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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 32

Chapter 32

The Pain

“Okay General Manager Feng, later I will change mine.”

“Ha ha, Lisa, do you have time tonight? How about if we have dinner tonight.”

“Ah? I have! I have time.” Lisa has waited this moment for such long time, she has expected to have further relationship with Chen Feng Yi other than the working-relationship.

Who knows…

“Childish!” Yao Yao who stands backed them cannot stay still anymore, she has witness one by one the women that being dumped by Feng Chen Yi after he bored playing with them, she thought to meet the two years later of him, who has mature but who knows that his character hasn’t changed much. This is called it is easier to change mountains and rivers than alter one’s character (Idiom: The leopard cannot change its spot).

“Uh, what…she said?” Lisa face sterner, later she looked at Feng Chen Yi who smiles satisfied.

Yao Yao frowned and turned to look: “Of course I talked about the rotten egg rotten bastard who is standing beside you!”

“Hey, how can you say our General Manager such thing?”

“The service department staff, do you know who is he? Do you want to be fired?” only by Yao Yao single word everyone is pointing finger to her.

During the normal time, she won’t say much thing, but because she sees Feng Chen Yi, she cannot control herself and also her mood.

If she being fired then it fine, even she gets another scold from manager Zhang it also well-do. Feng Chen Yi who is maintaining his calmness and also his cold eyes with his devious smile, no wonder Yao Yao pissed off by clenched her hands that exposed her veins.

This moment, finally Feng Chen Yi responded: “Miss, are we know each other?”

Her face rigid, the oxygen suddenly empty in her heart, Feng…Feng Chen Yi this rotten bastard, what he intended to say? Just now, she thought because of Feng Chen Yi was busy to talk with others so that he was forgot to greet her, so that he unwilling to acknowledge her? Does he feel such shame to acknowledge her as his Ex-girl friend?

Her heart is pain so much, this kind of situation just brought back the two years ago pain, she never knew how their relationship broke up affecting Feng Chen Yu but she certainly knew how hurt and ache her during that time.

Later after two years, she never knew how bad would be her emotion get influence after meeting him again, but now… she surely knows her emotion stirred up.

“The elevator girl, hurried apologize to General Manager Feng, or else I will inform your manager and ask the manager to fire you!” the PR department manager step forward in front, shouting at Yao Yao.

But she does not show the intention to do so, Feng Chen Yi is the rotten bastard that likes to play with women, so that, why should she apologize him, she won’t!

“Apologize! Understood?”

“Let it off, I don’t need apologized, but… the staffs in Berson group really have such “high” inner-self.” After he said, the elevator has stopped at 52th floor, Feng Chen Yi does not look at her even a glanced then he walked out from the elevator.

“General Manager Feng, just now the elevator lady is special case, later I will talk with her manager to fire her.” after they get out from the elevator, the PR manager keeps on aphorizing.

Feng Chen Yi stopped his step: “I thought you have mistaken my meaning.”

“Ah? Mistaken?”

Coldly he smiles, squinted his dark deep eyes, sternly said: “The staff that I mean was you! In front of the client you dare to shout and yell at your subordinate, if really can, later I will have good talk with General Manager Long to change the position of PR department manager.”

“Ah? General manager Feng! General Manager Feng. I am so sorry, sorry, later on I will put more attention, please don’t say anything to General Manager Long.’

No matter how the PR department manager talked and explained to Feng Chen Yi, he ignored him, leaving the PR department manager alone.

And then…

Lisa who has stood beside Chen Feng Yi for this time also thought that he pointed the impolite elevator lady as the staff who no manner, but how can suddenly he said that the PR department manager was at fault? Strange.

“General manager Feng, this can be say as the first time Berson and Feng group work together, I hope both of us will have perfect and beautiful cooperation from start to the end.” After a brief negotiation, this most top China companies, Berson and Feng group are reached their agreement of the project cooperation. Long Ye even escort Feng Chen Yi, personally out from his own office.

“Ha Ha, just as I hope. No matter what, I really happy to know and work with General Manager Long, if there is an opportunity, we should have meal together, also call both CEO Yu and Vice CEO Han, both of them are two persons that I respect most.”

“Certainly, certainly. Our CEO Yu also likes to talk about you, he wishes to make friend with you.”

“Ha Ha, this good. So this all, I’m leaving.”

“Well. See Yaa next time.”

Two of them are exposed their alluring smiles, when Feng Chen Yi turned his back, the smile just disappeared replace with cold stern expression.

After being trained for two years, he has adapted with business environment and masked himself, hearing such praising words, actually it means fight between life and death. Towards strong and weak “meat” in this world, this is kind of very common communication skill.

“General Manager Feng, that is no secret that General Manager Long from Berson group is man with big smile and evil intention, are you really wanted to be friend with someone like him?” Lisa who stands beside him asked.

Feng Chen Yi cold glanced swept her: “Lisa, you has followed me for long time, didn’t you understand this kind of courtesy words? But… there was one real word.”

“which ones?”

“I really… want to know, to know that Yu Ao Tian!”

Two years ago, from zero capital, legally he able to acquire Berson Group, then shortly by using two years time he able to make Berson Group as one of the biggest group in China and also make it progress and develop very fast, clearly this man, Yu Ao Tian simply comes from Yakuza background, actually what scheme he used in order to position himself as businessman?

Can’t avoid, Feng Chen Yi really respects Yu Ao Tian no matter as business partner or as business enemy, he really feel excited!

“Oh yeah, General Manager Feng, that… Little Daisy perfume, where can I buy it?” when Lisa asked her face blushed.

“Hah. You won’t be able to buy it.” because that fragrance is the most unique one in the world!

“Actually, after I think, that fragrance isn’t really suitable for you!”

“Hah? So General Manager Feng, what kind of fragrance that suit me the best according to you?”

He puts one of his hand in pocket, Feng Chen Yi looked at Lisa with cold eyes: “There is no my business to think of it. And… tonight dinner, cancel it.”

“Ah?” Lisa has waited so long for this momentum and opportunity, but she never thought it just an empty appointment.

“Understood, General Manager Feng.”

“All of you take another elevator and wait me at the entrance.”

“Yes. General Manager Feng.” All of the subordinate are not really understand with Feng Chen Yi intention, but none of them dare to ask him. So that they just obediently get out from Berson Group with another elevator…..

Luo Yao Yao who is waiting inside the elevator which is sabotage by Feng Chen Yi appearance, showed his nervous expression while looking at the elevator display number screen: “How can this Berson group has such slow elevator!!”



13 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 32

      1. This is not normal triangle love between two men over one girl. You will find more thing in later chapters…
        Still the part of Yu Ao Tian, Feng Chen Yi and Yao Yao are the interesting one.

  1. Yao Yao has met this disgusting piece of trash again.Her heart must be aching .what game will he be up to.

    Thank you for this

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