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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 82

Chapter 82


Long Mo Er could feel that every muscle of her face has been turned rigid, forget how to move, she only showed her cold expression. After all she just showed up in this moment, why should she appear in here? Her appearance just make Long Mo Er feel uneasy but also pain, little bit worry, little bit scare and afraid…

All of things that she afraid of suddenly appearing, Long Mo Er feels suffocated. All her happiness, her grateful, her content and all her wishes suddenly vanished; suddenly she feels not enough, everything just not real from the start till the end. Long Mo Er is trying to depend on her little bit strength so that she able to support herself to stand there, so that she didn’t shrink back.

But, anyone can see the beautiful jade which hidden under her sleeves being gripped strong make into fist while her nails has embedded into her palm, even her palm redden. But her pain and hurt in her heart is more than the pain she feels in her palm!

“Long Little Miss, long time no see.” That beautiful lady smiled, her face showed gentle expression, her eyes even show smiling gesture as if blooming flower. “Do you remember me?”

“I… I remember.” Long Mo Er can feel that her voice is trembling.

“This lady, our little miss is third young madam, so you shouldn’t address her Little Miss anymore, you should call her Third Young Madam!” when Lu Qun heard how this beautiful girl address her little miss as little miss then she kindly to remind her.

“Ye Fu Ren?” This beautiful lady eyes suddenly dim, everyone able to feel the dim of her eyes. But she faster regain herself to normal, she said few words.

After Long Mo Er heard that three words suddenly she feels little bit heavy, it makes her more suffocated. Ye Fu Ren, these three words when said from this lady’s mouth, she feels more uncomfortable, as if mocking directly toward her.

“Can I have conversation with you, alone?” This beautiful lady eyes sharply piercing into Long Mo Er.

“Lu Qun, you go first, I will come back later.” After Long Mo Er heard, she didn’t show any big response but just said to Lu Qun.

“Oh, Okay. Then, I take my leave, Little Miss you should be careful ya!” at this moment before Lu Qun left she able to feel the atmosphere turn be different.

But, who is that beautiful lady? There is no way that her little miss knows but she does not! Actually what this lady wants to talk with her little miss? No matter how she listened and she saw, she still not understood. Just now, little miss was still such happy but suddenly after the lady appeared her little miss changed. Oh no, I should go to find Big Young Madam and make report, ask her to take a look. Little miss being alone, I can’t feel rest assured.

After decided, Lu Qun could see that Long Mo Er and that lady hurriedly leaving.

“Ling Ling, you also leave first! I… want to chat privately with Ye Fu Ren, you hurried go first.” That beautiful lady ordered her own maid to leave her.

From the start, Long Mo Er has focused her mind and thought at her, so when she has called out others name, Long Mo Er just realized that there still another person than her, this little girl looked so ordinary and normal.

“Yes, Miss. I take my leave first.” Ling Ling replied, but her eyes are looking sharply into Long Mo Er, her face showed such hatred expression as if it able to pierce deep into Long Mo Er’s bones.

This little girl even can show such eyes sight, moreover her body able to emit such scary resentment aura. Long Mo Er body is trembling, brazen to make guess, that kind of eyes sight must be deep hatred! Long Mo Er paused for moment when she looked at Ling Ling’s back who walk further.


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