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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) Character Detail


There will be some character that does not same with the manhwa drawing so I put another picture as replacement.
All picture credit to Google, Baidu, etc (all picture not belong to me)

Character Detail



Female lead : Luo Yao Yao
Sometimes she can be super genius but another time she is muddle head, short tempered little girl. Ex-Girl friend of Feng Chen Yi, Lover to Yu Ao Tian.
Her nicknames : Xiao Meng Li (Long Ye called), Flat Chest (Long Qi), Little Thing + Bao Bei (Yu Ao Tian), You girl (Han Li Shang), My Beloved (Feng Chen Yi), Little foolish / Little Dummy (Qi Lian Ao Yun), Beloved one (Gong Xiao Man), You Women + Hey Woman (Hei Yan Long)
Position in Berson : Elevator Lady, Financial Department Staff, Lawyers Team



Yu Ao Tian

Male Lead : Yu Ao Tian
He is well known Yakuza’s head, has nickname as Underworld Emperor in Japan, later moved to China to start business, acquiring Berson Group, become CEO and in very short time make the company to be the largest Group in China.
Position in Yu Long : Underworld Emperor
Position in Berson : CEO, Chairman
Political Rank : Member of Congress


Long Ye

Supporting role : Long Ye
He is the Older brother for Long Qi, best friend of Yu Ao Tian. He has joined Yu Ao Tian since teenager in underworld as his comrade. Have very good brain and great negotiation skill. Sweet and smooth talking. Seldom to call Yao Yao name but love to address her as Xiao Meng Li.
Position in Yu Long : Strategist, Diplomat
Position in Berson : General Manager (promote to Vice CEO)


Long Qi

Supporting Role: Long Qi
He is younger brother of Long Ye, same age with Yao Yao, hot temper young man. His body lots better compare to his brain. Sometime he acts first then think. He likes to call Yao Yao Flat Chest. Has bright future and excellent career in underworld. Just like his older brother he has followed Yu Ao Tian for long time.
Position in Yu Long : Comrade and Fighter
Position in Berson: Service Manager and Security Manager



Supporting Role: Han Li Shang
He is best friend of Yu Ao Tian, older two year than Yu Ao Tian. Study in business, have background as entrepreneur. Cold, Heartless, He almost “clean” with women.
Position in Yu Long : Killer
Position in Berson : Vice CEO (promote to CEO)


Manhwa Version

Supporting Role : Mo Xue Tong
Note: I cannot find any good pict of Mo Xue Tong but at least this picture more alike her description in novel and better compare to the manhwa drawing.
She is the only female in Yu Long group and best friend of Yu Ao Tian. Her personality introvert, she talk less but she is the scariest member compare to Li Shang, Long Qi and Long Ye. Her personalities suit Yu Ao Tian’s taste that’s she is precious friend for Yu Ao Tian.
Position in Yu Long : Killer
Position in Berson: Secretary to Yu Ao Tian.


Qi Lian Ao Yun

Qi Lian Ao Yun

President of Student council where Yao Yao and Gong Xiao Man study. He is one of the most popular student, both for his brain and appearance. He well-known as someone warm, nice, gentle and good. A perfect prince to be true. Younger brother of Yu Ao Tian. He is third year student of First University.


Feng’s Group


Feng Chen Yi

Feng Chen Yi
He is the second young master of Feng group. born with silver spoon in his mouth that’s why he is so arrogant but skillful. Yao Yao Ex-boyfriend.
Position in Feng Group : General Manager, CEO

Manhwa Version
Manhwa Version
lisa 1
My Version

She is Feng Chen Yi’s secretary. She capable to do any task Feng Chen Yi asked, no matter personal business or company matters. she likes Feng Chen Yi but very realistic person. She never pushed herself to Feng Chen Yi, understand her position very well.
Position in Feng Group : Secretary + Personal Assistant



Feng Xiao

He is Father of Feng Chen Yi and also Feng Chen Rui. Former CEO of Feng Group and since he has retired, the Feng Group management hand over to Feng Chen Rui and Feng Chen Yi.
Position in Feng Group: Ex CEO and Board Chairman of Feng Group

Feng Chen rui

Feng Chen Rui
He is elder brother of Feng Chen Yi and rival for succeeding Feng Group.
Position in Feng Group : Vice CEO promote to CEO (jobless)


Feng Ke Xin

She is the only daughter of Feng Xiao. Younger sister of Feng Chen Rui and half sister of Feng Chen Yi. She currently is study at same university with Luo Yao Yao.




Best Friend

Gong Xiao Man, My Version
Gong Xiao Man, My Version

Gong Xiao Man
She is Japanese born Chinese, she changed her nationality after her mother remarry the Japanese husband. She met Yao Yao when both of them were studying at the same high school. She is one of Yao Yao best friend. True friend that always protect Yao Yao even she needs to offend Feng Chen Yu in order to protect Yao Yao. She has cheerful, easy going, strong and sometime clueless character. Her life principle, dare to love dare to hate. Life to the fullest even if she should experience bitterness in life.


Manhwa Version
Manhwa Version


Bai Ling
My Version

Bai Ling
She is first best friend of Yao Yao when she back to China after graduated from high school in Japan. Bai Ling is talkative, gossiper, kind, cute, muddle-headed, cheerful and nice. She is type of white rabbit that easy to hunt.
She is working as elevator lady in Berson Group for sometime and later on get promotion as OL.


Nan Lu

Nan Lu
Another friend of Yao Yao. She is working as maid in Yu Ao Tian villa who who under Mo Xue Tong command. She has same character with Long Qi, very temperamental and excellent fighter. She is loyal to the group and also friendship.
Position in Yu Long : Assassin work under  Mo Xue Tong



she is housekeeper in Yu Ao Tian’s villa. She also working and member of Yu Long’s group.
Position in Yu Long: Assassin Work under Han Li Shang



Xiao Zong
Xiao Cong

Xiao Cong

Xiao Cong is the only son of Cong Qing Rui, the Big Boss of Long Chi Bang which is one of four biggest mafia group in China.


Li Mei Yun Manhwa version
Li Mei Yun Manhwa version

Li Mei Yun

Li Mei Yun
She is very famous artist from China, she also rose fame in Japan. Her father is businessman and also rich. The one who stays longest as Yu Ao Tian’s harem.
Rank: one beloved lover => Ex-lover
Job : Artist


Manhwa Version


Li Ruo Ting
She is younger sister of Li Mei Yun. Drop out student and stalker who followed Feng Chen Yi everywhere. She loves Feng Chen Yi so much, very similar to her older sister. She choose her life as Feng Chen Yi’s bed-mate. She hates Yao Yao so much even Feng Chen Yi has already broke up with Yao Yao because Yao Yao always become torn in her flesh.
Status : unemployment, Feng Chen Yi’s bed-mate


xia ren liang

Xia Ren Liang
He is one of the Financial Department employee in Berson Group and also colleagues of Yao Yao. He has very good temperament, soft, warm, gentle and caring. He likes Yao Yao since the first time he saw her. He is also the sole heir of Lan Du group and the only son of Xia Yu.
Position in Berson : Financial Department Staff
Position in Lan Du : CEO


Xia Yu
He is the chairman of Lan Du group, a father of Xia Ren Liang. He has very nice appearance, clean freak and also narcissist (love himself so much). Well known as woman killer. Fifty something old man who has thirties something outlook, very stylist and playboy.
Position in Lan Du Group : Board of Chairman


zi xuan

Ou Yang Zi Xuan
He is best friend of Feng Chen Yi. He comes from rich family, but hard core fan of underworld lifestyle. He idolized Yu Ao Tian so much and called him as Big Boss Yu instead CEO Yu. His character is cheerful, like to play, having fun but always worry too much about Feng Chen Yi.



Hei Yan Long

The Youngest CEO in China, best friend of Ou Yang Zi Xuan and Feng Chen Yi, the sole owner of Bao Lai Group and His company is ranked three in China. Taking position as CEO and also Chairman at eighteen years old, little bit childish and does not have any liking toward women.
He likes to call Yao Yao with ‘You woman’ or ‘Hey woman’.
Although he type violent man, bad temper but at same time righteous, high sense of loyalty especially toward friends, have clear line about white and black. Position in Bao Lai : CEO + Chairman


Zhao Qing KongZhao Qing Kong
The daughter of Zhao Zhi Cheng who is one of Yu Ao Tian’s enemy. She is former girlfriend and lover of Yu Ao Tian, her position replaced by Li Mei Yun after losing Yu Ao Tian favor.
She is Ex – heiress of Ao Mei Group after the her father death. She has brother.


Shang Yun Yin
She is First University third year student. Her father is one of the four Big Mafia Bosses in China. Yu Ao Tian newest bed mate after Li Mei Yun. She is counted as good fighter for Woman level. Her reputation crushed after being left by Yu Ao Tian.






Note : Another character will be updated as the chapters go.


10 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) Character Detail

  1. Thanks for the character details. I was getting lost when YY gets called Xiao Meng Li. Long Ye and Long Qi. Very helpful.

  2. Azurro why don’t you post the General Bing Ye in characters details i want to see his picture in army’s uniform I’m sure GBY’ s picture will look very hot in all’s male’s pictures. I’m waiting for GBY ‘s picture.

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