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C-Drama : Nirvana in Fire (琅琊榜)

Picture credit to Baidu

I have been waiting the drama since the first time I watched the trailer. Nirvana in fire also one of the novel that has sad ending which usually being avoided by me. Again, after I read the last part of the novel and watching the drama, I should say, even it sad but the ending really beautiful.

Further info:
Synopsis                                      : Shushengbar
Watch drama                             : Youtube
Novel Translation in English  : jjunjun

This drama has been hot topic since last year. It has one of most beautiful trailer I ever watched.

Check out the trailer

Usually I have so much things to say when reviewing drama such as my likes and dislikes but this drama really beautiful and high quality, I like the casts even Wu Lei who has short dialogue but still be everywhere in every chapters.

I highly recommend this drama if you feel bore with those fluffy and melancholic dramas. This might not romantic drama but it really beautiful story about friendship.

I have done watching this drama and moving to watch Love Me, If you dare (Close Your Eyes, Here He Comes/ 他來了請閉眼). I will make the review soon 🙂


5 thoughts on “C-Drama : Nirvana in Fire (琅琊榜)

  1. I am watching this but I have to wait for the English subs so I’m only about half way through right now. So far I adore it. I am looking forward to discussing it with people once I’m able to watch the rest of it, which from the current rate of subs will take a month or more. ~sigh~ A long time, but totally worth it.

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