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C-Novel : A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 30

Chapter 30

Flat Chest, Let’s have lunch

Oh so was that! It seems he has underestimated this little thing that looked clueless white rabbit from her appearance, but actually she… really is one of the smartest!

“Hm.” His lips curl up, Yu Ao Tian turn on the elevator power.

At the time he gets out from the elevator, he heard…

“Yu Ao Tian! Yesterday Taxi money… Thank you.” the elevator door closed.

Yao Yao isn’t seen Yu Ao Tian’s expression at the moment elevator stopped, but expectedly she….

“Fiuh… although to say thank you to Yu Ao Tian in this way is impolite but I don’t have other way.” Actually she does not want to have any relation with that underworld emperor….

Finally the lunch time, can’t help not to mention, Berson group lunch simply to say equal to the five stars hotel, splendid and luxurious. Even the canteen is decorated as beautiful as high class restaurant.

“Geez, first class business is really first class business, even the lunch menu they have abalone, simply to say, this company is rich.” Putting the food at plate, Yao Yao is praising every available dish, while she is choosing her favorite foods.

“Yao Yao! Yao Yao!”

She turned her back when she heard Bai Ling called her, politely she smiles at her.

“Yao Yao, a matter that happen in the morning, you don’t need to think about it.”

The matter that happen this morning? What Bai Ling meant… “Oh, nothing.”

“Still say nothing? That witch has scolded you that loud, even the employees who were outside her office room could hear her.”

Just don’t know why, every time she meet Bai Ling she always remember her high school best friend, Xiao Man, perhaps because of their friendly nature so that people like to get closer with them.

“I really feel okay. Bai Ling, thank you for your concern.”

“Really okay? You just don’t knew, that witch…”Bai Ling mysteriously looked at right and left, to ensure there is no familiar face of her colleagues, whispered: “She has forced many beautiful girl to resign the elevator lady job.”

“Ah? Why did she force the elevator lady to resign?”

“Aiyo, it all because she jealous with that position.”

“Are you sure? But she is manager ah, her position is higher, why should she feel jealous with the lower position such as elevator lady job?”

“He He, don’t you know the reason?” They chat whilst look surrounded, they take the seat near the window : “When you came to Berson group for having interview, didn’t you realized the countless number of ladies who apply for the job as elevator lady?”

This, she really didn’t pay attention, but… “Aren’t that because of the benefit that given to the elevator lady?”

“What! Perhaps it’s only you who thought that way, we as the Berson group employees who work with hundred others employees, the only position which make us able to meet the high executives, talking to them, build connection. That’s why in this company is ours job as the elevator lady from service department that the only position can do it.

No wonder Manager Zhang said that she wanted to be phoenix, fly to higher sky so that she applied for the elevator lady job. Does everyone also think her in that way too? It’s frustrating. Yao Yao lower her head, scoop a spoon of white rice.

“Oh yeah, Yao Yao, tell me, have you met our Berson Group CEO for this passed days?”

“Hah…” every time this topic being brought, she always shows blank expression : “I, I don’t pay attention.”

“Oh my, how can! How can this good position given to you ah, My heaven.” Bai Ling really wanted to cry out of her bitterness. “Just as rumor said, our Berson Group CEO is the most handsome good looking pretty man, the high quality ones ah and then, we also have our Vice CEO, also the high level manager, all of them are the most handsome men to death. Even though only see as eye-candy it also good ah.”

After she heard what Bai Ling said….suddenly she put down her chopstick, Yao Yao asked curiously: “Bai Ling, you are one of the senior employee in here, haven’t you ever seen our CEO in company?”

“It you bring out this topic, I have little bit frustrated. Just alike us who is lower floor employees, it harder to meet CEO in person rather than measure the sky, also our CEO, vice CEO are low-profile people, even the organizational structure and planning department in our company not have their photos. So that I have mentioned to you about the prestige being elevator lady “position” in this company, you should treasure it, really must.” Talking about this, Bai Ling’s eyes suddenly looked at the others table. She sees those white collar workers who wear beautiful dresses and high heels.

Yao Yao can feel that, Bai Ling has little bit envious glance to them, actually she personally also think in that way, under the big sky the most beautiful and also sexy ladies are those who work as white-collar, wear beautiful dress and high heels when coming for work, however as good as, just wait until she graduated from her university she will join them, work as career woman.

“Excuse me, does anyone sit in here?” two young men who wear formal and tidy suit interrupt both of Bai Ling and Yao Yao’s thought.

Yao Yao and Bai Ling exchanged their looked, smile sweetly then nodding, that two young men strive to sit at Yao Yao’s side. Finally one of them only can sit backward Bai Ling.

“Are you come from the service department?”

“Is you who name Yao Yao?”

Listened to endless questions of which asked by the two men, Yao Yao awkwardly signaling her cold eyes to Bai Ling…

“Bai Ling, have you done with your lunch? Let’s we go.”

“Wait Yao Yao.” Bai Ling showed her excitement to the man who sat beside Yao Yao that looked quite handsome: “I remember you seem to be someone who come from marketing department, aren’t you?”

“Yes. I am. Do you know me?”

“I have heard people mentioned about you. Can you give me your number?”

That man clearly showed his helpless expression, but because he wants to show his politeness, he gives her his name card to Bai Ling, also by taking this opportunity to give his name card to Yao Yao too: “My name is Li Wen Feng, can I address you as Yao Yao?”

“Of course you can’t!” without waiting for Yao Yao to reply, suddenly Long Qi loud voice has cut the conversation, he has stood behind her.

“Manager Long?” they are trying to get girl, so there is nothing to do with Long manager who is security department staff.

Long Qi put his hand out from his pocket and then faster to grab the name card from Yao Yao’s hand, read…

“Aiyoo, so are you the marketing department staff? It seems that you guys have good work in marketing department? You are even dares to picking chick during the lunch time, do you need me to talk with your department manager, adding little bit your work so you guys won’t be bored?”

Everyone in this company knows very well about this Long Qi “fire” temperamental, even they are not afraid with the security manager, but still they should give his big brother face. “I have done with my meal.” Both of the men are together leaving the place.

When seeing everyone is looking at their dining table, Yao Yao little face suddenly blushed because embarrassed, so she immediately leaving.

Before she able to do so, suddenly Long Qi who stands beside her: “Flat chest, accompany me eat!”

“…………….” Flat chest? Why this Long Qi should address her so loud? Seeing those eyes sight that focus on her, she really wants to find big hole, jump in and bury herself.

Long Qi walked toward the food section, when he reached the nearest trash bin, he glanced at that Li Wen Feng’s name card: “You even dare to pick Ao Tian’s girl? Simply to say his death is settled!” he torn the name card into two pieces…

“Bai Ling, hurry we leave.”

“Ah? But that manager Long, didn’t he ask us to….”

“Hurry!” when Yao Yao sees Long Qi choosing the food, she hurried pulling Bai Ling go with her….


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