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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 27


Chapter 27

What Do You Think I am?

“Bao Bei, those people are stunt men that I called to act before, aren’t you Yu Ao Tian’s little sister, how can you forget your big brother looked?”

Ha! Ha! It true, she, herself also pretending to be Yu Ao Tian’s little sister, those scoundrels who are pretending to be his subordinate have beleaguered, so how about her who feigned to be his younger sister…how would be she ended?

“Yu Big Boss!” her rigid body suddenly become lively person, she hurried kneeled on the ground: “You don’t toying with me, two years ago it was my fault, It really was my mistake. It was me who could not see the big mountain in front of me so that I thought you were host, I beg you, You are wise man that forgive little me, please spare me. And then, I am not really had bad intention to pretend as your younger sister. Please spare my… my life!”

Finally two years ago incident sealed open, countless nightmare in front of her, at the moment, everything came up and it was showed from starting she encountered with this beautiful good looking man who coincided as the underworld emperor, she really dislike herself that has weak memory, how could she forget this dangerous man’s look?

“En?” Yu Ao Tian squatted, he smiles deviously: “Bao Bei, finally you recognized me?” he really wants to tell this little thing, not only she thought him as Host two years ago, but after two years, she even thought him as PR staff!

“Yu, Big Boss Yu, what do you mean?” Yao Yao feels as if awake from her dream, she finally understood that Yu Ao Tian has recognized her before: “Big boss Yu, you knew me, why don’t you tell me?”

“Hah? I was afraid to recall your bad memory.”

“But now you are even added my bad memory.”

After he heard Yao Yao truth feeling, Yu Ao Tian squinted his cold eyes, he really wants to straggle this little thing who is talking honestly, “Oh, so that because of me, your bad memory even added more, then I apologized. I will make you to forget it immediately.” After he said, only with his one hand, he has locked both of her wrists.

Yao Yao panic: “Yu Lao Da, what are you?” her feet off from ground, while her wrists are grasped by Yu Ao Tian, slowly walked to outside of the hilltop fence.

“Ah!!!!” under her feet that is cliff. If Yu Ao Tian does not grasp her tightly, she will fall down immediately: “Yu Lao Da, I beg you to let me off, please let me off.”

“Sst, Bao Bei, don’t move, if you randomly move, if I don’t hold you steadily, you will…”

“Fine, fine. I… I won’t move. I won’t move.” Yao Yao obediently settled, but because her fear, her body trembling.

“Humph, Bao Bei, you body still moves.”

“I am afraid, of course my body will be trembling!!!” Yao Yao yelled because she angry.

Yu Ao Tian pretended unsatisfied, he frowned: “Ya, you still dare to talk back? What should I do? My hand can hold you anymore.”

“No, no, no!!!!” she afraid once Yu Ao Tian really let her go her wrist, her body will fall from cliff.

“Ah!!” when she almost falls a few centimeters, Yu Ao Tian caught her.

“Thump, thump, thump” her heart beat as if it will go out, her face as white as paper, seeing how Yu Ao Tian smiled alike demon, she yelled at him: “What do you want? I just mistaken you as Host two years ago, while you even took my first kiss, does it not enough? What should I do so that you will let me go?”

“First kiss?” so in other words, for these last two years no one ever taste this unripe fruit?

It is true that, her first kiss was actually kept for Feng Chen Yi until she celebrated her 18 years old. But who knows, that Feng Chen Yi was two timing her, that why she always keeps her first kiss until now.

“Do you really want me to let you off?”

When she gets back to her rational, she is panicking shaking her head.

“Well.” smiled deviously, Yu Ao Tian slowly pulled Yao Yao back: “Close your eyes, stretch out your tongue. Without my command you are not allowed to open your eyes!”

“Why…?” does he want to crave her tongue? No. subconsciously she covered her mouth, she looked at him.

“Don’t you want me to let you off? As long as you do as what I asked.”

When she sees the stern facial expression of Yu Ao Tian, she calm down, whatever, as long as this underworld emperor let her go, no matter what he does, it fine! She closed her eyes, slowly she stretch out her tongue.

Suddenly, she feels something soft moves and touched her tongue…

This kind of feeling is something hard to describe, very gentle and comfortable, her body at the moment numb.

And then suddenly something soft alike small snake pry to open her mouth, his tongue is prying open to her hard teeth.

Is it?

Suddenly Yao Yao feels there is something wrong, hurried she opened her eyes…

She realized the good looking face of Yu Ao Tian has got too close nearly to stick with her face, his intoxicating cologne smell slowly sniff by her nose which makes her lost senses.

If she looked attentively to his long curled lash eyes, it really beautiful…

This is not right! Not right! Now she is being forced to kiss, then why she still able to admire his good looking face?


This is so obvious, this is the second times for Yao Yao being force to kiss, compared to her first time which terrifying her, this time she is little bit obsessed by his lips that stick to her lips, does this is the result why she should close her eyes?

His strong tongue that forcing to her tongue inside mouth as if** dance, that milky white and smooth little face gradually blushed.

Should continuing, Yao Yao knows if this things still keep on going, the next will be so dangerous: “uh! uh!” pair of hands are pushing away Yu Ao Tian’s chest.

He opened his eyes, slowly leave her lips: “haven’t I told you? Without my order, you are not allowed to open your eyes, how do you want me to punish you?” he spoke slowly but not intending to end his interesting game, with dissatisfaction he said: “Still, your kissing technique is really bad!”

“Why you said me? It clearly that you….” this Yu Ao Tian, simply to say is demon not human! She is just afraid to anger the underworld emperor, so that better for her to gulp her words back.

“Since I know that you never kissed any man, I decided not to punish you.” after he said, he takes out his wallet from his pocket, took out some hundred dollars to her hands.

Once Yao Yao sees this, she fires up: “What do you mean? You think I am hostess?” she threw the money on ground.

“Eh, Bao Bei, if you are Hostess, only by kissing you earn thousand dollars, this mean you are so easy to earn money.”

She looked at Yu Ao Tian who turned his back, she made fist to both of her hands, bastard, simply to say you are not as good as animal or beast. After you bullied then you still taunted people! You are really not human! If someday later when I have power, I will make you clean the toilet everyday! Pei, bastard!




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