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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 34

This is one of my favorite chapter because I like to see how man fight with their pride only to win girl’s favor. But I should say, this Li Wen Feng is salted fish compare to Feng Chen Yi who is salmon no matter in term of look, wealthy, family background, career…

I don’t really like Feng Chen Yi but I disdain Li Wen Feng more because…
You can find the answer in this chapter.

Enjoy your reading 🙂

Chapter 34

She is Feng Chen Yi’s woman

She is not used to be alone with Li Wen Feng, moreover this Li Wen Feng is trying to waste and dragging the time by walking such slowly. With this kind of speed, perhaps both of them won’t ever can catch up with Bai Ling cs, really make people panic to death.

“Yao Yao, is it hard to be elevator lady?”

“Still okay, still okay.” She gave him cold smile.

“Yao Yao ah, you are looked so young, also very beautiful, actually you don’t need to be such hard to yourself, girl, as long as they are learning to… have sweet talk, able to please man, staying at home then you can be so relax counting money.”

Ugh… what kind of words this supervisor Li said to her, no matter how she heard it, it sounded like twisting? She thought there is must be hidden intention, but now her heart is thinking about Bai Ling, so she forced herself to give him faint smile.

This time, suddenly Li Wen Feng stood in front of her.

“Supervisor Li, you?”

“Come, Yao Yao, come with me.” Yao Yao hasn’t agreed, but Li Wen Feng has pushed her into one of expensive boutique inside the mall.

“Supervisor Li, didn’t we still need to find Bai Ling? Why we come here?”

“Ha ha.” Li Wen Feng just laughed, say nothing but get inside to the Prada boutique, Yao Yao is forced to follow him to get inside too.

“Sales girl1], how much this dress?”

“Mr, it has discounted price, $2600.”

“Oh it’s only $2600?” After he heard the price, Li Wen Feng showed his exaggerated expression: “Aiya, how can Prada outfit be so cheap, although it cheap, please take this Miss to try on.”


“Supervisor Li, you…?” Yao Yao suddenly looked at him.

“Ha Ha, Yao Yao, don’t worry, this dress is so cheap, just take it as gift from me. You hurry go to change and try it.”

“But… Supervisor Li this is not money matter. But….”

“Yao Yao ah, I know you might think this dress is so expensive so that you want to help me to save some amount, but don’t worry, this amount just small money for me.”

This supervisor Li, every time he talked he always bring about money, what does he mean?

“Wait… wait supervisor Li, thank you for your good intention, I have my own dress, so there is no need to buy new ones.”

“Aiya, Yao Yao, take a look, how can your dress match with Prada dresses? Better you throw it out. I just dote you, young maiden, as long as they understand to please man, then it will do, no need to be suffered.”

Understood, no wonder she felt there was something amiss with this supervisor Li.

Indeed, the current her cannot afford to buy expensive and luxurious stuffs, but at least she understands very well what called as work hard-money, moreover she is not type of girl who win favor over other only to get those expensive stuffs. This Li Wen Feng indeed cheap man! It seems this time she cannot help Bai Ling anymore.

“I’m sorry, supervisor Li, I still have thing to do, so…”

“It seems that Prada outfit is in season.” Not far from them, there is man’s voice who is interrupted Yao Yao and Li Wen Feng conversation.

The man face is blocked by the mannequin, but Yao Yao feels this voice… is so familiar.

“This Mr, you are really have good eyes, this is our newest Prada collection.”

Suddenly the man’s face that blocked show up, his figure slowly get into Yao Yao’s vision sight, he has dazzling diamond earring in his left ear. Humph, this Feng Chen Yi little brat, how can be so coincide she meets him in here?

“Heh.” Feng Chen Yi showed his elegant smile, his slender fingers that grab one of the skirt, slowly moves in front of her: “I have feeling, this Miss aura more suitable and also match something more exclusive, but not something that….price $2000 discount price dress.” He turned: “Mr, what do you think?”

Li Wen Feng furrowed his brow clearly, because to save his face, he pretended stare blank, said: “Aiya, so that was the discount price, so how much this skirt price?” he touched that branded skirt, his frowned: “Ha Ha Ha, it’s…. only $10300.”

“Sales girl, please wrap up this skirt, give it to…” his finger pointed at Yao Yao’s, he smiled bitter: “This beautiful Miss.”

“Yes, sir.”

In order to reply Feng Chen Yu provocation, Li Wen Feng persistent to fight till end, saving his face: “Sales girl, how much this pair of shoes?”

“It is 13000, sir.”

“Bring out the suitable pair for this Miss. Please wrap up the shoes.” After he said, Li Wen Feng who got provoke by Feng Chen Yi looked at him with cold eyes.

But Feng Chen Yi acting as if he sees nothing, he keeps on pointing stuffs and this time he pointed at bag: “Sales girl, I also want this bag.”

“Oh, Mr. you are really have good eyes. This bag is limited edition ones. It only limited to ten bags in the world. Thank you. It price $153.000”

Feng Chen Yi smiled and clasping his hand, the person who is wearing suit and stand not far from there is Feng Chen Yi’s assistant. He settled the payment in counter.

“Ah~ little brat, why do you want to fight with me?” Li Wen Feng has lost his control: “Sales girl, all these stuffs, I want all of them!”

Yao Yao sensed the matter will be gets bigger, when she wants to stop. Suddenly Feng Chen Yi pulled her.

“Ha ha, the person who only have ordinary credit card2], even dare to settle all these stuff payment, Mr, I advice you before you settle the payment better you take a look how many zero your credit card afford to settle, afraid the limit won’t enough. Don’t shame yourself.”

“Little brat, this you don’t need to worry, I don’t want to compare amount of money with you, just to let you know, this mall is belong to my uncle. There is nothing I can’t have!”

“Oh? So Li Wen Bo is your uncle?” Feng Chen Yi said, helplessly he shook his head.

“Why? Are you afraid?”

“Afraid? Hah, I thought you have misunderstood something.”

“What? Misunderstood?” Li Wen Feng didn’t understand so he asked.

“This mall indeed own by Li Wen Bo but… at this moment this mall is already mine!” His cold eyes looked at him, “Veblen, hurry give a call to Li Wen Bo, said to him that I agreed to acquire this mall!”

“Yes, General Manager Feng.”

Seeing the domineering aura and the way Feng Chen Yi talking, Li Wen Feng dumbfounded: “General Manager Feng? Are you…. you are… the second young master from Feng Group, Feng Chen Yi?”

In China, other than Berson group CEO Yu Ao Tian there is no other company that able to match the wealth of Feng group, moreover there are not many people dare to go against them, even Li Wen Feng who must try to work more than thousand year, his family wealth will never able to match his wealth, not even additional one zero.

“General…General Manager Feng, I don’t wrong you, why are you go against me?”

“Do you want to know the answer?” his deep eyes looked at him, while one of his hand put inside his pocket, the other hand directly embraced Yao Yao: “Do you think, Feng Chen Yi’s Ex-girl friend, what things that she never seen before? Just rely on your small money you think to get her? Idiot!”

“She… is she your Ex-girl friend?” this time Li Wen Feng absolutely turned be idiot, he thought Yao Yao is type of little girl that does not know how the outside world is, he never thought that she was Feng Chen Yi Ex-girl friend, the young master that never gave any discount present for her. He made fist of his hand, angrily walked away, leaving that place.


1] 服 Fu 務 Wu 員 Yuan : It can be mean servant, maid, attendant, etc just depend on how this word be used. In here, I translate it as salesgirl because it more proper and fit the sentences.

2] Feng Chen Yi refer to the common credit card such as the Silver, Gold and Platinum. While the highest level credit card such as Purple and Black card which usually to show and retain their status as the credit card colours of the seriously rich and well rewarded for the holder (but again this type of credit card depend on the issued bank)


18 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 34

    1. When he show up then it will be the situation when “Demon comes to deal with beauty”, so you should wait sometime for him.
      Don’t worry the following chapter is also interesting even without Yu Ao Tian 😉

      1. I third that I truthfully detest men like them. They really put shame to them men. They are extremely cruel and spoil brats by using money to buy others without caring for other’s feeling.

        I hope Yu Ao Tian is not like this two despicable men disregard whether he is a horny goat or Emperor of underworld or not. I hope for YY’s sake he is not like those two.

        Thanks for your effort Azurro..

      2. That’s why Yao Yao never regret her decision to leave Feng Chen Yi who is extremely rich brat in China as the second young master. When she broke with him, everyone suddenly disdain her only her best friend Gong Xiao Man who still there to support her.

  1. These men… flaunting money as its nothing to them… should have check what kind of a girl YY is…. Thank you for translating

  2. Tell me if Yao Yao accepts the gifts from does it mean they have agreed that she will be his wife or just his kept woman? No matter I hate his style.

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