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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 37

Where the voice of Manager Zhang haters?

In this chapter that wicked Manager Zhang showed up again but this might her last scene in this chapter. Enjoy to read what deed she sow after saying so much bad words to Yao Yao.

Chapter 37

His real status…

“Huh…” Long Ye silently gulping his saliva, he really cannot understand Yu Ao Tian, why he seems not tired to play with this little girl? “Xiao Meng Li, come here.”

Long Ye suddenly gently patting Yao Yao who shocked: “You, what do you want?”

“Ha ha, reassured, this time I don’t need your “special treatment”.”

Did he say the truth? But, now she isn’t Berson Group’s employee anymore, he does not have any reason to bully her? Yao Yao slowly walking in front of his the desk.

Long Ye make a contemplation heh, she really more look alike Xiao Meng Li. “I heard you were fired?”


“Well, would you like to join my department?”

Puff, without waiting for Yao Yao to open her mouth, Long Qi who sat on sofa silently laughed.

“Thank you for your good intention, Long Manager, but I really don’t want to join your department.”

“Why? Not because….” He just said half, Long Ye slowly stands up, moves closer to her in front, gently said: “Are you afraid with me, this lewd manager?”

“Uh?” Long Qi has told his brother already, Yao Yao puts a deathly glared to Long Qi.

“No, manager Long, the past shouldn’t bring up again. The most important is I don’t have any interest with PR department.’

“Oh, I just am joking with you.” Long Ye backs to his seat, smiles and then he clasped his hand: “Coming.”

“Manager Zhang?” When Yao Yao sees the person who enters the room, suddenly she stares blankly.

“Manager Zhang, the thing that you should say, I think I don’t need to teach you anymore?” Long Ye eyes coldly looked at that person.

Manager Zhang hurried nodding her head, forcing herself to make smiles: “I am so sorry, Luo Yao Yao. I….I knew in the past was my fault, please you forgive me. I promise you later in the future I won’t say anything unreasonable to you. I am bad! I am slut, all is my bad, please forgive me.”

What is going on? She could feel that Manager Zhang seems to be scared Manager Long, but how can, aren’t they managers that have same level?

“Alright, Manager Zhang you can take your leave.”

“Yes… General Manager Long.”

“General Manager Long?” did she hear wrong? What was manager Zhang address this Long Ye?

“Are you the General Manager of Berson Group? Aren’t you the PR department manager?”

“Xiao Meng Li, that is not important whether you know or not about me, anyway, later in the future you just don’t call me lewd manager, and then everything is more than fine. I am… toward you, this little girl… really don’t have any interest. Well, you can keep on continuing working in Berson Group.”

“Wait, but I have been fired.”

“Oh, I thought I still have this power to keep your position as elevator service lady.”


Yao Yao eyes rolled : “How if I don’t agree to come back and working?” she is not easy to get out from Yu Ao Tian’s demon hands, why should she comes back and trap herself again, she is not dummy.

“Don’t want to come back?” Long Ye smiled, he raised hand and prop his chin, slowly said: “So, you make a guess, will Yu Ao Tian kill you family member or not?”

“…………” Does this General Manager Long is someone with big smile and evil intention? How could he speaks with this gentle manner, but able to carry such killing aura?

“He had said before, if I resigned he would kill my family member but now, I was fired, so he did not have any reason to kill my family member.”

“Oh? I just realized, you Xiao Meng Li really have one great mouth (very good in talking).”

Of course, they just don’t know who she is.

Let delete all things of yesterday, now you, in front of me you say that you love me, please give me chance…

“Wait, Manager Long, let me answer my phone call.”

“Hah?” Before Long Ye answered, she has picked her phone call, she even dares to ignore General Manager Long who is in the middle of conversation and just received her phone call, talking right beside him.

“Hello?” the voice from the caller, Yao Yao furrowed her brows: “What? I understand, okay, I hung the phone.” After she hung her phone call, suddenly Yao Yao attitudes changed: “General Manager Long, I will back to work. But, I will start from tomorrow, can I?”

“Hm? Okay.”

“Okay then I takes my leave.” Both of the Long’s brothers haven’t come to react to hers, but she has flees away, leaving both of them inside the office room.

Before her leaving, she glanced at the sign board that hanging at the door. General Manager’s room, this word are read by her, This Long Ye is really General Manager, seems like she being toyed by Yu Ao Tian…


“504. This should be the place.” Inside the hospital, Yao Yao anxious pushed and closed the room’s door. “Mom.” She goes straight to the bed and walked toward the window.

In the bed there is someone who aged 60 or 70 old man, beside his bed there is a woman who sit with white pale face, both of them are Yao Yao’s grand father and mother.

“How’s Grandpa?”

“He is stabilized now.”

Fuih, that’s good. Yao Yao worries and looked at her grandpa who has slept soundly, whispered: “Mom, what is grandpa sickness? Why suddenly he collapsed?”


“Uremia?” when she was in Japan she ever took “Period of one’s life” subject during her high school, Yao Yao have ever learned little bit knowledge about medical, but for this uremic symptoms she has less knowledge about it: “How could be so severe? Why don’t find out it early?”

“You should know your grandpa very well, even there is something goes wrong earlier, he won’t say nothing.”

“But now…Mom, this, just make grandpa to have full body check up. As for the money, I will find the way.”

As for Mother Luo, the most honor and proud thing in her life is Luo Yao Yao, her only daughter, from she was little kid she is someone obedient, mature compare to the others kid in her age, although sometimes she still able to make simple problems which give a sense like girl never grew up, but when she facing bigger problems she is mature compare any other girls in her age. Because of hers, Mother Luo sometimes feels so sorry for her, really sorry for this daughter. “Yao Yao, Mom has money, now you just need to focus on your own business.”

“Mom, you feel reassured. Believe on your daughter capability.”

“Of course I believe on you, but…”

“Mom.” Yao Yao gives her faint smile, cut her mom’s words.

In this moment, there isn’t much Mother Luo can say, she too understands her own daughter who is so persistent and stubborn when she has already set her goal.

She has took care her grandpa for the entire afternoon, Yao Yao looked little bit relaxed, but after she left the hospital, she showed sad expression, Mother Luo understands her daughter very well.

“Believe on me that I must have this kind of capability, but what kind of capability I have? Why should my grandpa suffers from this damn sickness, no! no! If this uremia disease not cured, it can be able to take live, no matter what, I must! I must earn money then it will do!” she understands very well her mother earning. She won’t able to cure and make full body check up, this is also her reason why she agreed to continue working at Berson after she picked up the phone call…


“Yao Yao, really happy you still my colleague. Oh yeah, manager Zhang has transferred to another place, do you know about this matter? I really wish to have one good manager to replace her position. Oh there still other things, yesterday when you were fired by manager Zhang there was extremely handsome man asked about you, said, do you have relationship with that super handsome man? Eh?”

My Little comment:

To say, I really dislike someone like Manager Zhang who thought herself better than others by looking down and disgraced the other party. So, I like how Long Ye deals with Manager Zhang because he just did as Yu Ao Tian asked, fired Manager Zhang just too compassion for her. In order to fit Yu Ao Tian’s taste, Long Ye, he….

12 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 37

    1. Not just the “fear effect” but they wanted manager Zhang to get the feel being humiliated.
      Fired her directly just too kind for her, so Long Ye sent her to do cleaning service stuffs such as taking care the toilet.
      Yeah, she really filial daughter.

  1. Thank you sooooo much for the updates..
    I’ve been stuck with chapter 21 scanlation, not knowing there is alternative to it..
    Reading it is much more fun as I can imagine it myself. More lively..

    Just want to know, why do they say Xiao Meng Li, does this refer to Yao Yao?
    I don’t understand. sorry..

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