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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 31


Ah~ finally the Ex showed up.

I don’t really like Feng Cheng Yi, from two years ago or the present two years…

So, another “beast” is showed up. A man that hurt Yao Yao deeply from two years ago, here he comes back. He isn’t begging for forgiveness but to taunt her, perhaps…

Chapter 31

Meeting Ex-Boy friend after 2 years

“Yao Yao, do you and that Manager Long….”

“No!” no matter what Bai Ling intending to say, she hurried cut her: “I just ever met him one time.”

“Ah? Are you sure you only met him one times? But he obliviously showed that he really cared about Li Wen Feng and others who stroke up the conversation with you. Ha, from my point of view, I can say that manager Long may interested with you.”

Oh My Heaven! Does Bai Ling really loves to dream? “Nothing like that, I really meet him one time, that’s all.”

“Oh, so that’s all. Fine, Yao Yao, his surname Long, and also manager… doesn’t he someone who named as Long Qi?”

“Yes. Why?”

“Oh my goodness, really was he? Yao Yao, you really lucky, he is the youngest manager in our company, he also one of the most promising manager, moreover he also included as the most handsome men in our company list, seeing from both of your age and appearance, both of you are match each other. You should consider about him.”

Whatever, she surrendered, no matter how she explained to Bai Ling, thing would be blacken….

“I go to my post.”

“En, Bye Bye, Yao Yao.”


A luxurious limousine stopped at the Berson group’s entrance, outside this car there are four or five people standing and waiting in front the door, waiting for the important person appeared.

When the car’s door opened, a slender man with good looking charm and wearing grey suit gets down from the car, in his left ear there is diamond earring shine brightly because illuminating by the sun light.

“General Manager Feng, please.” one of the employee is greeting him with alluring smile.

That man pulled his suit, bring his own subordinate to walk inside Berson Group’s lobby…

“Eh… who is that… man?” The on duty receptionist asked in reception table, she looked at that good looking man at glanced, stare blankly: “Vey elegant, so handsome! Simply to say he just as good looking as our Berson’s CEO. Actually who is he, this important person? Since our PR department manager is privately welcoming him?”

“As what I know, he should be the second young master from Feng group, he is the General Manager of the Feng Group and also one of the heirs of Feng group.”

“Fucking Damn , the generation of rich and handsome.”

“That’s right, he is someone who well-born rich young master, so that, you don’t need to think about him.”

Being poured cold water by her own colleagues, the unsatisfied receptionist said: “Why?”

“It seems you are lacking with the newest news, all the women beside him are equally fine women with our CEO Yu, furthermore his style and our CEO Yu almost similar, all the women are sexy and extraordinary beautiful, if you can get him so that it easy for you to settle our CEO.”

After the on duty receptionist heard it, she suddenly felt hopeless: “just let it go… just seeing him as eye-candy ah.”

“General Manager Feng, our General Manager is waiting you at his office, please use this elevator.” The PR department manager said, he lead the way to Feng Chen Yi to the “high level top management executives” elevator.

Feng Chen Yi cold eyes gleaming: “Why doesn’t General Manager Long that privately welcomed me?”

“Uh…this.” This PR manager has made lot of work and preparation in order to welcome Feng Chen Yi, but after he meets the real person, he still being intimidating by his aura.

“General Manager…General Manager Feng. Ha Ha, General Manager Long still busy with his work, so that….”

“Busy? So that he asked the people from your department to welcome me?” He said with domineering aura, smiling and lower his head: “Lisa, cancel today meeting.”


Once the PR department manager heard his word, suddenly the cold sweats streaming down to his body: “General Manager Feng, please don’t be angry.”

No matter how the PR department manager made explanations, Feng Chen Yi seems not care, at the time he wanted to turn his back, leaving, the elevator door opened….

He suddenly stopped at this moment!

Luo Yao Yao? He has come back to country! His frozen eyes suddenly melting, the memories of past is gradually filled in his thoughts.

“General Manager Feng…”

Raised his hand, he stopped and said to the PR department manager: “Now I have changed my mind.” His lips curled up with cold laugh, he brought his own subordinate inside the elevator….

This voice? The person who just entered the elevator?

Once Yao Yao turned her head she sees Feng Chen Yi get into the elevator, her heart suddenly thumping hard.

Is he? Really is he? “Thump” “Thump” “Thump” her heart beating so fast, she does not want to see! Yao Yao don’t look at back, she really tries hard to manage her mood, but still she can’t control herself to look at him…

When she sees that familiar face with cold eyes suddenly at that moment…

“Chen Yi, I love you so much”

“Foolish Yao Yao.”

“Chen Yu, wait until my 18 birthday, I will give you a present.”

“You birthday but giving me a present? You are still that dummy!”

“En… chen Yi, use your strength…Chen Yi, I have reached.”

“Minako, you really can show me.”

“I hate you.”

All those memories whether the good ones and bad ones are flashing in her eyes…

Long time ago, he was someone she loved the most, but also at the same time he is someone she hated the most, before, she thought she would be able to spend her life together with this man but what she got only the endless pain from him, before she thought he has left, he has gone, then she would not think about him anymore, won’t love him anymore. But….

After two years, this man who ever hurt her deeply suddenly showed up, at the moment, her heart still hurts so much, suddenly her eyes moist and redden, what does this mean?

“52th floor, thank you.” the PR department manager said, but Yao Yao could not move: “Hey, I am talking with you, 52th floor.”

“Ah? I am sorry, I am sorry.” She regained to herself, hurried pressed the button to 52th floor.

Feng Chen Yi who stands at her behind helplessly shook his head, it has been two years, this little girl is still muddle head? He really does not know how to deal with her. His stern face gradually hint a smile, his deep eyes rolled….

“Lisa, what perfume brand do you use today, smell good.”

“Ah?” his secretary dumbfounded, her beautiful face suddenly blushed: “It is COCO Xiao jie. General Manager Feng.”

“Next time you may try Little Daisy perfume, I think it suit you better.”

“Glared” ineffable Yao Yao’s body trembling…

Little Daisy?

“Yao Yao, this for you.”


“Yes, you can’t buy it in market, this is specially I ordered for you.”

“What kind of fragrances is it?”

“This is Little Daisy fragrance, the only fragrance that belongs to you.”

Before, when she received that perfume which only belongs to herself as her fragrance she extremely happy, very happy, but at the time they broke up, she still thought that Little Daisy fragrance stills her own-fragrance. But now, it seems…she wronged. Perhaps she has weight herself too much, the reality this man loves to use this kind of scheme to get any girl, to anyone, and he really can.




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