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C-Novel : A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 29

Chapter 29

Amorous feeling

It’s right. She is too shallow, but she clearly knows her position and status. Yao Yao makes a fist with her hands, forced to smile: “Thank you so much for Manager Zhang reminder. I take…my leave first.”

She did not want to deny about her irresponsible, but that manager Zhang was too much to insult and humiliate her which obviously nothing to do with her works.

Being famous among the males colleagues are good, want to fool around with others are okay, not to mention if she really has this intention, if she really has, there is nothing to do with manager Zhang? Why should she again and again bring up this topic?

Days and nights she hoped to enter the society after she graduated from her high school so she able to see how world it is, she just simply want to use her summer holiday to earn some extra money so that she can faster reached her goal.

Facing to her very first time working in her life, she really wants to work well, for the short time she wants to keep good memory of it, but who knows….

“This won’t do! Yao Yao, you should not lose because of this small obstacle, or else when you graduated from the university you won’t be able to cope with and stand in society!!”

She backs to herself and immediately heading to her post, the elevator moved, there is someone walk inside, she does not pay attention,


When the notice bell of the elevator rang, she backs to herself conscious, lift her head: “Why the elevator stopped at 41th floor?” she looked outside the elevator: “No one. Didn’t I mistakenly push the button to 41th floor?Cih… why should I push the button to 41th floor?”

Puzzled, suddenly there is a voice at her back: “Perhaps, you are missing me?”

At the moment she turned back….

“Ah!” the devilish but also good looking face is coming closer to her face, when she step backward, she sees the other party face: “Yu… Big Boss Yu, You… how can you be here?”

(Yao Yao called Yu Ao Tian as Big Boss because she just found out his status as underworld boss not as Berson CEO)

“I have been here for long time.”

So that…. He has been there since she lost in her thought.

“I am so sorry, so sorry, Big Boss Yu, we have arrived at 41th floor, please you go out from the elevator.”

“Little thing, when you are at work, you should put your heart ah? I just enter why should I go out?”

“Hah?” looking at his cold gleam eyes, Yao Yao has prepared to die, she really in mess**** wrongly said: “I am so sorry, so sorry, Yu Big Boss, which floor you heading? I will immediately take you there, you die… no! I will immediately escort you.”

She has lost in her way, while Yu Ao Tian deep eyes flashed, he raise his hand and slowly reaching to hers….

“Yu Lao Da, what are you….no ah!” she covered her head for protection, she subconsciously squat down.

No one knows suddenly the elevator stopped. “What is going on?” lift her head up, Yu Ao Tian’s finger has pushed the power button to stop the elevator.

“Yu Lao Da, what are you doing? Why are you stopped the elevator? Dead meat, Dead meat, if Manager Zhang finds out, she will scold me again, hurry! Hurry! Yu Lao Da, get your hand away, turn on the elevator so we can make up, quickly!!!”

Simply to say Yao Yao situation is similar as ant in hot pan, beside her, Yu Ao Tian is laughing: “Oh so that was the matter.” No wonder this little thing not in her mood, her bad mood was because she has scold by her supervisor. His cold eyes looked at her: “Do you want to operate the elevator?”

“en! Yes!”

With devious smile, his single hand enveloped her small waist: “Beg me.”

“Yu Lao Da, I beg you…uh..” this is wrong ah. “Why should I beg you? You are the PR department staff there is no your business and right to shut down the elevator? Hurried turned on!”

“Heh, Little thing, it seems that I haven’t taught you well in normal days.” His hand that enveloped her small waist suddenly moves to inside….

“Yah.” Shocking sounded, his cold fingers caressing her back which resulting she felt cold and heat at the same time. “Put away your hand!”

It so weird, the domineering Yu Ao Tian, how could he still be so patience with this little thing, begging yet her commending sound? His hands slowly moved downward to her smooth back and slowly moved to her front.

She obviously can feel that man’s fingers caressing at her back, trying to uncover her. Her white small face blushed.

“Yu! Yu Ao Tian, didn’t you tell me that if I kissed you…then have the feeling, you will let me off?”

“Hm? But you haven’t done to that point; furthermore, I never said that I won’t touch you?” his quick and sensitive fingers are successfully break the last layer hider. This is****

She feels as if the electric wave hit her. “Uh…” she helplessly released the shame moaning sound, she tried to stand up in her weaken feet, but finally she felt in his embraces.

Glancing at her blushed little face, as if the stunning sunset scenery, it hot but also seducing. “Bao Bei, your body is so sensitive to the point extremely scary, as long being touched this way, your body has already weaken?”

She really does not want it, but her body reacts in other ways as the result this black-hearted man unstoppable to tease her.

“Yu, Yu Lao Da, this is my very first job in my life, I really want to treasure it, now, you have made me got scold by the manager. Do you want to force me to send my resignation letter, and then will you be happy?”

Lower her head, her pair of moisten eyes pleading, while her speaking tone not that harsh as before. If she put this little white rabbit expression, earlier she won’t face such troublesome.

“Little Thing…” Yu Ao Tian slowly stretched out his hand from her cloths, gently caress her white little face: “If you dare to resign, I will… absolutely ask people to kill all yours family member!” with little bit strength, he pinched her cheek as reminder.

Yu Ao Tian is famous in Japan as the merciless underworld emperor so that she won’t be surprised since she have heard before, if this man really want to kill all her family member, simply to say this is piece of cake for him. Two years had passed but why she still this stupid to make trouble with this demon?

“Yu, Yu Lao Da, you always say the same words, always be like this, even I don’t take initiative to resign, but still there will be the possibility I get fire.”

“Hah, you rest assured, this company can fire anybody but only you this company won’t fire!”

At the moment, his hand loosen, hurried Yao Yao*** her own chin. It really hurt to death.

She secretly glanced at Yu Ao Tian confident smiles, she really not wants to believe, as long as there is manager Zhang, when she makes mistakes she must be fired. No matter how awesome this Yu Ao Tian, is he still the ordinary PR department staff? While she’s only an ordinary elevator service lady from service department.

Whatever, if she says this out, she does not know how this arrogant man will torture her?

“Yu Lao Da, will you turn on the elevator, now?”

“Of course I can, but…you should answer one of my questions.” Yu Ao Tian bends his body little bit so that he can stand as Yao Yao’s height: “You are keeping on calling me Yu Lao Da, Yu Lao Da but why this morning you call me Yu Xian Sheng (Mr. Yu)?”

Actually she has thought for long time how to address him.

“It because inside the elevator other than Long Ye, Long Qi, the Long’s brothers, there are still a woman and a man, I just didn’t…. want to make you in trouble.”


9 thoughts on “C-Novel : A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 29

    1. Actually not many of Berson employee know about their CEO or other top management level of executives. alike Yao Yao, she just focus on her work because she does not have any intention like what manager Zhang accused her.
      no wonder she clueless XD

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