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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 81

Chapter 81

Meeting her

“Lu Qun, you have strange expression, what are you thinking about?” After Long Mo Er calm down herself, she turned her back and looked Lu Qun who joined her palms in reverential gesture of respect (Praying), lower her head and closed her eyes as if she is asking for something.

“Nothing! Little Miss, I… I just… praying to the Heaven that you and Third Young Master are always together and happy!” Heaven! I am so sorry, please don’t blame me because I am lying, I didn’t tell the truth, please don’t punish me! If I really say honestly it will be little bit awkward, so that my Heaven, please don’t be angry! I don’t have any option than lying, by seeing how loyal I am as maid, please forgive me! I really don’t want to be old maiden, who cannot marry!

“Are you praying for me? But why your expression looked so suffer? It seems that you are unwillingly?” Long Mo Er saw that her expression similar to someone is going to cry, so that she not really believes her. “Am I really spoiling you too much? You are looked more and more strange.”

“Little Miss, nothing. I am really loyal to you, every matter regarding Little Miss, I always put in my heart. You don’t need to suspect me, do I ever lied to you for these past years?” Heaven, Little Miss, this time I lie because special case la!

“Little Miss, am I really looked that strange? But I think you are weirder! I won’t able to be compete with you, please don’t wrong me. Little Miss, You….” In the middle of way when Lu Qun tries to give an explanation, she sensed that Long Mo Er not focus on her anymore, but Long Mo Er has looked to the other side but her eyes sight seems weird. Lu Qun stopped, she turned back herself.

When she saw the person at her back, she dumbfounded for while.

That is one of the beautiful girl that able to make others girl be forgotten. A pair of phoenix eyes, the long eyes lashes, high straight nose, glossy red lips, tall and slim body, her pink clothes are so match with her skin tone, she just perfect as lady.

That beautiful lady is looking at Long Mo Er with sweet smiles, and then she slowly and gently walking toward them.

“Are you Little Miss Long? We are meet again, did you remember me?” that beautiful girl gently and warmly asked her.

Does this beautiful lady know little miss? Why can’t she remember where they ever meet this lady? If little miss knew her then Lu Qun must be known her too. But why she does not have any impression about her? Who is she? Lu Qun is looking closely to that lady who comes closer, when she is closer to them, she realized that the lady has very white skin, her face also smooth and she also have clear skin.

Woah! She really super beautiful!

“Long Little Miss?” The beautiful lady looked at Long Mo Er who does not response, and then she called her once more time.

Lu Qun brings back her gaze from that lady to Long Mo Er. She sees that her little miss dumbfounded expression, she does not move but her eyes are stopped to that beautiful lady’s, with little bit impolite way of seeing the in front beautiful lady.

Haha, little miss might being attracted by that beautiful lady! This lady is really had kind of beauty and charm to attract others.

“Hey, Little Miss, Little Miss.” The lady is took initiative to greet her, of course Lu Qun won’t allow her Little Miss acted impolite, stare blankly to the person, so that she waving her hand in front of Long Mo Er. “Little Miss, she has called you.”

“Ah, how… are you.” Long Mo Er never thought that she would meet her again, she also never thought to meet her in such situation.




10 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 81

  1. Thank you for the new update. ^^ I’m curious about the identity of the woman Mo Er met.
    Is she Fei Yan the courtesan who likes Ye Che?

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