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C-drama : Love Me, If You Dare (他来了,请闭眼)


Last time I was mentioning about Ding Mo’s novel that made onscreen. So far the drama have released two episodes. Ding Mo is one of famous C-novelist along Tong Hua, Gu Man, Fei Wo Si Cun, etc, whose book made into screen.

I never bother myself to read Ding Mo’s novel. Instead the novel, I still prefer to watch the drama. Not because the novel not good but the genre just…. I am not “heavy taster”.

Let’s talk about the cast.

Wallace Huo as Simon, Allen, Bo Jing Yan
Bo Jing Yan is genius profiler that has high IQ but low EQ, not like socializing, live in desolate place, likes to eat fish and sometimes looks alike weirdos.

Ma Si Chun as Jian Yao
Uni student who major in foreign language, good in English. She works as translator for Jing Yan, good in fishing, very observant and best friend of Xun Ran who is police officer.

Wang Kai as Li Xun Ran
He is best friend of Jian Yao / Yao Yao, police officer, he falls in love with Yao Yao.

Andrew Yin as Fu Zi Yu
A doctor, best friend and slave for Bo Jing Yan, because he taking care all his matters.

Drama : Baidu, wikipedia
Novel   : Shushengbar

As for me this is another high quality of drama. Every things still okay with the cast, I don’t have any comment about Wallace as male lead or Ma as the female lead. Moreover I feel so excited to spot Wang Kai again after I done with Nirvana in fire and in disguiser.
I like the way they filming this drama, It has been long time I haven’t watch suspense drama so, I have high expectation for this drama.

The drama airing every Thursday, two episodes/week,  10.00PM, China time, 24 episodes to be estimated.

Ah~ another reminder, this drama might make you lost appetite, since there was scene of human organs being bottled, that so real. Funny things, I totally know this drama is suspense genre but somehow it gives me the horror vibe, especially the scene when heavy rain with thunders and also black-out, while Jing Yan holding torch. another scene, when he wore something like rain coat but cover all his body, walked out from his lab.

Still considering to make the drama recap.

Have you watch the drama? tell me what do you think 🙂


2 thoughts on “C-drama : Love Me, If You Dare (他来了,请闭眼)

  1. I’m addicted so far and I can’t wait for the next episode. I also think it’s the type of drama that drops clues, so I may go back to watch the first two episodes to see if I missed something. I really like the production values and the acting seems spot on so far. I also like the mixture of light and dark moments and the way they are unfolding the lead characters. Can’t wait for Thursday!

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