Yu Ao Tian helplessly shook his head after heard her bragging to scare the scoundrels, this little thing, does she need to add that words, “eat soft rice”? He really wanted to punish her later!

“See, you guys looked! Now he is calling his men, he randomly can call two hundred people, if you want to live longer, better run faster now!”

“Bao Bei, there are only six persons, why change the couple peoples to call two hundred peoples?”

At her back, Yu Ao Tian pretending to be confused asked. She paused for moment: “Ah?”

At the next minutes, the impulsive Yu Ao Tian slowly talked in the phone: “Call two hundred people to here, within three minutes all should gather here!” he used commanded voice. Yao Yao dumbfounded.

“Hey, little brat, you are too good bragging, aren’t you? Two hundred people? In this present, others than our big boss, Yu Ao Tian no one can make this kind of order in Asia, ordered more than ten of groups people. Not to mention three minutes, hah, I will give you ten minutes, if you can’t ask your people come, you should crawl between our legs.”

After he listened to these few scoundrels, Yu Ao Tian elegantly laughed.

Yao Yao who stands beside him, pinched his arm, helplessly asked: “Are you crazy? Are you really called two hundred people?”

“Didn’t you say so?”

“…….” Usually he is quite smart, but how can he turn be so stupid now? Didn’t he know that she just bragging to scare the scoundrels? How could he hook to the bait, this is really troublesome.

“Oh my, what to do, it has been passed two minutes, whatever, if there an opportunity you should run.”

“How are about you?”


“Does not matter, no matter how to say, everything is because of me, there is none of your business. I can’t make you get involve with this matter. You run first.”

“Hah.” He just realized this little girl is also value loyalty. It is so obvious that she scared to death but because she does not want to drag and burden him, she tried to act strong, deep and immeasurable little thing. Raised his hand, looked at his watch….

When the pointer closer to three minutes, sound, not far from that place suddenly there are countless cars getting close, Yu Ao Tian deep black eyes gleaming cold dangerous sight.


“What sound is it?”

“I don’t know, it seems sport car engine?” this few scoundrels feel something amiss, they looked surrounded.

As seen, the flashing light from car headlamp are coming to their direction, the numbers of the car at least 40 cars.

“This…this…this…” those few scoundrels who holding knife suddenly panic.

At least there are 40 cars coming at the same time and stopped.

“Vroom, vroom, vroom” there are innumerable men who wear black suit get down from the cars.

Seeing the countless group of people, this scoundrels are completely at loss, Yao Yao also stuffed, perhaps they are never seen countless men in their life before.

Cautiously seeing those men in black suit, in their left chest is embroidered one word “Yu” clearly. Needless to say, this people are men from Yu Long’s group!


When those men in black surrounded them, they bend and bowed: “Yu Lao Da!”

After they bowed, those few scoundrels and Yao Yao are looked at that good looking man direction.

At this moment, he has emitting killing aura while his charm already disappeared, the rest this suffocating atmosphere is come from underworld emperor! This is the real Yu Ao Tian who is leader of hundred and thousand men.

Finally Yao Yao understands, this man really not bragging and lie, before… he indeed just played along with them.

“Yu, Yu Lao Da… Sorry, please not angry us who cannot see the big mountain in front of us, please forgive us.” This few scoundrels, “Thumping” kneeling and kowtow nonstop.

But Yu Ao Tian just ignored them, expressionlessly said: “This few sticky worm are feigning as my Yu Long’s group men, how to deal, you guys figure it by yourselves.”

“Understood, Yu Lao Da.”

The few of scoundrels are kneeling as if they just awake from dream, so that the Big Boss Yu has found out that they are actually not belong to Yu Long group, but why didn’t he exposed them? Does this related to the spreading rumor….

As rumors spread, Yu Ao Tian is someone who never wanted to fight with his own men, moreover he does not want to waste his saliva, and to the extended he does not want know how to punish them.

Even when he talking, he just talked with Yao Yao, he completely ignored those scoundrels.

“Yu…Yu Lao Da…we just because admire you, so that we pretending to be men from Yu Long group. We are begging you… begging you to spare our life. We beg you.” as long as those who mingle in underworld, no matter what status they are or they just simply no-body-scoundrels, everyone knows about the big name of Yu Ao Tian, run into this underworld emperor, everyone is surely understand very well what kind of ending they will have, included this few scoundrels.

No matter how they are begging, Yu Ao Tian ignored them not even one glanced to them, he pulled Yao Yao who legs felt weaken to his sport car.

“Yu Lao Da, take care (departing word).” The men in black suit are sending him in unison. Even when Yao Yao has far, she still clearly hears the sound of their farewell to Yu Ao Tian.

Inside the Mercedes-Benz, the car drove by Yu Ao Tian. He glanced at Yao Yao who face still pale: “Not asking me where I will take you?”

Did not hear… not hear anything, at the moment she almost forget where her house is, her eyes just open-wide looking at street, not even move.

The car slowly stopped at the most beautiful scenic hilltop. Yu Ao Tian as if dragging sculpture to make her get down from car, the scenic hilltop is beautiful: “Really beautiful.”

“Yu…Yu… Yu Lao Da.” Yao Yao turned her rigid body, looking at Yu Ao Tian’s face, she wants to say something, but her mouth as if being glue, she cannot say….



5 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 26

  1. Could you give us the link to the comic in english that you are using on your blog? I’d love to look at it. Thanks for all your hard work. I love your blog

  2. Yao Yao was not ready for the real thing. Neither were her would be molesters. Now what’s next. Ao Tian’s interest in Yao Yao is increasing.

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