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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 7.3

Chapter 7
Part 3 (Three)

The difference between man and dog

I run to pick one of the doggies that similar to fur ball. It was not real fur ball, it hairy and fat just similar like ball covered with fur. I caught it and felt so comfortable. I really felt enthusiastically playing with the dog while Kang Yu just stood aside seeing me.

Kang Yu crouched not far from me, with one of his fingers, he poked at that ball fur dog, “Why do you love this thing?”

“What do you mean by this thing? As you know, dog is the best buddy of human being.” I said to him while patting that little white fur.

“Ah, at the utmost, it only can be your best friend but will it able to “feed” you?” his nasty fingers touching the white fur, he touched it nose, not too strong but still made the little fur not uncomfortable.

I glared at him, “why should it “feed” me, as long as I feed it, then it is more than enough.”

He pouted his mouth, and then he seemed wanted to say something but I just lazy to hear him, so I ignored him, walking at the other side and played with another little dogs and cats. Suddenly my eyes spotted the rare cool Siberian husky dog, as I knew that dog is called the King of doggies which pet inside this pet house. Many people were so excited of it.

During that time, Siberian husky breed was considered as the rare breed. It has very cool eyes that looked demeanor, extremely handsome and very beautiful. I was so excited about this dog, quickly I put down the little fur ball and went to play with the astonishing Siberian husky.

King was really well-trained, he was so obedient.

I had completely got into my own world, my head was filled with all handsome doggies, muttering, “Oh handsome, how can you be such handsome ah, you have soft fur, also this well-build muscle, woah, also your neck coat, too perfect, simply to say you are an ideal prince in my heart.”

He has such beautiful pair of eyes, it were cartoon, I believe his two eyes were more beautiful than red quasi, it moved my heart. I used my face to brush it cheek, I really wanted to bring it home.

At this moment, I had forgotten about Kang Yu, the person outside my world.

Kang Yu eyes gleaming brightly but I knew his eyes not shared similar gleamed with my eyes, that eyes was flashing envious and hate.

“Would dog can be better than man?”

“Cih, how can man compare with dog?” so what if I love dog.

Kang Yu walked to my side, he gritting his teeth to vent his anger, but because I didn’t respond to him, suddenly he became silent.

He has glared me for such long time, and then took long breathe, he used kind of manner as if lecturing me, said: “How can you be such stupid, even this difference you are not know.”

“Difference?” I tiled my head, “What kind of difference?”

He was getting his way, very patience, said: “you said you have man, you still treat him as dog but will you able to make dog as your man?”

I frowned, no matter how I heard this words I felt something amiss.

“So that…” he stood up, pulled me along, “You should make distance with dog.”

I got frustrated, “Kang Yu, does you hate dog?” I thought he likes dog, if not why he followed me to here.

“Before, I like dog little, but now I hate it to death!”

“Why?” I asked him.

He turned to look at me, his face really dark, his eyes emitting dangerous aura, swept on me and then he turned back, as if he hinting on me.

This kind of mood, as if I owed him money.

I stubborn to walk in front of him, as if I didn’t see him, but he also ignored me.

Kang Yu this man really such stubborn as stone, if I run in front of him then he would get faster as wind run in front of me.

I also have bad temperamental, I just not believe I could not win over him in running.

I had hardened my heart to win over him, persistently to run, he is tall and strong, if I really want to win over him, this won’t be easy for me. I always believe there are ways to rome so if I could not use main street, I still have the little rat street no matter what, I must win over him!

At this moment, he did not have much spirit as I was, he stood a head me, showed as if there was something, secretly I peek on him.

He stood not far from me, he has gloomy expression, his mouth said something: “If in the future my love enemy is dog, how can I mingle in this life, you little stupid!!”


This is first time I felt alike little bird got trapped….


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