注定与你/妳在一起 : Forever walking together

Let’s we grow up and old together, complete each others

Walking hand in hand until death do apart of us

Marriage seem be horror for me since there are lot people who married and then divorced. The today society is quite fearing but, I still believe there will be “real love” in this world.

Through this post, I would like to share one of TRUE story of two persons I knew who really have such beautiful love story, it almost similar to every romantic melancholy novels.

I want to share such beautiful life experienced of two persons I knew, two young fellows who face tough relationship and ended happily, at least until today they still together.

I knew these two persons during my high school, yeah my classmate.Their story is one of school legend even after we had graduated for years, some of my school Juniors still talking about “Their story”, spreading through the school.


So story begin years ago when Ah Zhang (male :not a real name) and Ah Wen (female: not a real name) were in the kindergarten. They have known each other since that time. Going to same school from kindergarten, primary school, junior high, senior high even same university.

Fate really mystical and work out of logic. When first time I heard their story from some of their close friends, I quite surprised because I just knew both of them were during my junior high. So, I didn’t know their kindergarten story except those fellow classmates who were also be friend with both of them since kindergarten.

Aya is one of my best friend who apparently Ah Zhang and Ah Wen classmate since kindergarten. Beside Aya, there still lots of my classmate who studied in that school from kindergarten until senior high. After years, when I was in Senior High, both of Ah Zhang and Ah Wen are became school pair of legend.

During my generation, dating is not something taboo at my school as long as it not affected the grades, school achievement and also dating in proper way (means not more than holding hand).

So, during my high school time, more than half of my classmate were dating, no matter dating same classmate, the other class friend or even other school student. I almost could see “love-bird” everywhere in every corner of my school. It easy to notice and know who was dating whom.

Ah Zhang and Ah Wen were the modest one but also the most respectable couple in my school, both of them almost become “example” of proper dating.

Ah Zhang might average good looking man with warm smile while Ah Wen was one of school belle who has very clever and smart brain because she always get either first rank or second rank in school (because her rival always be Aya, my best friend in term of academic XD ).

Just as I mentioned before, Ah Zhang and Ah Wen were knowing each other since they were in kindergarten, be classmate almost like forever, friend, dating and marriage. As rumor said, they officially dating when they were in six grade (last year in primary school) and since then, they dating until graduated from university and married. They have known each other almost more than twenty years, dating more than ten years and today they already have two beautiful cute babies.

Usually teachers would opposed dating in broad daily day during school but Ah Zhang and Ah Wen just special case. I still remembered last year before my senior high ended, my homeroom teacher even said, the proper dating just like Ah Zhang and Ah Wen, they were couple who help each other, love each other but still in right rail.

There was a time when I witness myself this couple arguing (Nah, more like Ah Wen nagging Ah Zhang) because of something. Actually I have seen many couples arguing even fighting during my school time, so what was special with this couple?
That day was lunch break, everyone was busy to buy food in canteen or just ate their own bento brought from home. As for me, I was having health issue so that I almost never bought anything in my school canteen so that mom always makes me Bento bringing to school. I was someone among a group of people who trapped in wrong time, wrong situation and wrong place, I stayed at my class to have my lunch. While enjoying my tasteless Bento, suddenly I heard Ah Wen shouted at Ah Zhang who was her boyfriend and also “seat-mate”, “Ah Zhang I hate you!” she shouted, automatically, everyone turned their focus to this couple included me. The next thing, I saw Ah Wen hitting Ah Zhang with book (quite thick one, must be hurt). You know sometimes human just weird, instead of helping most of us like to “watching” the show silently. I stopped eating and saw Ah Wen yelling and hitting Ah Zhang while crying. I really not understood whether Ah Zhang got hit till dummy or he shocked so could not do anything and let Ah Wen to hit him until she tired and stopped.

there was only few words Ah Zhang said that caught my classmates and me, he said: “Ah Wen, have you enough? are you calm down?” and then he touched Ah Wen hand, “Your hand must be hurt, keeps on hitting my body. let put ointment.”

I couldn’t think anything, seeing that kind of scenery but suddenly one of their close friend angrily shouted at Ah Zhang, “Are you crazy, or you become dummy? she just hit you and you are not angry but still so concern with her…” at rest this fellow classmate just talked dirty words in Chinese and in Bahasa, saying how Ah Zhang ashamed men because stupidly let Ah Wen hit him and blablabla…

Later after years, after we graduated from university and involved into society, Ah Zhang and Ah Wen finally married and just yesterday when I went out with my best friend, Aya and Miu, we met both of them in one shopping center in Medan. They looked happily with two cute babies.


Let’s me know, is there anyone who you know and also share same beautiful story?


8 thoughts on “注定与你/妳在一起 : Forever walking together

  1. To admit I never believe in ‘True Love ‘ … My friends got relationship one by one and always end up slit-hearted … For me such thing called ‘True Love’ exist only in shojo manga …. Maybe the MCs in this story are legendary soul mate ~ lucky ones … I’m not envious of them : they might have their own problems … Hope I’m not too cynical 😁 btw where are u from ? China ? Japan ?

    1. I am staying in Indonesia.
      Perhaps you are right perfect love just available in manga or drama, they might not real or it just happen my fellow classmates might the lucky ones.
      They just alike other normal couple, they fight, argue but at same time they understand to cherish, love each other. Every things that they experienced just make them growing more and more.
      I am not trying to be “knowing-everything” about their relationship because only them and God, knows best.
      I say this because, there one time, another fellow classmate tried to provoke the girl, saying why didn’t she broke with the man and looking another man who might better. She said there is no other man that suit me more than him. he is imperfect but perfect for me.

      1. Me too.
        When I heard she said that, I can’t believe one of the smartest student has so naive way of thinking.
        But, just let time prove if she puts herself in right bet, at least, until today they still together, spending more than quarter of their life together (if human life span 100 years)

      2. I agree !!! How about u keep watching them another 25 years … At that time they will be 50 and might have some grandchildren …U should post about their love story again … I will keep following your blog for another 25 years …. Hahahahahahahahaha XD

  2. It’s hard to find guys who’ll let their girlfriend hit them until they had enough, and then ask to put ointment on their hands D:

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