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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 33

Chapter 33

Flirting inside elevator

Yao Yao peek outside the elevator, that rotten bastard, Feng Chen Yi really standing there. Her face darken, straightforwardly she push button number 1…

“Miss, have I said that I want to go to 1st floor?”

“…..” be patient, hold on…Yao Yao inhale deep, sweetly smile at Feng Chen Yi that entered the elevator: “Mr, which floor do you want to go?”

“51st floor.”

“Ding” “Mr. we arrived.”

“Ah, I remember wrong. It should be 50th floor.”

“Mr, we arrived.”

“I think I remember wrong again, it seems 49th floor.”

Damn!!! Endure! Endure! “Mr, we arrived at 49th floor.”

“Uh… it not 49th floor. Perhaps 48th floor.”

“Mr, are you sure 48th floor? Will it be you wrongly remember again? Just to let you know, the electricity for elevator quite expensive.” Yao Yao looked him with big sweet smile, but actually she is gritting her teeth and issued out “creak” voice.

“I am also not too sure which floor I heading to, you pushed the button first. Moreover, your Berson Group that so rich still afraid not effort to pay electricity bill?”

“Ha Ha, our Berson Group of course affordable to pay the electricity bill, just… I just afraid you won’t get out alive from this elevator!!!” Yao Yao face gloomy, she pushed the button with her strength, turned back facing him, she pulled his necktie: “Feng Chen Yi, what kind of scheme do you plan to do?”

“Oh, so this is how the employee of Berson Group acted toward their client?”

Pretend to be stupid! Just keep on pretending to be stupid! You are rotten bastard Feng Chen Yi. Bear! Endure…endured… slowly she let go her hand from his necktie, gently she stroke him: “Ha ha, General Manager Feng, because I don’t have good quality, because I don’t have good quality, so that years could like such rotten bastard like you!!!”

“Dome!” Feng Chen Yi finally lost his own control, pair of his hand enveloped her little waist, with his devious smile: “My beloved Yao Yao, I just played little joke with you, please don’t be angry.”

“Kidding? Little jokes? Feng Chen Yi, where have I ever sorry for you? Two years we never met, once we meet, should you act like this toward me? Do you… have sickness?” when she said her last sentence, suddenly Yao Yao eyes stung and red.

For this man who born with silver spoon in his mouth, every woman just a toy for him, but for the simple girl like her, two years ago, that first love period was her all.

Hands against front chest, the head lower, she ever promised to herself that she won’t ever dropped single tear for this unworthy man who likes play other heart, but she just not understands why at this situation she cannot control her feeling and her emotions.

Silent… inside the elevator is deathly silent.

The cold good looking Feng Chen Yi suddenly showed warmness, he looked her with gentle eyes sight.

No one dares to believe two years ago he is an arrogant, playboy and domineering young master, then two years later he has changed be cold General Manager who able to show such gentleness, but only he, himself that knows very well, his warmness and gentleness only belong to whom.

Lift his head up with slightly smile, breathing, he slowly and gentle stroking and patting Yao Yao’s head: “How you can still be like you used to be, as long as teasing you then you will cry?”

“what?” at that moment she lift her head, she wiped dry her tears, pushed away him who hugging her, coldly said: “The person who never changed is you?” she back facing the elevator door: “General Manager Feng, which floor are you heading to, if you really want to play, what I have only time to play with you!”

Ha! This little demoness, he still shouldn’t use the old days eyes sight to look at her. Feng Chen Yi patted Yao Yao’s head, it has so difficult to act gentle toward her but she just poured cold water on him, he moved one step to front, he enveloped her whole body: “If Yao Yao really have time, how about you come to my house tonight?”

His intoxicating voice, his ambiguous flirting, simply to say she hates the way he deals with another woman and also play a same trick toward her. “Didn’t you have appointment tonight with others woman?”

“Does not matter, whatever it is, you are my Ex, of course I will put you as priority.” After he said, he gently brushes his face to her head.

She completely raging with anger because Feng Chen Yi is trying to flirting with her, she stood there coldly, no moving: “Oh, it’s good. You shouldn’t mind…if I bring my fiancé together!”

“fiancé?” paused, Feng Chen Yi cold eyes flared up, he loosen his embraced towards Yao Yao, coldly said: “Take me to 1st floor.”

Ah. She secretly smiles, pushed the button to 1st floor. Not takes much time the elevator stopped at 1st floor.

“This is my name card. If you want to contact me, you call me.”

“Okay. When the time I get married, I will make phone call.”

Feng Chen Yi said nothing but his expression extremely bad when he gets out from the elevator, after the elevator door closed, he raged in anger said: “Still same, cannot lying. Damn! But still I pissed off!”

After he said, he punched the cold wall…


People passing the bustling business district, Yao Yao dressed in floral one piece dress, she is sitting in stone board while drinking milkshake, watching the crowd of people passing the street filled with skyscrapers and shopping malls: “Still own homeland is great.” She has stayed four years in Japan, finally she able to admire her friendlier home country.

“Yao Yao.”

“Bai Ling, you come.” Of course, this date is invited by Bai Ling. She really happy can go out with this friend, window shopping, when she was in Japan she have Gong Xiao Man as friend, when she back to China she knew Bai Ling, she is lucky. But…. “Uh. Bai Ling, why…” Li Wen Feng and his friend are also coming?

“Yao Yao. Actually this time Li Wen Feng was the person asked for dating, he asked me to ask you out with us, so I… just help me this time.” Bai Ling pulled Yao Yao at her side, she begged her.

Helpless, of course she understood Bai Ling intention very well. “Alright, let’s we go together.”

“Really? Thank you Yao Yao.” Hence, initially these two girls are agreed to go out together but it turned be added two men to follow them. To be honest, Yao Yao isn’t used to be shopping with stranger men.

“Ah, Bai Ling, after all, I thought that present is more suitable for my girlfriend, can you bring me to the shop? I forgot where the shop is.” They have walked half an hour, suddenly Li Wen Feng’s friend opened his mouth.

“En. Okay. Yao Yao, we….”

“Bai Ling, it still better only us go there, so that we can get there faster, it fine as long as Li Wen Feng accompany Luo Yao Yao.”

“Alright. Yao Yao, then we are going.” Bai Ling who does not suspect the intention of Li Wen Feng scheme, she left Yao Yao alone with Li Wen Feng and go with his friend.

“Uh… Bai…”

Yao Yao wanted to chase after them, but she is stopped by Li Wen Feng: “Yao Yao, they have gone far, we cannot chase after them, or, don’t you want to go with me alone?”

Absolutely she does not want.

“Ha HaHa, let we catch up with them.”


15 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 33

  1. Who’s Li Wen Feng? I forgot. (^_^’)> Is he just an extra character? From what department?

    Yah, I’m surprised nothing serious happened in the elevator. I guess FCY is more tolerable than YAT. Hahahaha. Thankies for update!

    1. Ah another fly who likes Yao Yao.
      Li Wen Feng is someone not important XD
      He comes from marketing department.
      Perhaps, when I reach some chapters, I might make character description. what do you think?

      1. That WOULD be good!!! Would really appreciate it. I get confused alot. Chinese names between characters can be quite similar and confusing.

        Your chapter update now has surpassed the manhua (English) translations. Congratulations! I like it when you do insert cutouts from the manhua in most chapters.

  2. Li Wen Feng is persistent. He didn’t give up just because Manager Long tried to intimidate him.
    This is getting interesting. How can Yao Yao keep track of all of these guys???LOL 🤦

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