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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 7

Chapter 7
Part 1 (One)

The difference between man and dog

I am types of kid that does not have any particular interest, even though I have, it will only last three minutes, that is the longest. But reading comic books and pet dog are exceptional because I can withstand it no matter how boring I feel.

Winter holiday coming, as if mouse that fall to granary, I spent my days reading comic books. I could spend my time to the point skipping my meals and sleep time, perhaps, I still able to make my time for dancing waltz with Cai Xi.

Dancing waltz with Cai Xi, this kind of thing, just according to my little sister said, I am so similar with unicellular organism.

Actually, I did not have so much difficulty, I just need to make Cai Xi stands up, put his in front legs into my shoulder, just not too underestimated him as four legs animal with height not more than my hip bone, once he lifted his in front leg…

Aiya, he is remarkably alike 170cm handsome man, with my 163cm height, we just so compatible standing together side by side.

I even could hug Cai Xi’s waist, inside my home garden I could move him freely, and actually the waltz was not more than random movement.

Although there was no music, but I still enjoyed my time dancing with him.

Cai Xi also seems to like this kind of exercise, every time when I felt satisfied and enough, he acted as if not enough, every time I turned by back, he would follow and climb to my back while putting his front leg to my shoulder, he put his weight on me, licking me, as if begging me to stay, helplessly, if this kind of thing occurs, I would dance one more time with him, when he not aware, I quietly walked away.

The life during winter break, others than reading comics and playing with dog, I just eat and sleep, sleep and eat, sit down while counting the days in calendar, looking forward for new year, looking forward the day to get new year’s pocket money.

During that time, there were no many entertainment places, even when you were really serious wanting to have fun, the available place such as zoo, roller skating, Boom Boom cars, all of these were the only place to get entertainment during my generation.

The second week Monday of winter holiday, the usual home-welcoming activity, other than the home-welcoming activity the rest was winter homework. If want to meet classmates, chatting, during that time telephone still something rare that’s why school still the best alternative place for meeting each other.

On the way home after home-welcoming activity, Xiao Fan gave idea to visit West Theme Park Zoo on the following day, she asked me whether I wanted to join or not, I immediately nodded as agreed to join because I didn’t want to stay at home for such long time. It was not easy for me to spread my wing and get my freedom to go-out and playing.

But, on the second day, I have regretted.

“Why are you coming?” standing in front of the West Theme Park Zoo, my hand was trembling pointed at Kang Yu’s nose.

Kang Yu looked unhappy, “Why can I come!”

“Because today my girl’s day. (the day for me to spend with my fellow good sisters.)” He as the only man why should follow us?

He sneered, “You turn your back, see! Is this… that you called as Girl’s day with your fellow good sister?”

I dumbfounded for moment, and then I turned my head to in front, suddenly my head filled with three black-lines.


As I seen, Xiao Shuang was flirting with the next class student, Meng Xiao Dong. Fan Juan was with her table-mate (student that shares table with), Huang Yan Yong… for time being it considered just like that, Da Shuang biggest suitor, Zhang Lin was followed her, beside Liu Li Jun, stood the person who looked little bit stupid but also one of school pretty boy, Yu Wei, Xu Ying was the most awesome, she was surrounded by four men.

Added Kang Yu and me…

Suddenly I felt as if being thundered in light-day.

Kang Yu walked closer to me, “So, do you understood now?”

I felt dumbstruck, glared and nodded my head.

Understood! Really and very well, this fellow sister-hood day, actually was turning into pairing and dating activity.

I was squatting, looking for somewhere to make circle in ground…muttered, “Why you still…”

He heard it, he said, “I come only for ice skating.”

How could I dare to say no, that why I just pouted, said nothing and ignored him.

Immediately I want to leave, but Kang Yu—his expression as if said, if I leave then I just coward, his expression stopped my feet to move and leaving the place so I stopped back to the current place where I stood before.


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