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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 80

Chapter 80


Just alike what Mu Rong Ji Zi told, the surrounded of Wan Nian Temple is so quiet and beautiful. Long Mo Er brings Lu Qun with her to sight-seeing, she has loved this quiet and elegant environment, she feels this place is suit her so much. She likes this natural-comfortable feeling but also at same time able to make her heart in peace.

This place really a sacred place! Only by standing in here she’s able to feel calm and composed, if she could stay here longer it will be better!

If she refused to come at Wan Nian temple, refused to leave the Ye’s mansion, so she won’t able to feel such close and peace atmosphere! So actually, going out like this isn’t something bad! If Ye Che also could come, would he be able to feel this peaceful atmosphere and also beautiful place? In that way, he might feel little bit relaxed, would he be able to take his time for forgetting all the matters of Ye’s, in that way, would he be able to feel little bit rejoice and happy?

If Ye Che could accompany her, together walking in this wood, it might be great!

Aiya, it so hateful! Still thought about Ye Che again! His face is so clearly appear in front of her eyes, the angry expression, the expressionless face, his cold face, his gentle face….

This quiet and elegant environment are able to give someone, kind of thoughts, does it mean Wan Nian Temple really able to make wish comes true just as folks said? Will her wishes really can be come true? Will she and Ye Che are able to stay forever, together?

Suddenly that happiness scenes just appearing in her mind, it makes Long Mo Er smiles like a fool.

“Little Miss, what happen? Are you feeling uncomfortable?” Lu Qun didn’t know what she was thinking, but seeing from her strange expression in her face, she called her louder, it just interrupt Long Mo Er’s beauty dream.

“Lu Qun, why are you shouting!” Long Mo Er little bit angry when Lu Qun interrupt her beautiful dream, reprimanded her.

“Little Miss, you are looked so weird just now! I was so worried about you! You still reprimanded me!” Lu Qun looked her with grievance expression.

“Aiya, Lu Qun, I am so sorry, I just have thought something, you interrupted, of course I…..” Later when Long Mo Er made eyes contact with Lu Qun, she dared not to continue. “I don’t mean to blame you! Don’t angry with me?”

“How could I angry to Little Miss. Little Miss, was you thought about Third Young Master?” Lu Qun just made right guessed.

“How could I?” Long Mo Er feels little bit embarrassed so she avoided Lu Qun’s eyes, looking at others surrounded.

Impossible? Does her face and expression are really written Ye Che’s name? Was it really that obvious? Oh Heaven! How this could be! How could this being seen by others? Won’t it be really obvious? If really being guessed right by others, should she laughed to deny?

“Ha Ha, hm, no!” Lu Qun smiled, she has followed her Little Miss for such long time, how could she not notice and guessed her little miss thought due to response she showed! In order not to make her little miss embarrassed, she pretended as if she didn’t know anything. Ha Ha, but still it was so laughable! Falling in love with other person really can make fun of that people, so when her love will show up? She really wants to feel and experience like how her little miss feels! The feeling of happiness!

Aiya, My God, You should pity on this little maid! I also want to experience loves someone! If not, in few years later I will be old maiden! My Heaven, My God please pity on me!


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