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C-Novel : A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 28

Love letter?
Hah! just make a dream…
Now, Yu Ao Tian really being labelled as “Soft Rice”

Chapter 28

You are only fit as Lover

When Yu Ao Tian wanted to get into car, suddenly he turned his head looking at her.

At the moment, the fierce expression in Yao Yao’s face immediately changed to warm and docile: “He He, Yu Lao Da, do you have anything to tell me?”

“That money…it is for you to call taxi and go home.”

thump” her heart inexplicable shocked, she never thought this evil who is underworld emperor actually… eyes rolled.

“Yu Lao Da, so that the debt between us, does it mean… all is settle?”

“Ha ha.” His alluring smile, his expression suddenly cold: “You make dream, wait until you able to give me the feeling after kissed, when that day comes, then our debt will be settled.” After he said, Yu Ao Tian gets into his car.

After seeing he has gone far, finally Yao Yao realized her frustration: “You bastard, son of bitch, demon, reaper!” but after she thought his last sentence, at the moment she felt as if she were deflated rubber ball: “A kiss with feeling? What kind of kiss that have feeling, if he said that is kiss with feeling then it is but how about if there is no feeling. What should I do….”


Early in the morning, Yao Yao dispirited and downcast gets into the elevator. She looked at the time, it is the time for those PR staffs to get work. Although she has used to escort Yu Ao Tian to elevator, but today still her first day know that his real status.

“What to do, later when he gets into the elevator, should I call him like how his subordinate addressed him? Aiyoo, so troublesome.

“Dong” at ten sharp, the elevator move, Yu Ao Tian expressionless gets into the elevator.

“Good morning, Flat chest.” Long Qi greeted her.

When she heard Long Qi greeted her in that way, she pretending not sees him, or else she afraid to occur trouble.

And then followed by Long Ye gets inside the elevator, she lowered her head, she afraid Long Qi would tell him that Yao Yao yesterday called Long Ye as lecher, in order to avoid troublesome and even greater revenge, she silent.

Long Ye keeps quiet inside the elevator, Yao Yao even feels more relaxed as for the last person who are getting into the elevator, one woman and one man, finally she closed the elevator door.

The elevator slowly moved up stairs, inside the elevator is so quiet, when the last people are them who stand at Yao Yao’s back, she feels restless again. Long Ye, Long Qi and Yu Ao Tian, aren’t they at same boat? Now if they are team up, how to expect she becomes calmer? Or because there are a pair man and woman inside the elevator, then they won’t do anything?

Yes, this is too good!

The elevator stopped ad 41th floor, this is the first time for her to feel how her day such bright in Berson group, when everyone left the elevator, she seizes the opportunity…

“Yu… Yu…” should she call him Yu Lao Da? Or should she called him “Yu Xian Sheng (Mr. Yu).”

“Eh? Flat Chest? Today Yu Ao Tian isn’t pissed you off, but why are you sending yourself?” everyone stopped their step, Long Qi as if found something refreshing and interesting from her.

“hop and slip away”

Faster she gets into the elevator, hurried she put something at Yu Ao Tian’s hand, at the time she run to the elevator, at that moment the door almost closed. :”Fiuh… in time.” Yao Yao feels little bit relaxed…

Those people who still stood outside the elevator, all of them looked at Yu Ao Tian’s hand.

“What does Little Meng Li do?” Long Ye gently smiled: “seeing how she so nervous as if she is giving love letter, Ao Tian, if you really being involved with little Meng Li, it will be troublesome.”

Yu Ao Tian squinted his dark eyes, gloomy say nothing, he has already knew what kind of thing that slipped by little thing.

At this moment, Long Qi who stands right beside Yu Ao Tian looked precisely the thing in his hand: “Ugh, Brother, if seems not love letter…. But… money? Ao Tian, although the flat chest thought you as soft rice, but you really don’t need to be real soft rice, you even took the little girl money. Hahahahahah…ugh.” He stopped laughing.

Yu Ao Tian eyes flashed, he put all the money at his hand to Long Qi’s mouth.

“coughing voice!, Fuck! Ao Tian, this is so dangerous.” Long Qi threw out the money that stuck on his mouth, he unsatisfied complained, looking at the current expression of Yu Ao Tian, hurried he behaved.

“Long Ye, will you meet the representative of the Feng’s group, today?”

When seeing this stern expression of Yu Ao Tian, all the people who are walking through the corridor suddenly changed to be so serious.


“This time the representative from Feng’s group is someone that will give advantages to our side, you should entice the person.”

“But Ao Tian, you still need to understand, he is still the Feng’s people!” the current situation between Feng group and Berson group can be describe as friend and enemy, in the business surface both of group are looked as business partner, but at the back actually they are also business enemy. For Yu Ao Tian this kind of concepts, the slick and sly Long Ye will difficult to understand.

“Hm, Long Ye, believe me, this time the representative of Feng Group have more willingness to cooperate with us.” He said, his corner mouth lift up and makes a smile…


Luo Yao Yao immediately come to Manager of Service Department office room.—– once she heard the noticed through the company speaker, Yao Yao hurried run to the service department.

When she entered the office room, everyone eyes is looking at her.

This kind of atmosphere… what is going on? Yao Yao worried, she walks quietly on her tip toe and heading to the manager’s office room. “Manager Zhang, Are you looking for me?”

“Close the door.”

Uh… her expression not too good, the way she speaks also not too good, is Yao Yao get into another trouble? She just closed the door. And then…

“Luo Yao Yao, yesterday afternoon you had left your post for half hour, the other day you also had left your post for thirty minutes earlier from the working time, do you still want to work or not?”

This bad, so because of this two matters! “Manager Zhang, please listen to my explanation…”

“You shut your mouth! I don’t want to hear any explanation, I just want to know the efficiency of working.*****(perhaps all cursing words), if you want to be slut that is your matter, you free to do whatever you want after work, but you…during the work time you running wherever to seduce men, don’t you think that you are too over, do you?”

What was happen to this manager Zhang? Why she spoke such bad?

“Manager Zhang, I….”

“Luo Yao Yao, I heard that you are so famous among the males colleagues from different department, you are not bad, you have worked for two days but progressed so much, keep on continuing your hard work, may be one day the CEO will fall for you, then you will be my Boss’s wife. But….”

“Bang” a sound, Manager Zhang rage in anger, she slammed her table: “Before that, you are still my subordinate, you still have to listen to my order. Scram now!”

“Wait, Luo Yao Yao, this is my good intention to remind you for the last sentence.” Manager Zhang slowly walks toward her, she sneered and laughed: “Remember, the successful men like someone like me who has inner beauty, lady. Not like you, little slut vixen. You groom not bad so that you have ability to seduce men, but at last… you only can be lover, this kind of status just deserve you!”



11 thoughts on “C-Novel : A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 28

  1. Thank you Azurro for another update.

    Who is this manager Zhang? Is it a he or she? Either way he or she do behave like a jealous cow more so that LYY’s boss. Poor girl to be misunderstood like that and to be called a slut on top of that.

    1. She just envy and jealous with Yao Yao because most of the men colleague like Yao Yao. Manager Zhang hates Yao Yao because she thought there must be someone in higher position who back up Yao Yao because attracted with her beauty.

  2. The manager is quite perceptive . Yao Yao is a beauty and although the manager doesn’t want to admit it there is a particular charm about Yao Yao. None of which does the manager have When news hit the office that Yao Yao got in trouble the manager may not have a job. All courtesy of Mr CEO ,Yu Ao Tian

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